Thresher XL

Thresher XL

Car Type Big Rig
Horsepower 840 HP
Transmission 7-Speed Manual transmission
Top Speed 195 MPH (217 MPH; when slipstreaming)
  • I am built for toughness
Super Formations
Affiliations None yet
American V.A. Richard Petty
Japanese V.A. Kazuhiro Tanaka

The Thresher XL (スレッシャーXL・ザ・ビッグリグ Suresshā XL za Biggu Rigu) is an anthropomorphic big rig. It has superior strength, which allows it to plow through weaker objects with ease. It was a Christmas present to Zant the Hedgehog from J the Hedgehog in the Holiday Bash Roleplay, before returning it to J, since Zant isn't much of a driver.


For such a strong vehicle, the Thresher XL is optimistic, tough, and kind-hearted. It loves diesel fuel a lot, including petroleum fuel, but, like many vehicles, it does not favor any foods at all.

Physical Appearance

The Thresher XL consists tinted windows, (both black and white), a large grille from the front, two large exhausts pipes from the back, and it features a "sleeper" from the inside of the Thresher XL.


The Thresher XL is, simply put, considered to be the toughest vehicle ever. It can survive even the most powerful magic attacks and still keep on going. One of its amazing abilities is known as Horn Blast. Similar to Over-Rev, the Horn Blast can be very loud and ear-piercing enough to make anybody deaf for days. With its brute strength, it can smash through a building and it emerges unscathed, and this is also useful for battling against stronger enemies.

The Thresher XL can "swim" underwater, unlike any other vehicles, thus the water will not cause the engine to become waterlogged. Here are one of its well-known abilities:


While the Thresher XL is an extremely powerful vehicle, it has very low acceleration, despite its high top speed and horsepower, thus making it impossible to keep up with faster vehicles or characters. Also, its handling is relatively poor when it comes to navigating through sharp corners. It also has a lot of trouble stopping when going too fast, even with its handbrake, thus it takes up to 30 seconds before coming to a complete stop. If the Thresher XL has a cargo attached on its back, its handling becomes worse than before, if taking the corner too sharply, causing its cargo to "jackknife", making it impossible for the Thresher XL to drive properly.

Likes and Dislikes


  • Plowing through objects, diesel fuel, "truckin' along", performing unusual stunts, visiting Fow Toth Town.


  • Foods, G.U.N. (because they tried to impound the truck), traffic jam, the Fasicx

Relationships with Other Characters

TBA (To be Announced)

Theme Songs

The Red Hot Mamma (Sunset Downhill) from Cool Boarders 2
Are You Gonna Go My Way from Gran Turismo 3: A-Spec
Crash from Methods of Mayhem
Julien-K - THIS MACHINE from Sonic Heroes
dj TAKA - .59 from Dance Dance Revolution Extreme


"Yeehaw! I am always that powerful!" After getting S rank

"Woohoo! No one can stop me from truckin'!" After getting A rank

"Now this ain't too bad now, right?" After getting B rank

"Eh. At least I survived." After getting C rank

"Why is the mission a little uneasy?" After getting D rank

"Arrgh! I don't believe this!" After getting E rank

"Let's go truckify some enemies!" After being selected

"Ready to get truckified?! [revs its engine]" Before a battle

"[honks horn with victory] Guess next time you should think twice before messin' with a big rig!" After winning a battle

"[engine blows up in flames]" After losing a battle


  • "If you're tough, then I'm 10x tougher than steel!"
  • "You won't be able to lay a dent on me!"
  • "Listen to this! [uses Horn Blast]"


  • The Thresher XL resembles as the Kenworth T600.



TBA (To be Announced)



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