Thunderbolt (Rakurai) is a strong Electric attack, and a staple of Electrokinetics/Fulguramancers, and any others who can control the Element of Electricity.


The user electrically charges their body, then releases a concentrated blast of electricity at the foe.


Pokemon Users

  • Zozeon the Electivire (belongs to Ryu)
  • Rayvolt the Jolteon (belongs to Ryu)
  • Bijuterie the Ampharos (belongs to Ryu)
  • Rintan the Mermangler (belongs to Ryu)
  • Cirrus the Gryphulap (belongs to Ryu)
  • Anguille the Eelektross (belongs to Ryu)
  • Voras the Galvantula (belongs to Ryu)
  • Cervell the Arresji (belongs to Ryu)
  • Damien the Raikou (Mobianised)
  • Bridgette the Magmar (Mobianised)
  • Macy the Vigoroth (Mobianised)
  • Sajin Losussoc (Mobianised Stoutland)
  • Cass the Raikou (Mobianised)
  • Thistle the Jolteon (Mobianised)
  • Boomer the Pikachu (Mobianised)


  • Vol Fulgur: A Glyph identical to Thunderbolt, used by Shanoa the Fox. It is fired from her hands.
  • Flamethrower: Fire variant of equal power
  • Ice Beam: Ice variant of equal power


This attack is quite strong, but is very common amongst Fulguramancers/Electrokinetics, and so it has a D-Rank.

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