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The hammer in the closet

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This is a small fanfic and video about the 22 year old Amy Rose, The 25 year old Sonic, and the 10000 year old piko piko hammer.

Chapter 1

Amy was looking for something for her daughter, Amy Rose the Second, to wear that day. She saw something familar from her childhood. It was her rusty old hammer. She picked it up. She decided to borrow some oil to unrust it from Tails. The oil maded every bit of rust dissapear. She decided that her daughter was old enough for the old piko piko hammer, so after her daughter came home from school, she taught her how to use it. The young girl caught along very easily and took it to her room and put it back in the closet. She drew a picture of it and showed it too her father, Sonic and her brother, Sonic Jr. who were reading a book about chaos energy. "Hey, that looks like your mother's piko piko hammer" said Sonic. "peeco peeco?" said Amy ll and Sonic Jr. "Ask your mother about it." Sonic told the twins. So they did.

To be continued. add your own chapter but don't use the wrong sonic jr..

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