Tifkal is the relationship between Tifu and Tikal.


Tifu first met Tikal when coming to Angel Island for training. He asked her if he could give her a flower to which she said yes. he handed her a flower and when they touched they felt a Soul Touch. Tikal and Tifu began a relationship early. She brought Tifu to the Master Emerlad shine where the two would sneek away. They shared their first kiss at the age 12.


Tikal had been telling Tifu of her fathers plans. She told him that he planned to use Chaos for his power. Tifu suggested for Tikal to talk to him. Tifu himself couldn't go because Tikal's father hadn't known of their relationship. Tikal did so but was knocked over by her father. Chaos was unleashed and was going to destroy the world. He easily killed Chief Pachacamac(Tikal's father) and his men. He then gained possesion of the Chaos Emeralds and became Perfect Chaos.

An Eternal Good-Bye

Tikal awoke to see Tifu attending to her. She told Tifu that he must be stopped. Tifu assured Tikal that he and his brother Tiku would handle Chaos. Tikal had secretly met up with Tifu's brother as she told Tiku that she would seal Chaos in The Master Emerald again but that she would have to go with him. Understanding that Tikal was the only one to do this Tiku agreed. Soon however Tifu found out about the plan and begged the tribe to allow him to take Tikal's place(This revealed their romantic relationship). The Counsel of the tribe refused stating that Chaos had a bond with only Tikal and the chao. Tifu told them that he would rather lose the world and die with Tikal than to lose her and live without her. Tifu was forcefull knocked out by his brother Tiku. After a long battle between Tiku and Chaos even costing Tiku his right arm Chaos was subdued. Tikal then begged the Master Emerald "The 7 Emeralds are the servers. Chaos is power, enriched by the heart. The controller is the one who unifies the chaos. Uh... The 7 Emeralds can change our thoughts into power. If this Emerald controls that power... Please, you must stop him!" .Tifu awoke as he began to cry as Tikal kissed him for the last time as she dissapeared with Chaos into the emerald sealing them away. Tifu eventually died trying to save the earth from a different threat and because of him dying and Tikal being ageless trapped in the Master Emerald the two will never see each other again.


  • This relationship is slightly based off of Romeo and Juliet.
  • It is highly likely at least one other person knew of their romance.
  • Tifu has a deep hatred for Chaos.


Run~Leona Lewis

Tikal and Tifu's Tragic Ending Theme

Sweet Dream(Tifkal Version)

Angels Cry~Mariah Carey ft. Ne-Yo

Tifu's Last words to Tikal

Tikal to me you are a butterfly

I love to hold you and i love to watch you fly

Our love no matter if your gone or not will last an eternity

I love you Tikal and when you find it hard

Remember that I love you Tikal


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