Time Spiral is a powerful Time-based technique, capable of freezing the opponent in time.


The user forms a spiral of temporal energy around themselves, with the energy changing colors at random intervals. This spiral begins to spin at a faster rate, with the user focusing shreds of this spiral into a focused ball of energy between the palms of their hands. After a brief moment, the spiral is completely consumed into the ball, before launching out at the target, a hollow beam of spiraling, multicolored energy strikes the target. Indeed, the beam is powerful, and is stated to have a thirty percent chance of freezing a target in time.

However, despite the beam's power, it is an extremely slow-moving technique, making it somewhat easy to dodge. As such, the technique poses the greatest threat when time is slowed by the user, increasing their accuracy.




Technique Rank

Due to the technique's high power, and taking into account it's potential to temporarily freeze a target in time and low accuracy, it bears an A-rank.

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