{(ToArchive}}The concurrent skies are a Giant mountain. Currently all you can see of it is the base because the top is always surrounded by a lightning storm, the lightning is always purple this will be explained later. The current known location is that it is near red mountain.

What it's like

The mountain is very cold and dark but not too dark. The top is home to purple energy chyrstals that can and will affect the chaos emeralds it emit a strange radiation that if the chaos emrald is not taken away from the chyrstals it can temporarely stun the userand surrounding party members. The only species it does not affect are dragons. The mountain has 3 parts to it a steel forge and train route is at the bottom, at the top before the tower are the walls, and then is the tower.

munitions Steel forge

the steel forge at the bottom was recently built by the secret clan of dragons that live on the mountain it is used to make weapons and armor.
DotD Soundtrack - Burned Lands(1)03:10

DotD Soundtrack - Burned Lands(1)

forge theme

the walls are the area's before the tower. They are the key line of defens. the Wall is made of carbon steel.
DotD Soundtrack - Defending the Ramparts (1)04:26

DotD Soundtrack - Defending the Ramparts (1)

ramparts theme

Unawakening Float04:42

Unawakening Float

upper levels of the tower

The Tower

A towering fortress of steel covered in lightning rods is the first appearance of the tower. In the halls it is tile coated floors and lit by eerie glowing orbs . The levels are elevated and with the flick of a button octagonal platforms rise out of the floor to reach the different levels. Out side isn't much better the landscape is low hanging cliffs that can easily be jumped upon. The chrystals outside form walls . There are constant gates leading to the Tower. Out side platform elevator constantly rise you up to different outside levels of the place.

Call of Duty Black Ops OST - Deviant04:48

Call of Duty Black Ops OST - Deviant

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