What it is

The living earth stone is made of pure nature. The emporer of this stone possessed great strength and brute force. This emporer was also very peaceful and kind dispite of how strong he was.

The History of its Emporer

The emporer of the living earth stone was the best emporer there was. Not by power. Not by leadership. By kindness. The earth emporer would risk his life to help whoever he could. If he couldn't help, wouldn't give up until he finished the job. One day the dark emporer used this to his advantage and tricked the earth emporer into helping an 'innocent' child from a cliff. But after he had help the child the dark power which was hidden in the child was then transferred into the earth emporer. The earth emporer realised that if he kept on living the dark power would slowly eat at his soul. The earth emporer then fought a last battle against the dark emporer and his forces alone so he could use all the power he could muster before hee had died. After defeating wave after wave of opponents, the emporer finally fell and died on the battle field.

Known users

Ask RandomFlab 2 permission if you can be on this list

Flab the Demonhog

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