What it is

The living thunder stone is made out of pure electricity and energy. The emporer of this stone is sad as he was separated from his family at an early age.

The History of its Emporer

This emporer was a loner as he had no land of his own to claim. This emporer resides on a storm cloud in the sky. He possessed great power, but was too afraid to use this power to its full extent. One day, The dark emporer paid him a visit an the thunder emporer was thrilled. But the thunder emporer knew of what the dark emporer did to his brothers and sisters and decided to fight. The thunder emporer was no match for the dark emporer. The thunder emporer blaiming his brother for the cause of the separation, finally used his full power. But this power was too great, and the thunder emporer disintegrated on the spot because he never used that power before.

Known users

Ask RandomFlab 2 permission to be on this list

Flab the Demonhog

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