The Void or the Lost Dimension is a jungle filled dimension and is home to some of the most feared creatures ever to exist. The Void is only accesible from special portals that are made completly out of Chaos energy.


Information on how it was created and its early beginings are unknown but the first to discover or the first to be brought there was a group of citizens. The group was stuck in the Void and they soon stumbled upon 7 black Chaos Emerlds, they were tricked into believing that the Chaos Emerlds could be used to create a portal to escape. The group gatherd the emerlds and put them around them and they began a small little ritual and soon the energy from the Chaos Emerlds began to consume them in the darkness. Each one of them became a slave to the Chaos Emerlds and would do the same ritual every year. Only one out of twenty one was able to escape the Void.



The Chaos Emerlds

The Chaos Emerlds in the Void are seperated into to groups: Shahaos or "Shadow Emerlds" and Spirit Guides. The Shahaos's are living emerlds that are the overlords of the Void, they enslave any living creature they can get close to making them highly dangrous. The Apirit Guides are Chaos Emerlds that contain animal spirits within each of them; For more info go see Chos Spirits (I think thats what its called)

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