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:This page is for Tikal the Echidna from any person's continuity.

800px- Tikal
Biographical Information
  • 14 (at time of immortality)
  • 35 (Jordan the Hedgehog's universe)
  • 44 (M30YLA)
  • 17(SonicAndKnuckles's fanfics)
  • 15 (Pianoteen 's Universe)
  • 14 (Bita's Universe)
  • 8(Miles Tails Prower8000)


  • Voltrex the Vulture (Husband)


Sonic the Hedgehog 2.0

Knuckles the Echidna (husband)

Knuckles Jr. (son)

Tikal Jr. (daughter)

Phil the Echidna (fanon and roleplay husband, husband in an alternate future from marrying Knuckles)

Bita's Universe

Gurahk's Universe

Assassin's Universe

Erin the Hedgehog universe

  • Knuckles the Echidna, Regal the Echidna, Lily the Echidna (desendants)
  • Jarvis McPherson universe

Pachacamac (father, deceased)

Princess Alucion (mother)

Pianoteen's Universe

True Future

  • Sonaka the Echidna (Husband)
  • Valley the Echidna (Son)
  • Night the Echidna (Daughter)

False Future

  • Silver the Hedgehog (Husband)
  • Hatshepsut the Echidna (Daughter)
  • Thutmose the Echidna (Son)
  • Radiation the Hedgehog (Son)
  • Cleopatra the Echidna (Daughter)
  • Lewis the Hedgehog (Son)
  • Layla the Hedgehog (Daughter)

Uncertain Future

  • Knuckles the Echidna (Husband)
  • Fantina the Echidna (Daughter)
  • Burgundy the Cat (Grandaughter)
Romantic Interests:
  • Knight The Hedgehog Sonic X (TV show)
  • Knuckles (Sonic's ancient HI-FI, Sonic the Hedgehog 2.0 and The Heaven Show)
  • Voltrex the Vulture (M30YLA)
  • Tifu the Echidna(Famotill's Continuity)
  • Charles the Squirrel (Only in Sonic Unleashed)
  • Phil the Echidna (married to him in Roleplays)
  • Miles Tails Prower(Miles Tails Prower8000)
  • Shadow the Hedgehog (Sonicpower)
Physical Description
Species Mobian/Echidna, Fallen Angel (Sonic Angels only)
Gender Female
  • Fur: Orange
  • Eyes: Blue

Gloves, tribal dress, gold headband, sandals

Alignment and Abilities
Alignment Hero
Abilities Turning into a red orb, time traveling, Gaia Quake, Life-Force attack
Element Light
1st appearance Sonic Adventure
2nd appearance Sonic Adventure 2 Battle
3rd appearance Sonic X
4th appearance Sonic Super Action Speed
Voice actresses

Elara Distler (Sonic Adventure and Sonic Adventure 2 Battle)

Bella Hudson/Rachael Lillis (Sonic X)



Sonic Underground Remake Series

When Chaos Dingo began wreaking havoc across Mobius, Knuckles along with the Sonic Underground, used the power of the positive side of the Chaos Emeralds' power along with the spirits of both Locke and Tikal in order to bring forth Super Sonic. She is set to briefly appear again in the Bad Fur Day adaption and one more time with a bigger role in the Sonic Adventure adaption.

Adventures in Mobius 30 years later

Through a small malfunction with the Time Gate, Tikal was brought 30 years into the future aged Voltrex and her start to gain a friendship. By the end, Voltrex tells her to go back, 30 years in the past, and befriend that Voltrex, which she does.


Aidan the Echidna is part of Tikal's family; being born many, many years after Tikal died.

The Heaven Show

In The Heaven Show, Tikal is still alive and is Knuckles' girlfriend (she was brought back to life at the age of 14)

Total Sonic Island

In the show Total Sonic Island, Tikal is a contestant competing for the chaos emeralds and millions of rings. She was in an alliance with Cosmo and Sadie until the teams merged, and then she formed a two-person-group with Cosmo. In the challenge, she was eliminated third, fourth, but is still in the game.

In the current take, or Take II of the show, Tikal is a member of Tails' Vulcan Lasers. She is seen to help people often, such as helping Tammy find her glasses and things. Tikal is known to do weird and wonderful things without explanation, such as appearing or making things appear out of nowhere when nobody is looking. It may very well be that she is very fast and people do not see her do things, however. She helped Sadie win the challenge in Diggin' for Gold, collecting a total of five chests, with two of them appearing without Sadie knowing.

Sonic the Hedgehog 2.0

In book 4: The Betrayal of Knuckles, Tikal and Knuckles are happily married but before the fight between Sonic and Knuckles, Knuckles was forced choked her, and she collapsed. After Knuckles's legs were sliced off, Tikal, in a medical part of the Road Runner 3250 gave birth to her twins, Knuckles Jr., and Tikal Jr. After that, she died.

EAJ's Universe

In His Universe Tikal has a sister named Tikala and her sister marries a vampire king known as Darkness

Diatonic scales and keys

Tikal is loving the A-sharp/B-flat Chord, she is love hearing the A-sharp/B-flat songs

Knuckles' Chaotix: The Sprite Comic Series

Robotnik Strikes Back

Tikal has made appearances in two out of four of SolarBlaze's sprite comic series. Her first appearance was towards the end of of the fourth issue of Robotnik Strikes Back, where she and Chaos came to assist Sonic, Tails, Amy, Mighty, and Ray while they were dealing with a rebuilt and reprogrammed E-102 Gamma. From that point on, Tikal and Chaos tagged along with the group to help put a stop to Dr. Robotnik's latest scheme. Much later on into the story, Tikal was one of four people (with the others being Chaos, Rouge, and Wechnia) who ended up succumbing to Robotnik's mind-control device (which was powered by the Master Emerald). She and the others were eventually changed back to their original selves after Knuckles destroyed the device. As Knuckles, Silver, and Blaze were in the middle of their final confrontation with Robotnik, Tikal and all the other heroes showed up to take part in it.

The ending of this story is notable for starting Tikal's romance with Mighty the Armadillo, who began to develop a crush on her as of the fifth issue. This wound up lasting all the way through the Elements of Power series.

The Last Story

Continuing after the previous series left off, Tikal once again assisted the Chaotix and company in saving world; this time, from Mephiles the Dark, who was aiming to collect the Chaos Emeralds, release Iblis, merge with it, and destroy the universe. Wanting to beat Mephiles to the emeralds, the heroes agreed to split up into groups of two, and Tikal ended up pairing up with Mighty to find their share of the emeralds.

Later on in the story, during the heroes' final showdown with Solaris, Tikal took part in gathering rings to help fuel their super forms. Additionally, she helped the Chaotix and company with some encouraging words, giving them the strength and motivation they needed to ultimately overpower Solaris in the end and save the universe from destruction.


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