Total Sonic Island is a Contest where the Campers compete Challenges for the $1,000,000

This is the Roleplay

(Invited Users Only)


Chris Mclean


Chef Hatchet


  • No G-Modding
  • No Bad Words
  • If your Character is Chris' Helper, remember that Chris' Helpers only appear as Minor Characters, that means Minor Characters only appear in about 1 or 2 Episodes
  • Have Fun !!!

Total Drama Rules

The Winning Team will win Invincibility

The Worst Team will Vote someone off


  1. Jump over a 1000 ft cliff into Shark infested waters (1st Part) & Make an awsome hot tub (2nd part)
  2. Stay awake as Long as you can in the "Awake-a-thon" after you done the 20 Kilometer run & eat the feast
  3. Win a Classic Game of Dodgeball
  4. Choose your most talented teamate & tries their best for the Talent Contest
  5. Camping overnight in the Forest
  6. Face your Worst Fears in Phobia Factor

"More Coming Soon"

Chapter 1: Character Arrival

Part 1

Chris: Yo! This is Total Sonic Island! Sixty Campers, Four teams, one winner! Let's see our characters show up!

(boat pulls up with Maxie, Cliff, Sadie, and Lily)

(they step off)

Lily: Hi, Chris! Glad to be here!

Chris: I know

Jack: (Arrives) Hi Chris

Chris: Welcome Jack to Total Sonic Island

Jack: Thanks Chris, I am so excited to be here in Camp Wawinakwa

Chris: Great wait here at the End of the Dock

Jack: Ok (Waits at the Other side at the Dock)

Bada & Bing: (Arrives) Hello

Chris: Bada & Bing, welcome

Bada: Thanks Chris

Bing: Were Excited over here

Chris: Nice

Bada & Bing: (Waits with Jack)

Jack: Hi

Bada: Hello Jack

Bing: It's nice to see you again over here

Jack: Thanks

Rutt & Tuke: (Arrives) Hey there

Chris: Rutt & Tuke, nice

Rutt: Hey Guys

Tuke: How's it going, eh?

Jack: Hi Rutt & Tuke

Rutt & Tuke: (Waits with Jack, Bada & Bing)

Spongebob, Patrick & Squidward: (Arrives)

Chris: Welcome Guys to Total Sonic Island

Spongebob: Thanks Chris, it's so nice to be here

Patrick: Yeah it's gonna be fun

Squidward: Whatever

Spongebob, Patrick & Squidward: (Waits with the Others

Chris: I had a feeling that Squidward is a Know-it-all

Squidward: I heard that

Ed, Edd & Eddy: (Arrives)

Chris: Ed, Edd & Eddy, nice

Ed: Hello guys

Edd: Greetings

Eddy: Yeah Hi

Ed, Edd & Eddy: (Waits with the Others)

Reidak, Hakann, Vezok, Zaktan, Avak & Thok: (Arrives) Hi Everybody

Chris: These are the Piraka's

Zaktan: What's up

Reidak, Hakann, Vezok, Zaktan, Avak & Thok: (Wait for the Others)

Tails & Knuckles: (Arrives) Hello

Chris: Tails & Knuckles, nice

Tails: Thanks

Tails & Knuckles: (Wait for the Others)

Shadow & Rouge: (Arrives)

Chris: Hello Shadow & Rouge, welcome to...

Shadow: Whatever

Chris: Sheesh

Shadow & Rouge: (Wait for the Others)

Sonia & Manic: (Arrives)

Chris: This is Sonia & Manic

Sonia: Thanks Chris

Manic: Yeah thanks

Sonia & Manic: (Wait for the Others)

Amy: (Arrives) Hi Guys

Chris: This is Amy

Amy: Thank you, I can't wait to meet Sonikku again

Chris: Your Welcome & he's over there

Amy: Thank you (Hugs Sonic) Sonic !

Sonic: Amy, it's nice to meet you, but your Crushing me

Amy: Sorry (Let Sonic Go & Wait for the Others)

Cream & Vector: (Appears)

Chris: Welcome Cream & Vector to Total Sonic Island

Cream: Thanks Mr Chris

Vector: Yeah Thanks

Cream & Vector: (Wait for the Others)

Mr. Krabs: (Arrives)

Chris: This is Mr. Krabs

Mr. Krabs: Ahoy Chris! (laughs) (Wait for the Others)

Chris: Here comes our next Contestant

Meltdown, Xplode, Thunder, Corroder & Rotor the Fox: (Arrives)

Chris: These are the Monsters, Meltdown, Xplode, Thunder, Corroder & Rotor the Fox

Xplode: Thank you Chris

Chris: Your Welcome

Meltdown, Xplode, Thunder, Corroder & Rotor the Fox: (Wait for the Others)

Silver & Blaze: (Arrives)

Chris: Silver & Blaze, welcome

Silver: Thank you Chris

Blaze: (Looks at the Campers) Ok, this is getting wierd

Silver & Blaze: (Wait for the Others)

Selina, Abby, Laura, Jasmine, Michelle, Zoey, Patrica, Bessy, Molly, Marsha, Victoria, Nina, Anna & Penelope: (Arrives)

Chris: Whao, These are the Witch Sisters

Selina: Nice

Abby: Yeah, I can't wait

Laura: Me neither

Jasmine: We just love being a Witch

Chris: Okay? Wait for the others ok?

Michelle: Ok

The Witch Sisters: (Wait for the Others)

Zoey: Hello Guys

Jack: Hi

Patricia: It's so nice to meet you all

Bessy: I just love going Vroom

Spongebob: What is she talking about?

Patrick: I don't know

Molly: So how's your day guys?

Squidward: Everything is fine all what not

Marsha: Good

Victoria: It's very nice to meet you all

Jack: Thanks

Nina: Yeah Funny

Anna: Beautiful & Funny

Penelope: Skunks just love to Purr (Purrs)

Bada: Uh...

Bing: Yeah

Drilldozer, Jetbug & Nitroblast: (Arrives)

Chris: Drilldozer, Jetbug & Nitroblast, nice

Drilldozer: Thank you

Jetbug: Yeah Thank you

Nitroblast: We'll be waiting for the next contestants

Drilldozer, Jetbug & Nitroblast: (Wait for the Others)

Mung Daal & Schnitzel: (Arrives)

Chris: Mung Daal & Shnitzel, welcome

Mung: Thank you Chris, I am a Professional Chef

Schnitzel: Rada, Rada, Rada, Rada (Translation: It's very nice to meet you Chris)

Chris: I have no idea what's he saying, but Good Luck anyways

Mung: Why Thank you

Mung & Schnitzel: (Wait for the Others)

Chris: And here comes Lien-Da

Lien-Da: (Arrives)

Chris: Welcome

Lien-Da: Thank you, I see you guys are here too

Jack: Yes

Lien-Da: Oh Brother (Wait for the Others)

  • ship shows up with Haydn, he steps off*

Haydn: Chris, you're not gonna try to drop an anvil on me like you did my sister, are you?

Chris: That wasn't me, it was Shawn. But aren't you a little young to be here?

Haydn: That's my business! *sticks out tounge*

Chris: Alright Everyone it's time to take a Group Photo, everyone gather around on the Dock of Shame

(And Everyone did)

Chris: (Hops on the Boat) Ok, Everyone 1, 2, 3...Hold it, Oh Forgot the Lenscape (Takes off the Lenscape) Ok, 1, 2...Wait a Minute, Card's full (Empty the Card)

Sonia: Hurry up My face is starting to freeze

Chris: Ok, ready, say Wawanakwa

All: Wawinakwa (But their combine Weight made them broke the Dock before Chris takes the Picture)

Chris: (Takes the Picture) Perfect, now everyone meet at the Campfire Pit in 10

Sadie: Yay! I love this water!

Maxie: My hair! My clothes! You're gonna get it, Chris!

Haydn: *jumps out* [shivvering] It's so cold! Why is the water so cold?!

Jack: (Carries Maxie) I got you Maxie, come on, let's go (Heads to the Campfire Pit)

Lily: Don't you think it's weird that Jack got married and had a kid in hat order and he's only 15?

Jack: I was married to Blaze the Hedgecat & acultly Blaze THC & I had 2 Kids

Xplode: That reminds me of Sally Acorn

Spongebob: You do?

Xplode: (Glares at Spongebob) Do you mind?

Spongebob: Sorry


Chris: (With the 60 Campers) This is Camp Wawanakwa, your new Home for the Next 24 weeks, it's time for the rules we'll split you up into 4 Teams ok? The winning team will win Invincibility, the Worst Team will vote off the Camper & the Eliminated Camper will be sented home. Ok when I call your name you'll be in the Yellow Team: Spongebob, Patrick, Squidward, Amy Rose, Cream, Rouge, Blaze, Vector, Rutt, Tuke, Mung Daal, Schnitzel, Nina, Lily & Hadyn the Hyrax, You guys are in...(Throws a Yellow Flag, revealing a picture of Spongebob's Face)...The Spongey Sponges!

Spongebob: Wow, a team named after me

Chris: When I call your name you'll be on the Blue Team: Jack, Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Shadow, Silver, Reidak, Hakann, Vezok, Zaktan, Avak, Thok. Anna, Sadie & Mr Krabs, You guys are in...(Throws a Blue Flag, revealing a picture of Sonic's Symbol)...The Speedy Hedgehogs!

Sonic: Yeah, That's more like it

Chris: Alright, let's see who's in the Red Team : Ed, Edd, Eddy, Lien-Da, Meltdown, Xplode, Thunder, Corroder,Rotor, Drilldozer, Jetbug, Nitroblast, Penelope, Cliff & Manic, You guys are now in...(Throws a Red Flag, revealing a picture of 25 cent Coin)...The Killer Scamers!

Eddy: Yeah, now that's more my Style

Chris: And the rest of you, will be in the Green Team: Maxie, Bada, Bing, Selina, Abby, Laura, Jasmine, Michelle, Zoey, Patrica, Bessy, Molly, Marsha, Victoria & Sonia, you guys are now...(Throws a Green Flag, revealing a picture of Maxie's Symbol)...The Screaming Flippercorns!

Maxie: Sweet! My last name is in the team name! And, my logo is in the flag!

Lily: And that doesn't freak you out even a little? Sounds stalker-y to me.

Maxie: I try to see the glass half full. Do you mind?

Chris: Alright Campers it's time to select your Cabins, Spongey Sponges will take the East, Speedy Hedgehogs will take the West, Killer Scammers your in the North & Flippercorns your in the South

(When the Lines are Bold & Underlined your talking in the Toilet Cam)

Chris: You can even talk in the Toilet Cam about your inner Thoughts

Sadie: Ooh! What's that? *puts paw on camera lens* It feels weird.

Maxie: Aww, why did I have to get south? I hate the south!

Jack: Don't worry, it'll be fun now come on let's go

Chris: It's time for you guys to get your butts to the Messhall in 1 hour starting now

Spongebob: Nice

Maxie: I don't wanna speculate, but isn't Chef the one who tells us to do something with our butts?

Haydn: *snickers*

Zoey: (Screaming from inside the Green Cabin)

(Everyone went inside the Green to see what's going on here)

Rouge: Boy Zoey can really Scream

Zoey: (On the Stool) What is it, Kill it, Kill it

Edd: It's only a Cockoroach, it wouldn't even harm a fly

(Everyone didn't listen to him & tries to kill the Cockoroach)

Haydn: I got it. *takes out potion and pours it on cockroach, it explodes*

Maxie: What a peaceful way to die. I'm sure it really enjoyed that.

Reidak: Rats I should've killed it with my Buzzsaw (Pulls out his Buzzsaw)

Jack: Ok you can put it down now, it's scaring us

Reidak: Sorry


(At the Messhall)

Chef: Now, I serve you 3 times a day & you eat 3 times a day, now get your plates & move your butts over to your tables NOW !

Lily: How about we don't and say we did?

(Maxie and Sadie laugh)

Chef: Is something funny over there?!

Lily: *clears throat* No, sir.

Chef: Drop and give me 20!

Lily: But I....

Chef: DROP!

(Maxie, Lily, and Sadie do 20 pushups)

Zaktan: Uh I don't think this food you made isn't so good, how about I should get...

Chef: You get alot of SHUT THE HECK UP!

Zaktan: Eep (Runs to his Table)

Mung Daal: Have a...

Chef: What's that?! Come closer Mustace Monkey, I didn't hear you

Mung Daal: It's just, just...

Chef: Drop & give me 20

Mung Daal: But, But...

Chef: NOW!

Mung Daal: (Gulps & do 20 push-ups) This is Embrarasing

Haydn: I thought you weren't allowed to give physical punishments.

Chef: That's it! Since everybody has lip today, then everybody can do 50 pushups!

Haydn: I don't do pushups.

Chef: *gets close up to Haydn* Wanna say that again?

Haydn: 0.0 Suddenly, I'm in the mood to do 50 pushups! *drops down and does dramatically does a pushup*

(Everyone started doing 50 push-ups & when they are done, they got tierd)

Jack: Phew, I'm getting tierd

Amy: Me too

Chris: Hmm. You all did 50 pushups, huh? I'm guessing you were talking back to Chef.

Maxie: *panting* Yeah. *pants*

Chris: Nice! Too bad for you, the first challenge starts in an hour.

Eddy: That's all the time we have?

Chris: Yep. So... you might wanna take it easy so you don't get worn out.

Edd: What's the challenge?

Chris: Oh, you'll see. *walks off*

Rouge: What kind of challenge is it?

Reidak: Don't worry guys, it's our first challenge, how hard can it be?


(Everyone is at a 1000 ft Cliff with water at the Bottom of the cliff)

Spongebob: Oh dear that's scary

Amy: It is

Part 2

Chris: Your First Task is to jump off a 1000 FT Cliff into the lake. Here are two zones, The Wide Zone is where they are Pyschotic Man Eating Sharks are & the Safe Zone is Shark Free & that's your target area. anyone refuses to jump gets to wear the Dreaded Chicken Hat (Shows them a Chicken Hat) Ok? Now, which Team will go First?

(No one asked)

Jack: Come on, maybe their need to make the Interns to test the Stunts first, to make sure it's survivable

(Cuts to a flashback with Chris and Chef on top of the cliff)

Chris: We need to test the stunts first. You know that.

Chef: Do I look like an intern?

Chris: No, but the ones we had are all in the hospital. C'mon, just jump it, you big chicken. (makes chicken noises)

Chef: (while putting goggles on) I don't get paid enough for this, man. (jumps) Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh (Lands in the Wide Zone) I made it, I made it man, I....something just brushed up my foot. Hey Chris man, Something ain't right down here (Spots Sharks coming after him) Somebody HELP! Down boy! DOWN ! (Runs to the Shore)

Chris: Well, That sounds safe enough

End of Flashback

Jack: Maybe the Killer Scamers will go first

Lien-Da: Ok fine, it's not like I'm gonna jump off a cliff into the Sea of Angry Sharks (Jumps) (Lands in the Safe Zone)

Killer Scamers: (Cheers)

Lien-Da: Thank you

Thunder: I'm next (Jumps) COWABUNGA! (Lands on a Rock) Ouch (Sinks into the Safe Zone) I'm Ok

Penelope: Ok, here I go (Jumps) Wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh (Lands in the Safe Zone)

Meltdown: (Jumps) Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh (Lands in the Safe Zone)

Corroder: (Jumps) Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh (Lands in the Safe Zone)

HF Rotor: (Jumps) Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee (Lands in the Safe Zone)

Jetbug: Uh-Uh No way, I ain't jumping

Chris: Scared of Height

Jetbug: I hate water, Drilldozer, Nitroblast & I are Fire Types right?

Drilldozer: (Jumps) Yeeaaaaaaaaaaah (Lands in the Safe zone) Whoo

Jetbug: I spoke too soon

Chris: (Puts the Chicken hat on Jetbug's Head) Here's the Chicken Hat to wear for the rest of the day, Next

Nitroblast: I'm not afraid of you water, cause your going down (Jumps) Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa (Lands in the Safe Zone)

Edd: Oh Dear

Eddy: Come on Jump already

Edd: Fine, have it your way, 1 for the money, 2 for the show, 3 to get ready...No way I'm just too chicken to jump off

Chris: (Puts the Chicken Hat on Edd) Sorry, it's that way (Making Chicken Noises)

Eddy: Fine (Jumps) Whaaaaaaa Hoo Hoo Hooooo (Lands in the Safe Zone)

Xplode: See ya later (Jumps) Whaaaaaa Hoooooooooooooooooooo (Lands in the Safe Zone)

Manic: (Jumps) Look out below (Lands in the Safe Zone)

Chris: We have 11 Jumpers & 2 Chickens, were down to Cliff & Ed, ok, Cliff can go next & finally Ed

Ed: I like cake. *walks off cliff and lands in safe zone*

Cliff: Ah, I don't mind, really. *sits down and scoots off the cliff* Yyyyyaaaah!!! *lands in safe zone*

Chris: Ok, so that's 13 Jumpers & 2 Chickens, next up the Spongey Sponges

Spongebob & Patrick: We're first (Jumps) Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh (They both landed in the Safe Zone)

Eddy: Man he's good

Squidward: (Jumps) Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh (Lands in the Wide Zone) How did I do? (Notices Sharks Surrounded them) Uh Oh (The Sharks Attacked him) AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH (Walks to Shore all banged up) Ok, I'm done

Amy: (Gulps)

Cream: Don't worry, we'll be ok

Amy: Thanks

Amy & Cream: (Jumps) Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh (Both land in the Safe Zone)

Rouge: I'm not jumping in, my Make-up will run

Mung: Me neither, my Mustace will get Wet

Schnitzel: (His eyes widen) Rada, Rada Rada?! (Translation: Your Hair & Mustace will get wet?!)

Mung: You never know the difference between a Chef & an Employee

Schintzel: (after Rouge & Mung refuses to jump) Oh, Rada Rada (Translation: Oh you're doing it!)

Rouge: Says who?!

Schnitzel: Ra-Da Rada Rada Rada Rada Rada Rada Rada Rada Rada Rada Rada (Translation: Says me! I'm not losing this challenge cause you got your hair did, you spoiled little daddy's girl!

Rouge: Back off, ghetto-glamor, too-tight-pants-wearing, rap-star wannabe!

Schnitzel: RADA RADA, RADA RADA RADA, RADA RADA RADA RADA, RADA RADA RADA RADA RADA RADA RADA! (Translation: Mall-shopping, ponytail-wearing, teen girl-reading, peeking in high school prom queen!

Rouge: Well at least I'm Popular

Mung: At least I'm the Chef

(Everyone is Shocked to hear that)

Schnitzel: Oh Oh Rada Rada Rada Rada Rada (Translation: Oh, Oh, Your both jumping right here, right now)

Rouge: Make us

Schnitzel: GRRRRRRR (Grabs Mung & Rouge & Throws them down a Cliff)

Rouge: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Mung: My Mustaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaace!

(They both landed in the Safe Zone)


Rouge: Your so dead

Schnitzel: Rada Rada Rada Rada, Rada Rada Rada (Translation: Hey! I threw you into the safe zone, didn't I? (to himself) Now I just hope I can hit it, too.) (Jumps) Raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa (Landed in the Safe Zone right next to Mung & Rouge)

Blaze: You know, I'm a Fire type & I also Hate water, I'll drown

Chris: Are you sure?

Blaze: I'm a Cat & I'm also a Fire type & Water beats Fire

Chris: Are you sure you get to wear the Chicken Hat?

Blaze: First of all, I'm not a Chicken, I'm a Cat & second of all, I'm a Fire Type Cat & water puts out fire

Chris: Ok, make your choice

Blaze: (Gulps) I can do this (Jumps) Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh (Lands in the Safe zone & heads back to the beach) Brrrrrrrrr

Chris: I guess she jumped

Squidward: Towel?

Blaze: Uh, thank you? (Covers herself with a Towel)

Edd: Is that better?

Blaze: I feel much warmer already, thank you

Squidward: Your welcome

Vector: I'm next (Jumps) Yeeeaaaaaaaaaaah (Lands in the Wide Zone) Oh No (Spots 3 Sharks) I'm Outta Here (Runs back to the shore) That was close

Rutt: Uh, Uh no way

Tuke: We're scared eh?

Chris: Are you sure?

Rutt & Tuke: (Nods)

Chris: Ok then (Puts the Chicken hats on Rutt & Tuke's Head) Next

Nina: Ok, Here I Go (Jumps) Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh (Lands in the Safe Zone) Yes

Chris: Ok. So that's 11 Jumpers & 2 Chickens, Lily your up next

Spongebob: You can do it Lily

Patrick: Come on Lily, don't be scared

Chris: Come on Lily, just jump already

Squidward: I don't know why Lily Mcflip is still standing on top of a 1000 FT cliff, but she has to jump in the waters...Safe Zone that is

Amy: I hope Lily can jump off a cliff & lands on the Safe Zone

Haydn: This is really high up!

Lily: Ya think? Oh, I don't think I can do it, but I don't want to chicken out. What should I do?

Haydn: This. *pushes Lily off of the cliff*

Lily: Whoaa!!!! *falls and lands right on the line for the safe zone* OW!!!!!!

Eddy: Ohh that's gonna leave a mark

Chris: Eh? Oh wait, we have 12 Jumpers & 2 Chickens. We're missing one & it's Haydn. Your up dude. Just one jump, then your done

Haydn: It's 1000 feet high! And I can't swim! [walking to the edge of the cliff] I don't think I should.... *falls off the edge* YEEEEEEEAAA!!!! *lands way off of the safe zone* Aah! I can't swim!

Eddy: Oh brother (Dives in, Carries Haydn & swims back to Shore) There

Chris: Ok, so that's 13 Jumpers & 2 Chickens. Speedy Hedgehogs your up

Jack: So, who's gonna go first?

Sonic: But I hate Water

Jack: We know Sonic, how about Tails can go first

Tails: Ok, here goes (Jumps off a cliff) Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh (Lands in the Safe Zone)

Knuckles (Jumps) Yeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! (Lands in the Safe Zone)

Jack: (Jumps) Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Hooo Hooo Hooooooooo (Lands in the Safe Zone) Come on in the Water's fine

Sonic: (Gulps)

Reidak: Come on it's easy as 1 2 3 (Jumps) Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah (Lands in the Safe, but does a Split & lands very baldy) AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! (Everyone, even the Sharks watched in Horror) AHHHHHH! (Sinks)

Jack: Oh dear, Reidak is Sinking

Chris: Ooooh. Hate to see that happen

Hakann: (Sighs) Ok, here I go (Jumps) Yee Haw! (Lands in the Safe Zone)

Vezok: I'm next (Jumps) WhoooooooooooooooooHoooooooooooooo (Lands in the Safe Zone

Zaktan: (Jumps) Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha (Lands in the Safe Zone)

Avak: (Jumps) Yeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah (Lands in the Safe Zone)

Thok: (Jumps) AHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh (Lands in the Safe Zone)

Anna: (Gulps) I....I can't do it (Chris puts the Chicken Hat on her head) I'm sorry

Sonic: That's ok, I hate water you know

Chris: Sonic & Mr Krabs are left

Sonic: Uh-uh. No way, man. I'm not jumping.

Chris: Scared of heights?

Sonic: No, it's just that, I hate water

Chris: That's okay, big guy. Unfortunately, that also makes you a chicken. So, you'll have to wear this... (puts chicken hat on Sonic) ... for the rest of the day.

Sonic: Aww, man. For real?!

Chris: Bawk bawk bawk! That means, the chicken path down is that-a-way. (points to an escalator) Next!

Mr Krabs: (jumps) YOOO HOOO HOOOOOOOOOOO! (He then hits a big rock jutting out of the side of the cliff and tumbles around and around, but still lands in the safe zone. All the Speedy Hedgehogs cheer, and Mr Krabs comes up with a thumbs-up)

Chris: Sadie, your up next. Your the Last one left for the Speedy Hedgehogs

Reidak: You can do it Sadie!

Chris: Take a good jump at it Sadie & you'll be fine

Sadie: Well, okay. *covers her nose and jumps off of the cliff into the safe zone* Whoo! I made it! And this water is awesome!

Chris: Ok, so that's 13 Jumpers & 2 Chickens. Screaming Flippercorns, to beat the Spongey Sponges & the Speedy Hedgehog, you need to have at least 14 Jumpers & 1 Chicken to win the 1st Part, got it?

Selina: We got it

Maxie: Okay, Chris. I'll jump off first. *jumps off the cliff and lands in the safe zone* Ha! Hey, guys! You should all jump! It's actually pretty fun!

Selina: I'm next (Jumps) Wheeeeeeeeeeeee (Lands in the Safe Zone) Your right it IS fun

Abby: (Jumps) YAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! (Lands in the Safe Zone)

Laura: (Jumps) Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! (Lands in the Safe Zone)

Jasmine: (Jumps) Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! (Lands in the Safe Zone)

Michelle: (Jumps) Whoooooooooooo Hooooooooooooooooooo (Lands in the Safe Zone)

Zoey: (Jumps) Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee (Lands in the Safe Zone)

Patricia: (Jumps) I'm having the time of my LIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIFE! (Lands in the Safe Zone)

Bessy: (Jumps) Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee (Lands in the Safe Zone) Whooo!

Molly: (Jumps) Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! (Lands in the Safe Zone)

Marsha: (Jumps) Look Out Below! (Lands in the Safe Zone)

Victoria: (Jumps) Yeeee Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaw (Lands in the Safe Zone)

Sonia: Good Luck, you two (Jumps) AHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! (Lands in the Safe Zone) It is Fun

Chris: All right, campers. There's only two jumpers left. You need these jumps for the win. No pressure, dudes. (Bada & Bing have a smile on their faces) Okay, there's pressure. (turns it into a frown)

(The Screaming Flippercorns are cheering for them to jump)

Maxie: Come on, you guys! You can do this!

Sadie: We believe in you two!

Sonia: Just jump, you two! Jump!

Bada: Ok

Bing: Got it

Bada: Bing & I are very darn nervous & the thing is we're not strong Swimmers

Bada: Ready Bing?

Bing: Ready Bada

Bada & Bing: (closes his eyes tightly, then opens, takes a running start) YAAAAAAAHHHH!!! (jumps off the cliff) CANNONBAAAAAAAAAAAAL!! (they land in the Safe Zone, making an enormous splash, he scatters the people everywhere)

Bada: Yes

Bing: Yeah!

Bada: Oh Yeah! Who's the man?

Chris: The winners; The Screaming Flippercorns!

Screaming Flippercorns: (Cheers)

Bada & Bing: (Goes to Shore)

Bada: Phew, I'm glad that's over

Chris: Now time for Part 2 of your Challenge & it's build your own awesome hot tub, you'll be carrying Crates with Parts inside of them to the Campgrounds, since the Flippercorns have won the 1st Part, they get the Advantage. They get Wagons to carry the Crates Easily. Ok, let's go.


Bada & Bing: (Carries the Wagons with Crates in them easily)

Bada: Yo Bing

Bing: Yeah Bada?

Bada: Looks like were not just carring the Wagons & the Crates, but also our Team the Screaming Flippercorns

We see the Screaming Flippercorns sitting on top of the Crates while Bada & Bing carries them along with the Wagons & the Crates easily

Sonia: Who knew that Bada & Bing are both Strong. I guess we have the 2 Largest Team Members of the Screaming Flippercorns & they are also the 2 Largest Contestants in this Contest. It's a good thing that both Bada & Bing are in the Screaming Flippercorns. Watch out Teams, here comes the Flippercorns

The Spongey Sponges, The Speedy Hedgehogs & the Killer Scamers have difficulties carrying their Crates

Spongebob: This is really heavy

Sonic: You can say that again

Patrick: (Carries 1 Crate easily) Come on

Ed: (Carries 2 Crates easily, 1 on each shoulder) It's Easy lemon Squeezy

Rotor: (Carries 3 Crates Easily) This is Fun (Dumb Laughing)

Rotor: I had the same name as the Walrus from Knothole

Xplode: I had a fun time at camp. It's really working out well for the Killer Scamers. (To Sally Acorn) If your watching Sally Acorn, I'll miss you.

Jack: Man, this 2nd part of the challenge is really hard & heavy

Squidward: Oh please

Nitroblast: (Smack a Big bug & accidently smacked his Eye also) Ow, I think something just bite my eye

Jetbug: I HATE BEING A CHICKEN ! (Eats the Chicken Hat off his head)

Edd: (Gulps)

Eddy: Nice one, Jetbug

Nitroblast: Jetbug does not like being called a chicken

Patricia: There's the Campgrounds

THe Screaming Flippercorns have made it to the Campgrounds

Chris: They had to open the boxes with their Teeth, I came up with that one

Maxie: Why with our teeth? Why can't we use our hands like normal people?

Chris: You can argue... but you'll lose the challenge for your team!

Maxie: Oh, fine. *tries to open a crate* Ow! Rope burn on my tongue! *sticks out tongue to show a rope burn*

(The Other teams have made it)

Eddy: Hey where's Penelope?

Penelope: Sorry, I had to take a break

Eddy: Like stop goofing around & get to work

Penelope: Ok, but I think something is burning. I gotta scratch now (Scratching her Butt)

Chris: What's the Problem, Penelope?

Nitroblast: Her Butt is itchy

Chris: (Notices Nitroblast has a Swollen Eye) Gah! Oh my Boxers, that's bad

Xplode: Did you sat down on something when you take a break in the woods

Penelope: Well they're oval shaped & green

Xplode: You mean about this low to the ground, about this ya big?

Penelope: (Nods yes)

Xplode: You sat on Poison Ivy

Penelope: Help me! Help me! (scratches her Butt)

Chris: Now that is Awesome

Lily: How can you say that? She has poison ivy on her butt!

Haydn: At least it's not somewhere else! XP

Xplode: What? What?

Xplode: Ok, Haydn is really getting in my nerves

Haydn: Oh, come on! You know that was funny! *nudging random things in the confessional* Come on! Come on! Come on! *waites 6 seconds* Come on!

Maxie: Oh, I got an idea! *bites the wood off the crate* He didn't say that we couldn't do that! *takes the things out of the crate* I got some wood here.

Jack: (Opens the Crate with his Teeth) I got it open (takes Nails out of the Crate) I got Nails, what about you?

Sonic: I got Wood

Xplode: I got....Pipes

Maxie: Pipes? Well, everybody open your crates! We'll figure out how to put it together no prob!

Spongebob: Ok, Chris says that we have to build a Hot Tub, 1 for each Team

Lily: We know that. But we need to open the crates first!

Squidward: Oh right

(Everyone opens the Crates with their Teeth)

Amy: It hurts

Ed: I think I got a cramp in my Jaw

Corroder: Never mind that, let's get to work

(The Screaming Flippercorns, Spongey Sponges & Speedy Hedgehogs are working together, except for the Killer Scamers)

Corroder: Where are the Nails?

Thunder: Duct Tape?

Meltdown: That'll do

(3 Teams are sharing their Tools, except the Killer Scamers)

Ed: (Wearing Wood) I'm the Nutcracker

Eddy: Ed, give the Wood back right now!

(Eddy & Ed got up in a Fight)

Ed: But Eddy, I just wanna be a Monster

Rotor: I wanna be a Monster too

Eddy: Stay out of it Rotor

Rotor: Sorry

Edd: Let's not behave like Children

Lien-Da: This does not boad well


(The Teams fill their Hot Tubs with Water)

Chris: Times up, it's time to check your Hot Tubs (Checks the Spongey Sponges' Hot Tub) Nice work (Checks the Speedy Hedgehog's HotTub) Hmmmmm? Good Job you guys, next (Checks the Screaming Flippercorns' HotTub) That is one Awesome Hot Tub, even better than the other 2. Lastly, it's the Killer Scamers' Turn (Checks the Killer Scamers' HotTub, taps it & water squirted on Chris & the whole Hot Tub breaks into Pieces) Ok? I think we have a winner here. The Screaming Flippercorns!

Screaming Flippercorns: (Cheers)

Chris: Killer Scamers, I'll see you at the Bonfire tonight.

Selina: We get to stay in another 3 Days

Selina, Abby & Laura: (Cheers)


Bing: YES!

Bada: (Sings) "We get to stay-ay"

Bing: (Sings) "We get to stay-ay"

Bada: "We are so awesome"

Bing: (Hugs Selina & Abby) "We won the Contest"


(In the Messhall)

Eddy: So who are we gonna vote off?

Thunder: It's either Double D or Penelope

Corroder: Why Penelope?

Thunder: Because she Accidently sat on Poison Ivy

Drilldozer: At least she jumped off a Cliff & in the Safe Zone you know that

Eddy: Anyways, I like my odds with Double D & Ed

Edd: Thank you

Jetbug: I don't get why we lost, guys? The Flippercorns & the other 2 teams have more Girls than us

Lien-Da: (Gasps) What's that suppose to mean, Buzzy Bag?!

Jetbug: Well guys are Stronger & better at sports than Girls are.

Girls: (Gasps) (Surrounded Jetbug & Glares at him angrily) (Growls at Jetbug)

Eddy: (Laughs) Oh Snap, you did not just say that dude. Man it's too rich!

Jetbug: I'm telling you that Guys are better than Girls & I'll help them incase they can't keep up.

Lien-Da: (Grabs Jetbug by the Neck) You think we need your helping of keeping up?

Jetbug: Not really

Spongebob: Ok Guys, let's try to calm down. Just put Jetbug down & the Killer Scamers will choose

Lien-Da: (Let go of Jetbug) Fine

Reidak: It's not like that Guys are better than Girls

Jetbug: But they are


(At the Campfire Ceremony in Night Time)

Xplode: Jetbug, you got to learn about the real world

Chris: Killer Scamers, at night Marshmellows represents a tasty treat you enjoy at the Campfire & another thing Marshmellows represents Life & helps you continue in the game. You've all cast your votes & made your decisions. I had 14 Marshmellows left on this plate, when I call your name, come up & claim your Marshmellow. The Camper who does not recieve a marshmellow tonight, must Immeditely return to the dock of shame, to catch the Boat of Losers, that means your out of the Contest & you can't come back....ever!

Jetbug: (Gulps)

Chris: The First Marshmellow goes to......Eddy

Eddy: Yes (Grabs his Marshmellow)

Chris: Ed

Ed: Gravy! (Grabs his Marshmellow)

Chris: Xplode

Xplode: Alright ! (Grabs his Marshmellow)

Chris: Meltdown

Meltdown: (Grabs his Marshmellow)

Chris: Thunder

Thunder: (Grabs his Marshmellow) Phew

Chris: Corroder

Corroder: Yes! (Grabs his Marshmellow)

Chris: Rotor

Rotor: Yippe (Grabs his Marshmellow)

Chris: Drilldozer

Drilldozer: Yeah! (Grabs his Marshmellow & Eats it)

Chris: Nitroblast

Nitroblast: (Grabs his marshmellow) No Commet

Chris: Double D

Edd: Thank you (Grabs his Marshmellow) I knew you would understand

Cliff: I'm kinda worried. I haven't gotten a marshmallow yet.

Chris: The Next Marshmellow goes to....Penelope

Penelope: (Grabs her Marshmellow) Thank you guys

Chris: Cliff, your safe

Cliff: Thanks, Chris. *Grabs his marshmallow*

Chris: Manic

Manic: Alright (Grabs his Marshmellow)

Chris: Campers, this is the final marshmellow of the evening

(Lien-Da & Jetbug are feeling Nervous)

Chris: The Final Marshmellow goes to...........

Lien-Da: (Covers her Eyes)

Jetbug: (Shakes in Fear)

(Chris is about to speak, Jetbug & Lien-Da is scared with Supense, with Chris picking one of them)

Chris: .....Lien-Da

Lien-Da: (Sighs in relief & grabs her Marshmellow)

Jetbug: Aww Man

Chris: Can't say I'm shocked Jetbug, not cool. Dock of shame is that way bro

Jetbug: (walks down to the dock of Shame)

Chris: The rest of you are safe....for tonight.

Jetbug: (Hops on the Boat of Losers)

The Boat of Losers drove away with Jetbug

Drilldozer: Bye Jetbug

Nitroblast: See ya later

Drilldozer: With Jetbug eliminated first, it's just me & Nitroblast left. I guess either me or Nitroblast is acculty trying to win


Patricia: To the Screaming Flippercorns

Screaming Flippercorns: The Screaming Flippercorns!

Maxie: *starts dancing* Go Flippercorns! Go Flippercorns!

Bada & Selina: (Joins with Maxie)

Lien-Da: (to the camera) Are you recording this? (the cameraman zooms in on Lien-Da) Good. They can enjoy their little party all they want, but I'm going to win this competition and no one is going to stop me

Chapter 2: The Big Sleep

Chris: (while doing the recap) Last time on Total Sonic Island, 60 campers arrived and learned that they'd be spending the next 24 weeks at a crusty old summer camp. The campers were faced with their first challenge, jumping off a cliff into shark infested waters. While most campers took the plunge a few were forced to wear the dreaded chicken hat. At the campfire ceremony, it all came down to two campers; Lien-Da who have experience being Angry, Wicked & Cold Hearted ; and Jetbug managed to tick off every female contestant at the camp with his sexist comment about women. In the end the first camper voted of Total Sonic Island... was Jetbug. Proving that homeschooling and reality TV, don't really mix. Who will be voted off this week? in the most dramatic campfire ceremoney yet! Find out tonight on Total Sonic Island !


Chris: (Walks up to the Cabins & Wakes everyone up with a Blowhorn through a LoudSpeaker)

Laura: (wakes up & accidently bumps herself on the head) OW! It's 7am. Do I look like a farmer to you?


Eddy: (Notices Marsha's MP3 Player) Hey, that looks cool (he slowly tries to grab it)

Marsha: (Aims her Stinger at Eddy as a Warning) I warn you

Eddy: (Gulps)

Chris: Morning Campers. Today's Challenge is gonna be hard for you

Patrick: Where's Breakfast?

Chris: Don't worry Pat, you'll get Breakfast...after you done you 20 Kilometer run around the lake.

Marsha: I hope so

Chris: Ok Everyone make a line & get in your starting positions cause the race starts in about 1 minute.

Spongebob: The 20K Run around the lake, I'm so gonna be tuckered out

Chris: On your marks, get set....GO!

(The Contestants starts running)

Sonic & Shadow: (fighting each other for 1st Place)

Spongebob: Wow, their rivalry is bigger than I Imagine. Maybe I can reason with them

Patrick: (out of breathe) Can't...catch...breathe...must...have...condition!

Mung: It's called "over eating" Look into it

Vector: Well, what's your excuse, you skinny, annoying... whew! (leans against a tree) Too tired for insults.

Chris: (Riding on his Scooter) Come on, the last team made it back to Messhall, will go hungry.

Vector: Sometimes, you can get super tired from all this running & maybe I am hungry for that


At the Messhall

Everyone is tired & waiting for the others

Spongebob: (Enters with Squidward who has passed out) Clear a table, stat ! (Puts Squidward on the Table & tries to wake him up with a Bucket of Water)

Squidward: Alright, I'm up, I'm up

Jack: Thok, what happen to you?

Thok: I think I had heart pelpertation

Eddy: Something supspeice is going on here?

Chris: That wasn't the challenge

Ed: It isn't

Chris: Who's hungry? (Shows the Campers lots of Delicious Food)

Michelle: After a whole week of Brown Sludge, I almost cried when I saw the Food

Patrick: And there it is, Food, Delicious Food. There's Turkey, Ham, Baked beans, Maple Syrup & even Gravy too. Can I get a minute? (Sobbing Hysterically)


(The Campers have eaten every food on the Table & they are Full & even more Tired than before)

Campers: (after the buffet, groaning)

Chris: Okay campers, time for part two of your challenge!

Ed: I thought eating was the second part!

Michelle: What more do you want from us?

Squidward: (rubbing her now bloated stomach) Ugh, Black Witch Cat is right! Haven't we been through enough?

Chris: Umm, let me think about that.... no! It's time for....the Awake-a-thon!

Patrick: The what-a-thon?

Chris: Don't worry, this is an easy one, the team with the last person standing wins Invincibility

Corroder: So you mean that the twenty kilometer run and the turkey-eating frenzy were just part of your sinister plot to make it harder for us to stay awake?

Chris: That's right, Corroder!

Corroder: Man, he's good.

Chris: Now everyone report to the Camefire pit so we can start our Challenge. Move Campers Move!

Jack: How long do you think everyone will be out cold?

Sonic: Maybe an Hour

Patrick: (Walks pass Jack & Sonic, looking tired already)

Sonic: Maybe less


Clock: 12:00

Chris: We're now 12 Hours in, with all 59 Campers still wide awake

Patrick: Wow! Stay awake for 12 hours!

Ed: We can do that in our sleep!

Patrick & Ed: Whoo-Hoo! (Falls alseep)


Spongey Sponges: 14

Speedy Hedgehogs: 15

Killer Scamers: 13

Screaming Flippercorns: 15

Out: Patrick, Ed

Sonic: This is the most boring thing I have ever done in my life

Sonia: I'm with you that Sonic

Manic: Me too

Jack: Could be way worse

Sonic: How worse?

Jack: I could be stuck without you guys to talk with, after all, Your my Cousins

Sonia: Thanks Cous (Hugs Jack)

Jack: Your welcome

Maxie: Cliff, are you still awake?

Cliff: Yeah, but I can't stay awake for much longer.

Maxie: You have to, Cliff!

Maxie: It's sorta weird being on a different team than Cliff. He's my boyfriend, so this competition might be the death of us.

Cliff: I... I... *falls asleep*


Spongey Sponges: 14

Speedy Hedgehog: 15

Killer Scamers: 12

Screaming Flippercorns: 15

Out: Patrick, Ed, Cliff

Lien-Da: Hmmm? Drilldozer, Nitroblast? Can I have word with you two

Drilldozer: Sure

Lien-Da: My Stradegy is to get 2 other campers with me into the Final 3 & I chose you guys

Nitroblast: Thank you

Nitroblast: Yes, Yes, it is so on. Whoo-Hoo! I wonder what happen then?

Marsha: I'm going to the Bathroom (Accidently drops her MP3 Player)

Lien-Da: Hmmmm? (Secretly steals Marsha's MP3 Player)

Drilldozer: Wasn't that Marsha's MP3 Player?

Lien-Da: Yes

Nitroblast: Would she be really mad when she relieses it's gone

Lien-Da: That's exaclty what I'm hoping for

Haydn: I'm dizzy....

Lily: Haydn, don't fall asleep!

Haydn: But I'm so sleepy....

Lily: Don't fall asleep unless you want to wake up underwater!

Haydn: *falls asleep*


Spongey Sponges: 13

Speedy Hedgehogs: 15

Killer Scamers: 12

Screaming Flippercorns: 15

Out: Patrick, Ed, Cliff, Haydn

Lily: *sighs, picks up Haydn, and dumps him in the lake*


Clock: 24:00


Spongey Sponges: 11

Speedy Hedgehogs: 11

Killer Scammers: 10

Screaming Flippercorns: 10

Out: Patrick, Ed, Cliff, Haydn Squidward, Cream, Hakann, Thok, Tails, Anna, Edd, Thunder, Zoey, Victoria, Molly, Marsha, Michelle

Chris: Morning Campers, Congratulations on making it to the 24 Hour Mark, time to take things up a noach...Fairy Tales

Amy: (Excited) I love Fairy Tails

Patricia: (Excited) Me too

Spongebob: (Excited) Oh boy, me too

Knuckles: You have got to be kidding me

Chef: (Dressed as a Sheep) (Grumbles at Chris)

Chris: (Reads slowly) Once...upon a time....there was.....a boring village....& inisde this boring village....filled with....very boring children

(Everyone is getting sleepy)

Tuke: (Goes to sleep on something Cusiony & dreams of counting Sheep)

Penelope: (Accidenlty Sprays Tuke)

Tuke: (Wakes up all of the Sudden & notices he was sleeping on Penelope's Butt)

Penelope: Whoopie Sorry

Tuke: (Coughing)


Spongey Sponges: 10

Speedy Hedgehogs: 11

Killer Scamers: 10

Screaming Flippercorns: 10

Out: Patrick, Ed, Cliff, Haydn Squidward, Cream, Hakann, Thok, Tails, Anna, Edd, Thunder, Zoey, Victoria, Molly, Marsha, Michelle, Tuke

Penelope: So I'm a bit gassy

Rutt: Aw man, Tuke had slept

(THe remaining campers in the Awake-a-thon notices Chef dancing in her Ballerina Costume)

Chef: (Starts dancing and sprinkling "sparkles" (possibly "sleeping sand") over the campers while Dance of the Sugarplum Fairy plays in the background.)

Bing: (Ties himself to a Tree) There (Got sprinkled by Sparkles & falls asleep, taking the tree down with him)



Spongey Sponges: 10

Speedy Hedgehogs: 11

Killer Scamers: 10

Screaming Flippercorns: 9

Out: Patrick, Ed, Cliff, Haydn Squidward, Cream, Hakann, Thok, Tails, Anna, Edd, Thunder, Zoey, Victoria, Molly, Marsha, Michelle, Tuke, Bing

Patricia: Timber


Clock: 40:00


Spongey Sponges: 9

Speedy Hedgehogs: 9

Killer Scamers: 8

Screaming Flippercorns: 7

Out: Patrick, Ed, Cliff, Haydn Squidward, Cream, Hakann, Thok, Tails, Anna, Edd, Thunder, Zoey, Victoria, Molly, Marsha, Michelle, Tuke, Bing, Bessy, Jasmine, Nina, Penelope, Meltdown, Silver, Mr Krabs

Sonia: (Looks at her Mirror) AHHH! Oh No!

Spongebob: What do you mean "Oh No"?

Sonia: I've been stayed awake for 40 Hours & look what happen to me (Her eyes are Puffy)

Spongebob: AHHHH! (jumps onto Amy's arms) Hi

Amy: Eww. You need some Sleep Sonia

Sonia: I know, but I can't see

Chris: (Laughing) That was awesome (Chuckles)

Sonia: (Growls at Chris & goes towards him)

Sonic: Uh Oh, she's gonna blow

Sonia: (Getting closer to Chris, until she is too tired & falls asleep)


Spongey Sponges: 9

Speedy Hedgehogs: 9

Killer Scamers: 8

Screaming Flippercorns: 6

Out: Patrick, Ed, Cliff, Haydn Squidward, Cream, Hakann, Thok, Tails, Anna, Edd, Thunder, Zoey, Victoria, Molly, Marsha, Michelle, Tuke, Bing, Bessy, Jasmine, Nina, Penelope, Meltdown, Silver, Mr Krabs, Sonia

Sonic: Or maybe not

Chris: Phew, for a second there, I thought Sonia is gonna rip me to shreads, but thanks to her sleepiness, she's now fast asleep. I didn't think that anyone's Eyes will get Puffy (Laughing Hysterically)

Jack: Phew, that was close (To Maxie) So how's it going Maxie?

Maxie: I'm so tired. *yawns* Lily, what are you doing?

Lily: [panting] Walking in place.

Lily: I figured that if I kepy moving, I could outlast everybody.

Laura: Huh? (Goes to Sleep)

Abby: (Falls asleep)

Selina: Laura? Abby?


Spongey Sponges: 9

Speedy Hedgehogs: 9

Killer Scamers: 8

Screaming Flippercorns: 4

Out: Patrick, Ed, Cliff, Haydn Squidward, Cream, Hakann, Thok, Tails, Anna, Edd, Thunder, Zoey, Victoria, Molly, Marsha, Michelle, Tuke, Bing, Bessy, Jasmine, Nina, Penelope, Meltdown, Silver, Mr Krabs, Sonia, Laura, Abby

Jack: Don't worry Maxie, your gonna make it, what ever you do, don't fall asleep, got it?

Maxie: Got it! I have acting excersizes that'll keep me awake.

Lily: *falls down and goes to sleep*


Spongey Sponges: 8

Speedy Hedgehogs: 9

Killer Scamers: 8

Screaming Flippercorns: 4

Out: Patrick, Ed, Cliff, Haydn Squidward, Cream, Hakann, Thok, Tails, Anna, Edd, Thunder, Zoey, Victoria, Molly, Marsha, Michelle, Tuke, Bing, Bessy, Jasmine, Nina, Penelope, Meltdown, Silver, Mr Krabs, Sonia, Laura, Abby, Lily

Jack: Good luck Maxie

Patrick & Ed: (Sleep walking)

Jack: Patrick? Ed?

Eddy: (Chases Ed) Ed, get back here!

Patrick: Do you know that Ed & I ate the entire dish of Baked beans & maple Syrup, funny thing about Baked Beans...they make me & Ed sleepwalk

Bessy, Anna, Nina & Penelope: (sleeping together, Purring in their Sleep)

Patricia: Aw, they even fall asleep together

Jack: Yeah


Patrick: (Sleepwalks to a Cliff, thens stops, turns around & falls off a cliff & lands in the Water)


Ed: (Sleepwalks & enters the Messhall)

Eddy: Ed, what are you doing?

Ed: (Grabs all of the Food from the Refridgerator)

Eddy: Not again

Ed: (Eats all of the Food from the Refridgerator & goes through a Wall making a hole through the Wall still Sleep Walking)

Eddy: ED! Get back here right now (still Chases Ed)


Clock: 50:00


Spongey Sponges: 7

Speedy Hedgehogs: 7

Killer Scamers: 5

Screaming Flippercorns: 3

Out: Patrick, Ed, Cliff, Haydn Squidward, Cream, Hakann, Thok, Tails, Anna, Edd, Thunder, Zoey, Victoria, Molly, Marsha, Michelle, Tuke, Bing, Bessy, Jasmine, Nina, Penelope, Meltdown, Silver, Mr Krabs, Sonia, Laura, Abby, Lily, Selina, Rotor, Nitroblast, Lien-Da, Avak, Shadow, Rutt

Maxie: I'm ready to pass out! My eyes hurt so much!

Jack: Look at Manic's Concerntration, he hasn't move for over 50 Hours

Manic: (Stands still)

Jack: Hello

Spongebob: Yip

Jack: Are you in there?

Spongebob: Yip, Yip, Yip, Yip, Yip

(Manic didn't hear)

Jack: Hmmmm? (Taps Manic)

Manic: (Opens his eye to see that his Eyelids are Painted) Huh? Who's there?

Xplode: His Eyelids are painted ! I saw that !

Chris: Oh, shut up. Oh I gotta see this (Checks on Manic) That is so freaking Cool, but you still out dude


Spongey Sponges: 7

Speedy Hedgehogs: 7

Killer Scamers: 4

Screaming Flippercorns: 3

Out: Patrick, Ed, Cliff, Haydn Squidward, Cream, Hakann, Thok, Tails, Anna, Edd, Thunder, Zoey, Victoria, Molly, Marsha, Michelle, Tuke, Bing, Bessy, Jasmine, Nina, Penelope, Meltdown, Silver, Mr Krabs, Sonia, Laura, Abby, Lily, Selina, Rotor, Nitroblast, Lien-Da, Avak, Shadow, Rutt, Manic

Manic: Aw man!

Maxie: Oh, man! Only three of us are left!

Bada: We gotta stay awake

Patricia: Yeah Stay awake

Reidak: Sadie whatever you do, don't fall asleep, got it?

Sadie: [laying down] My eyes feel like they're on fire! I might not last for much longer!

Reidak: Just don't go to sleep please or you'll be eliminated from the Awake-a-thon

Sadie: Awake-a-wa...? *starts speaking gibberish and falls asleep*


Spongey Sponges: 7

Speedy Hedgehogs: 6

Killer Scamers: 4

Screaming Flippercorns: 3

Out: Patrick, Ed, Cliff, Haydn Squidward, Cream, Hakann, Thok, Tails, Anna, Edd, Thunder, Zoey, Victoria, Molly, Marsha, Michelle, Tuke, Bing, Bessy, Jasmine, Nina, Penelope, Meltdown, Silver, Mr Krabs, Sonia, Laura, Abby, Lily, Selina, Rotor, Nitroblast, Lien-Da, Avak, Shadow, Rutt, Manic, Sadie

Reidak: Never mind


Patrick: (Swimming with the Sammon up the Waterfall)

Clock: 86:00


Spongey Sponges: 3

Speedy Hedgehogs: 3

Killer Scamers: 3

Screaming Flippercorns: 3

Out: Patrick, Ed, Cliff, Haydn Squidward, Cream, Hakann, Thok, Tails, Anna, Edd, Thunder, Zoey, Victoria, Molly, Marsha, Michelle, Tuke, Bing, Bessy, Jasmine, Nina, Penelope, Meltdown, Silver, Mr Krabs, Sonia, Laura, Abby, Lily, Selina, Rotor, Nitroblast, Lien-Da, Avak, Shadow, Rutt, Manic, Sadie, Spongebob, Vector, Vezok, Sonic, Rouge, Blaze, Knuckles, Corroder

Amy: (Yawns) Only 12 of us left

Mung: Yep

Maxie: Good thing the teams are all evened out. *yawns*

Bada: Yeah, Whooo....Hooo (Falls asleep on Maxie)


Spongey Sponges: 3

Speedy Hedgehogs: 3

Killer Scamers: 3

Screaming Flippercorns: 2

Out: Patrick, Ed, Cliff, Haydn Squidward, Cream, Hakann, Thok, Tails, Anna, Edd, Thunder, Zoey, Victoria, Molly, Marsha, Michelle, Tuke, Bing, Bessy, Jasmine, Nina, Penelope, Meltdown, Silver, Mr Krabs, Sonia, Laura, Abby, Lily, Selina, Rotor, Nitroblast, Lien-Da, Avak, Shadow, Rutt, Manic, Sadie, Spongebob, Vector, Vezok, Sonic, Rouge, Blaze, Knuckles, Corroder, Bada

Jack: Oh Dear, grab my hand. I'll pull you out

Maxie: Nah, it's okay. *crawls out from under Bada* He's really heavy.

Jack: Oh tell me about it

Patricia: I think I feel sooo Sleepy (Falls asleep on Jack)


Spongey Sponges: 3

Speedy Hedgehogs: 3

Killer Scamers: 3

Screaming Flippercorns: 1

Out: Patrick, Ed, Cliff, Haydn Squidward, Cream, Hakann, Thok, Tails, Anna, Edd, Thunder, Zoey, Victoria, Molly, Marsha, Michelle, Tuke, Bing, Bessy, Jasmine, Nina, Penelope, Meltdown, Silver, Mr Krabs, Sonia, Laura, Abby, Lily, Selina, Rotor, Nitroblast, Lien-Da, Avak, Shadow, Rutt, Manic, Sadie, Spongebob, Vector, Vezok, Sonic, Rouge, Blaze, Knuckles, Corroder, Bada, Patricia

Jack: A little help here Maxie

Maxie: *pushes Patricia off of Jack* There ya go!

Patricia: (Cuddles Jack & Purrs in her Sleep)

Eddy: (Carries Ed back to the Campfire Pit & puts him down) There

Ed now has a big Belly

Maxie: What happened to big Ed?

Eddy: Who else that Idiot went Sleepwalking & went into the Messhall & eat every single food in the Fridge

Maxie: So there's no more real food? D:>

Edd: I'm afraid so, thanks to Ed here

Jack: Oh Man!

Chris: (drinking a coffee) What is wrong with you people? C'mon, fall asleep already!

Maxie: Oh, great. The supreme torcher machine is here.

Mung: You gotta hook me up, I need Coffee now!

Chris: I didn't want it to come to this. I said that to Chef Hatchet last night. I said, "Chef, I don't want it to come to this." But darn it, these campers are tough! And so, I've come up with the most boring, sleep-inducing activity I can find.

Jack: Well you know what, Bring it on

Chris: The History of Canada. A pop-up book. Chapter one, the beaver. National symbol and a "dam" fine hat.

(Meanwhile at the Beaver Dam)

The Beavers are building a Dam & patting it down with their Beaver Tails

Patrick: (Still sleeping on the Beaver Dam)


(Back with the Campers)

Clock: 100:00


Spongey Sponges: 2

Speedy Hedgehogs: 2

Killer Scamers: 2

Screaming Flippercorns: 1

Out: Patrick, Ed, Cliff, Haydn Squidward, Cream, Hakann, Thok, Tails, Anna, Edd, Thunder, Zoey, Victoria, Molly, Marsha, Michelle, Tuke, Bing, Bessy, Jasmine, Nina, Penelope, Meltdown, Silver, Mr Krabs, Sonia, Laura, Abby, Lily, Selina, Rotor, Nitroblast, Lien-Da, Avak, Shadow, Rutt, Manic, Sadie, Spongebob, Vector, Vezok, Sonic, Rouge, Blaze, Knuckles, Corroder, Bada, Patricia, Amy, Zaktan, Drilldozer

Chris: (Continues on reading the History of Canada, still on Chapter 1)

Jack: How long does it had to go on? (Notices Squidward kissing Vezok's Ear)

Squidward & Vezok: (Both woke up & looked each other Wide-Eyed) AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!

Maxie: Come on, Chris! Have some mercy!

Maxie: I am the only person left on my team, so everybody's counting on me. Chris's antics aren't helping.

Reidak: I'm still wide awake you know that

Jack: Yes you are

Eddy: Maxie is the Only Flippercorn left on the Screaming Flippercorns. We'll be fine

Reidak: Yeah, Ok

Xplode: Fine

Maxie: Eddy, you should get some sleep. The more you sleep, the better your scams are...!

Eddy: I dont see what you came here for, you Flippercorn Pussycat

Reidak: I think that's a very bad move you made

Eddy: Enough Already

Xplode: (Falls asleep)


Spongey Sponges: 2

Speedy Hedgehogs: 2

Killer Scamers: 1

Screaming Flippercorns: 1

Out: Patrick, Ed, Cliff, Haydn Squidward, Cream, Hakann, Thok, Tails, Anna, Edd, Thunder, Zoey, Victoria, Molly, Marsha, Michelle, Tuke, Bing, Bessy, Jasmine, Nina, Penelope, Meltdown, Silver, Mr Krabs, Sonia, Laura, Abby, Lily, Selina, Rotor, Nitroblast, Lien-Da, Avak, Shadow, Rutt, Manic, Sadie, Spongebob, Vector, Vezok, Sonic, Rouge, Blaze, Knuckles, Corroder, Bada, Patricia, Amy, Zaktan, Drilldozer, Xplode

Eddy: Still not gonna happen because you want to win this challenge so if we can keep our mouths shut, then Chris we'll forget all about it

Chris: Time for Chapter 2 in the History of Canada

Eddy: Or maybe not

Chris: (Starts reading Chapter 2)

Jack: Don't worry Eddy, everything will be fine

Maxie: Eddy, what's that?

Eddy: What? Where I..? Oh no you don't I'm not falling for that one you hear me

Jack: Eddy is a very tricky Bee, you know that (Yawns)

Mung: Yep, he is, right Schnitzel?

Schnitzel: (Yawns) Rada (Translation: Right)

Jack: (Yawns) Maxie, I can't go on even further, (Falls asleep)


Spongey Sponges: 2

Speedy Hedgehogs: 1

Killer Scamers: 1

Screaming Flippercorns: 1

Out: Patrick, Ed, Cliff, Haydn Squidward, Cream, Hakann, Thok, Tails, Anna, Edd, Thunder, Zoey, Victoria, Molly, Marsha, Michelle, Tuke, Bing, Bessy, Jasmine, Nina, Penelope, Meltdown, Silver, Mr Krabs, Sonia, Laura, Abby, Lily, Selina, Rotor, Nitroblast, Lien-Da, Avak, Shadow, Rutt, Manic, Sadie, Spongebob, Vector, Vezok, Sonic, Rouge, Blaze, Knuckles, Corroder, Bada, Patricia, Amy, Zaktan, Drilldozer, Xplode, Jack

Reidak: I'm the only one left

Chris: Ok before we go to Chapter 3, who wants to go to the communal Washroom because you all stank, oh & I mean Stink. Any takers?

Schnitzel: Uh Rada Rada (Translation: Uh, no thanks)

Eddy: Oh Maxie, would you like to go to the Communal Washroom?

Maxie: If you think that taking a dump is gonna make me fall asleep, you guys have got another thing coming. I'll go, Chris, but don't you dare take those cameras in the stall.

Chris: Ok, you got 5 Minutes

Mung: Well that was a long face (Laughing) Get it? Schnitzel has a Long Face (Laughing)

Schnitzel: (Groans)

Reidak: I'm so glad that I made it this far in the Awake-a-thon. I should be Pumped up for this challenge

Eddy: I had a feeling that Maxie & I are going to be Rivals in this Competetion

Mung: Where is Maxie anyway? She's gone about 8 minutes. Schnitzel maybe you can check on her, just in case she's gets into Trouble

Schnitzel: Rada Rada (Translation: Alright!) (Walks to the Communal Washroom) Rada? Rada? (Translation: Maxie? Maxie?) Rada, Rada, Rada? (Translation: Where'd you go now?) Rada? Rada? (Translation: Maxie? Maxie?) (Goes inside the Commounal Washroom) Rada? (Translation: Maxie?)

Eddy: Did you find her yet?

Schnitzel: Rada (Translation: Nope) (Opens the Door & spots Maxie) Rada? (Translation: Maxie?)

Maxie: (on the toilet) *gasps* Pervert! *jack-slaps Shnitzel and shuts the stall door*

Jack: (Yawns) What were you thinking Schnitzel

Schnitzel: Rada Rada Rada Rada Rada (Translation: She's stay on the Toilet for over 10 Minutes)

Jack: Really, 10 Minutes? But Chris said 5 Minutes

Maxie: Well, excuse me for not using the wash room as fast as you guys! *flushes, washes her hands, splashes water in her face, and walks out*

Jack: I'm already out, so I'm going to have a nap (Walks out)

Schnitzel: Rada Rada Rada Rada (Translation: I wish I'd haven't done that)

Maxie: With 5 of us left, and two from the Spongy Sponges, I gotta think of a way to get one of them out at the least. But when you haven't slept in days, you can't think straight.

Eddy: I won't lose to either the Sponges, the Hedgehogs or the Flippercorns because if I do lose, we'll be sent to Elimination Bonfire....again!

Clock: 125:00


Spongey Sponges: 1

Speedy Hedgehogs: 1

Killer Scamers: 1

Screaming Flippercorns: 1

Out: Patrick, Ed, Cliff, Haydn Squidward, Cream, Hakann, Thok, Tails, Anna, Edd, Thunder, Zoey, Victoria, Molly, Marsha, Michelle, Tuke, Bing, Bessy, Jasmine, Nina, Penelope, Meltdown, Silver, Mr Krabs, Sonia, Laura, Abby, Lily, Selina, Rotor, Nitroblast, Lien-Da, Avak, Shadow, Rutt, Manic, Sadie, Spongebob, Vector, Vezok, Sonic, Rouge, Blaze, Knuckles, Corroder, Bada, Patricia, Amy, Zaktan, Drilldozer, Xplode, Jack, Schnitzel

Mung: 125 Hours with no Sleep, this is painful with my Eyes

Reidak: Mine to

Eddy: I'm not giving up yet

Maxie: I can't take much more of this! *smacks herself*

Mung: Sorry about Schnitzel, he's just want to check on you to make sure your safe

Maxie: Okay! *slaps herself* Okay! *slaps herself* What was I saying? *slaps herself*

Reidak: (Yawns) No one is still tuckered out

Maxie: *lays down and walks around in circles on the ground* AAH!

Reidak: Arkward

Maxie: I cannot handle this! I gotta sleep, but I can't sleep cuz I gotta win. But if somebody is awake for too long, they pass out. And I'm just about there!

Mung: I'm a little bit sleepy, but I can't sleep

Reidak: You can't sleep?!

Maxie: C'mon, guys. If you think about it, your team won't vote you off for losing it for them. You lasted the longest, so they'd vote out who fell asleep first, right?

Eddy: That's it, I'm going to bed (Falls asleep)


Spongey Sponges: 1

Speedy Hedgehogs: 1

Killer Scamers: 0

Screaming Flippercorns: 1

Out: Patrick, Ed, Cliff, Haydn Squidward, Cream, Hakann, Thok, Tails, Anna, Edd, Thunder, Zoey, Victoria, Molly, Marsha, Michelle, Tuke, Bing, Bessy, Jasmine, Nina, Penelope, Meltdown, Silver, Mr Krabs, Sonia, Laura, Abby, Lily, Selina, Rotor, Nitroblast, Lien-Da, Avak, Shadow, Rutt, Manic, Sadie, Spongebob, Vector, Vezok, Sonic, Rouge, Blaze, Knuckles, Corroder, Bada, Patricia, Amy, Zaktan, Drilldozer, Xplode, Jack, Schnitzel, Eddy

Chris: Looks like the Killer Scammers are out'

Reidak: (Falls asleep)


Spongey Sponges: 1

Speedy Hedgehogs: 0

Killer Scamers: 0

Screaming Flippercorns: 1

Out: Patrick, Ed, Cliff, Haydn Squidward, Cream, Hakann, Thok, Tails, Anna, Edd, Thunder, Zoey, Victoria, Molly, Marsha, Michelle, Tuke, Bing, Bessy, Jasmine, Nina, Penelope, Meltdown, Silver, Mr Krabs, Sonia, Laura, Abby, Lily, Selina, Rotor, Nitroblast, Lien-Da, Avak, Shadow, Rutt, Manic, Sadie, Spongebob, Vector, Vezok, Sonic, Rouge, Blaze, Knuckles, Corroder, Bada, Patricia, Amy, Zaktan, Drilldozer, Xplode, Jack, Schnitzel, Eddy, Reidak

Chris: Followed by the Speedy Hedgehogs, either the Spongey Sponges or the Screaming Flippercorns are left to play

Mung: I still remember the time when Chowder, my Aprentice accidently pours too much Brawn Root, because Brawn Root makes you Sleepy & it's very powerful stuff

Haydn: It's just the shopaholic and the chef that are left in the game. I have absolutley NO idea who could win.

Maxie: It's just you and me, Daal.

Mung: Yep, it's just you & me. Well may the best man or woman win.

Maxie: Yep! *reaches out her hand for Mung to shake*

Mung: (Reaches out his hand for Maxie to Shake & then they both shake hands) Good Luck

Chris: Ok this is taking too long, one of you will fall asleep. Only 2 Teams left. Who's going to fall asleep?

Maxie: Surprise! *Maxie actually had a buzzer on her hand and she shocked Mung*

Mung: OWWWWW !! Thanks to you, now I'm Hyper & more awake than ever

Maxie: What? It was supposed to pass you out! Darned joy buzzer!

Mung: (Can't stop laughing) I can't stop laughing because of the Joy Buzzer (Continues laughing Uncontrollably)

Maxie: I can't believe that joy buzzer didn't work! I'm just about ready to give up and pass out on the ground.

Mung: (Can't stop Laughing because of the Joy Buzzer Incident)

Chris: Wow, that was an Unfortanent Accident. Looks like Mung is back fully awake again

Mung: (Gone Hyper & starts running around like Crazy)

Chris: Look out Maxie, Mung's gone Crazy

Mung: (Accidently Crash into Maxie, making Maxie been carried by Mung)

Chris: Run away, Mung's Gone Mad !

Maxie: Let go of me! *kicks Mung in the face and lands on her feet*

Mung: Ow, what happen?

Maxie: You went bonkers!

Mung: Sorry, it's my Funny Bone. You've must've overload it with the Joy Buzzer

Maxie: Yeah, yeah. Please just fall asleep! I'll be your best friend!

Mung: I've already had a best Friend & his name is Tony

Mung: Is it just me or do I have a Deja Vu about that Garage Sale I put up with?

Maxie: Ugh! That's it! I give up! *passes out on the ground*

Chris: The Winner of the Awake-a-thon is....Mung Daal, the Spongey Sponges Wins

Mung: I did it, Hazza! (falls asleep)


(Meanwhile at the Screaming Flippercorn's Cabin)

Marsha: (Throwing Suitcases out of the Window) AHHHHH! WHERE IS MY MP3 PLAYER?! NO ONE IS GOING ANYWHERE TILL I FIND MY MP3 PLAYER !!!!

Sonia: Whoever stole Marsha's MP3 Player before she wrecks the Whole Cabin

Lien-Da: Hey Guys

Selina: Someone had stolen Marsha's MP3 Player

Lien-Da: YOu don't mean this (Shows them Marsha's MP3 Player) I was wondering who does it belong to, I found it on the ground while she was sleeping

Marsha: Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Lien-Da: (Gives Marsha her MP3 Player back) Your welcome

Lien-Da: Turning yourself against your Teammates, easiest trick on the book

Marsha: So, sorry about that, I guess no one stole it after all

Screaming Flippercorns: (Glares at Marsha)

Marsha: I guess I was reacting a little (Nervous Chuckle)


(At the Camefire Ceremony)

Chris: Killer Scamers, you've all cast your votes & made you Decisions. I had 13 Marshmellows on this plate. One of you will be going home & you can never come back....EVER!

Manic: (Feels Nervous)

Chris: The First Marshmellow goes to Eddy

Eddy: (Grabs his Marshmellow)

Chris: Ed & Edd

Ed & Edd: (Grabs their Marshmellows)

Chris: Xplode

Xplode: (Grabs his Marshmellow)

Chris: Thunder, Corroder & Rotor, nicely done

Thunder, Corroder & Rotor: (Grabs their Marshmellows)

Chris: Cliff

Cliff: (Grabs his marshmallow)

Chris: Drilldozer

Drilldozer: Yeah! (Grabs his Marshmellow & eats it)

Chris: Penelope

Penelope: (Grabs her Marshmellow)

Chris: Nitroblast

Nitroblast: (Grabs his Marshmellow)

Chris: Lien-Da

Lien-Da: (Grabs her Marshmellow)

Chris: Campers, this is the Final Marshmellow of the Evening

Meltdown & Manic: (shaking in fear)

Manic: (Sweating)

Meltdown: (Gulps)

Chris: The Last Marshmellow goes to.....

Meltdown: (Shaking in fear)

Manic: (Shaking in fear & Sweating at the same time)

Chris: Meltdown

Meltdown: Yes! (Grabs his Marshmellow)

Manic: What? Me? But how?

Edd: Because you cheated & cheaters never win

Eddy: We're trying to win, but with you Cheating is getting the way of it

Chris: Their right you know, Manic. The Dock of shame awaits

Manic: Oh well, see ya dudes (Walks down to the Dock of Shame)

Chris: As for the rest of you, your all safe

Edd: See you can't be acting like a cheater to win, Manic will never get a carear until he learns his lesson

Ed: Goodbye Manic

Manic: Goodbye Big Guy, I'll miss you the Most (Hops on the Boat of Losers)

(The Boat of Losers drove away)

Manic: (To Himself) I guess my cheating get the better of me...again, but no matter, their just lost me, I hope their reliesed that

(Back at the Camefire)

Eddy: To the Killer Scamers, will not end up here again next week


Patrick: (Still sleeping)

Spongebob: There you are Patrick, I've been looking all over for you (Carries Patrick) Come on Patrick, let's go home (Walks back to the Cabin)

Chapter 3: Dodgebrawl

Chris: Last time on Total Sonic Island, the Spongey Sponges kick butt in the Awake-a-thon, when Eddy, Reidak & Maxie all took a snooze, Mung Daal won for their Team. While the Killer Scamers took their 2nd Loss in a row, Lien-Da had orchestrated the first Total Sonic Island alliance by convincing Drilldozer & Nitroblast to join forces with her, then secretly stole Marsha's MP3 Player to make Marsha turn herself to her own Teammates. Nicely played Lien-Da, nicely played. Even though Manic would've manage to kick everyone's butt here, but in the end it was his cheating that made him walk to the Dock of Shame & Manic is the 2nd Loser to leave the Island, proving that Cheaters never win. Who will break the rules of their new alliance? Will Mung able to stay until the end of the episode? And who will take the next Humiliating walk to the Dock of Shame, find out in the next episode of Total Sonic Island


(At the Messhall)

(Everyone, except Mung & Vezok are in the Messhall)

Chris: Schnitzel, you look like...

Schnitzel: Rada (Translation: Stuff it)

Patricia: Vezok snored all night

Chris: (Chuckles) 5 Nights with no sleep, how much are you hurting people

Vezok: (Enters with a Drawn Mustace on his face) (Walks to his team's Table)

Lily: Lookin' good, Vezok! :P

Vezok: Thanks

All (Except Vezok): (Muffled giggling) (Burst into Laughter)

Vezok: Ok what?

Sonic: Someone messed with your face dude (Hands Vezok a Mirror)

Vezok: (Looks through a Mirror) Hey, sweet stace

Chris: Hey look, it's Mung

Mung: (Walks in looking sleepy while everyone on his team cheered for him) (Sits down) I can't feel my...(falls asleep) (Talking in his sleep) Ladies

Sadie: Maxie, are you okay?

Cliff: Sadie, no! If you touch her while she hasn't sleeped in so long, she'll bite you.

Sadie: Yeah, right. *pets Maxie's head*

Maxie: *gets up angrily and bites Sadie's shoulder, then goes back to sleep*

Sadie: Golly, you weren't kidding.

Eddy: I can't believe we've lost a 2nd time in a row, we betta win or we'll lose yet again

Chris: Ok Campers your next challenge will begin in 10 Minutes & be prepared to bring it


(Everyone is inside the Dodgeball Court surrounded by the Wind Sheild Walls)

Eddy: (falls asleep on the Killer Scamers' Sidelines) Wake me up & it'll be the last thing you'll do

Ed: Got it Eddy

Maxie: *passes out on the floor*

Sonia: ...Is she okay?

Patricia: I guess we have a Disadvantage

Spongebob: Also the Spongey Sponges

Chris: Today's challenge is a Classic game of Dodgeball, if you get hit with the ball...(throws the Ball at Blaze)

Blaze: Ow

Chris: Your out

Blaze: That hurt (Throws the ball at Chris)

Chris: (Catches the Ball) If you catch the ball, the thrower gets sent out & the player has to pick one up for their team. Sonic, try to hit me (Throws the Ball at Sonic)

Sonic: (Catches the Ball) Too easy

Chris: When your holding a ball you can use it to deflect a ball, but if it knocks the ball off your hands, your out

Abby: What am I suppose to do when the Ball comes at me?

Sonic: (Throws the ball at Chris)

Chris: (Deflects a Ball with a Ball) YOU DODGE !

Abby: (Got hit)

Chris: Ohhhh, your suppose to dodge

Abby: Oh right

Chris: We'll split you up into 2 Games, Spongey Sponges & Killer Scamers you go first. Speedy Hedgehogs & Screaming Flippercorns you may go next after their Game, since the Killer Scamers have 2 Players short & 3 teams will sat 3 Players out while the Scamers only sat 1 Player

Squidward: Alright, I'll volenteer, let's see you Barnicle Heads can get out there & dodge

Mung: (Sleeps on the Spongey Sponges' Sidelines)

Cream: (Sits on the Spongey Sponges' Sidelines)

Eddy: (Sleeping)

Hakann & Thok: (Sits on the Killer Scamers' Sidelines)

Edd: Ok, let's do this

Chris: Sponges vs. Scamers, whoever wins the Game will advance to the Finals while the Losers get to battle for 3rd Place, now let's dodge some balls

Chef: (Dreesed as a Referee & blows whistle)

Amy, Vector, Rutt, Tuke & Patrick: (Ready to play)

Rotor, Xplode, Meltdown, Nitroblast & Edd: (Ready to play)

Sadie: Guys, should't we have a game plan?

Chris: Don't interrupt me...ever! Anyways, Game on!

Amy: (Throws the ball at Nitroblast)

Nitroblast: (Takes hit) OW, darn it


Spongey Sponges: 5

Killer Scamers: 4

Ed: You can do it Double D

Edd: Here goes (Throws a ball at Vector, but not so far)

Vector: (picks up the ball & throws it at Edd)

Edd: (Takes hit) Ouch! Curse the consenquences of Dodgeball


Spongey Sponges: 5

Killer Scamers: 3

Xplode: (Throws the ball at Vector)

Vector: (Takes hit) Ow, right at the Nose


Spongey Sponges: 4

Killer Scamers: 3

Rutt: (Throws the Ball at Reidak)

Meltdown: (Catches) Got it


Spongey Sponges: 3

Killer Scamers: 4

Ed: My turn (comes up to their teammates) (Picks up the ball & throws it at Tuke) YAHOO!

Tuke: (Takes hit) Ouch! That hurt, eh?


Spongey Sponges: 2

Killer Scamers: 4

Amy & Patrick: (Gulps)

Ed: (Picks up the Ball)

Patrick: (Picks up the Ball)

Patrick & Ed: (Throws their ball at each other & took the hits)

Patrick: Ouch!

Ed: Oops


Spongey Sponges: 1

Killer Scamers: 3

Amy: (Looks at Xplode, Rotor & Meltdown with Evil Looks on their Faces) Hm... (Throws the Ball up at the air & whack the ball at Meltdown with her Piko Piko Hammer)

Meltdown: (Ducks his head, but the Ball bounced against the Wall causing the ball to come back at Meltdown) What the...? (Takes the hit, really hard) Ouchie!

Chris: That is one tough ball to dodge


Spongey Sponges: 1

Killer Scamers: 2

Rotor: (Throws the Ball at Amy)

Amy: (Dodges & picks up the Ball & throws it at Rotor)

Rotor: (Takes hit) Ouch!


Spongey Sponges: 1

Killer Scamers: 1

Rouge: At least someone is cheering

Squidward: Oh sorry. (sarcastic) Woo-hoo, way to throw those murder balls. Go, team, go.

Rouge: Nice Team Spirit

Xplode: (Throws the ball at Amy)

Cream: Watch out, Amy!

Amy: Huh? (Takes hit) Ouch!


Spongey Sponges: 0

Killer Scamers: 1

Chris: The Killer Scamers are going to the Finals & Amy nice shot against Meltdown, let's see it in the Instant Replay (Uses the Instant Replay to replay Meltdown's big Hit by Amy) Forward, ok rewind, forward, rewind, forward, rewind & Pause. (the replay stops when Meltdown got hit by the ball in the Face super hard by Amy) Ohh, that's gonna leave a mark

(You didn't even put Cliff, Haydn, or Lily in that game....)



Chris: Hedgehogs against Flippercorns. Game On!

Reidak, Avak, Sadie, Sonic & Shadow: (Gets ready)

Maxie, Patricia, Sonia, Jasmine & Bada: (Gets ready)

Reidak: (Throws the ball at Maxie)

Maxie: *falls down on the floor and dodges* I'm so sleepy.

Sonia: *catches the ball behind Maxie* You're out, Reidak!


Speedy Hedgehogs: 4

Screaming Flippercorns: 6

Sonia: Bessy, your up

Bessy: (Comes up) Thank you

Avak: (Throws the Ball at Jasmine)

Jasmine: (Got hit)


Speedy Hedgehogs: 4

Screaming Flippercorns: 5

Bada: (Throws the Ball at Shadow)

Shadow: (Catches) Is that the best you got?


Speedy Hedgehogs: 5

Screaming Flippercorns: 4

Shadow: Jack, your up

Jack: Ok (Comes up)

Sonia: Ohai, Jack! *throws a ball at Jack*

Jack: (Got hit) Ouch


Speedy Hedgehogs: 4

Screaming Flippercorns: 4

Jack: Who knew that Sonia's good at dodgeball

Shadow: (Face Palm)

Avak: Great Gasby, that is it. GAME ON ! (Throws the Ball at Bessy)

Bessy: (Got hit)

Avak: (Grabs the 2nd Ball & throws it at Patricia)

Patricia: (Got hit)

Avak: (Grabs the 3rd Ball) YEEEEAH! (Throws the ball at Sonia)

Sonia: *got hit* Aww, crud!


Speedy Hedgehogs: 4

Screaming Flippercorns: 1

Sonic: Whao, I didn't see that coming, well done Avak

Avak: I don't know what got into me

Shadow: And then there was 1 (Notices Maxie is sleeping) (Throws the ball gently at Maxie)

Maxie: *groans and rolls over, dodging the ball*

Sonic: Hmmm? (Throws the ball at Maxie)

Maxie: *holds up hands* Carry me, Moe. Please...? *catches the ball*


Speedy Hedgehogs: 3

Screaming Flippercorns: 2

Sonic: (His eyes widen)

Sonic: How did Maxie catch that Ball? She's getting harder & harder to beat

Chris: Maxie, it's time to choose who's coming up to help you

Maxie: *wipes her eyes* Huh? Oh yeah. Sonia, come back in. *yawns*

Sonia: I got my 2nd Chance

Avak: Three Words: We're in Trouble

Shadow: Avak, Sadie, we're the only ones left so let's do this thing

Avak: Alright! (Throws the Ball at Maxie)

Shadow: (Throws the Ball at Sonia)

Maxie: *gets hit in the face* Ow! :( *walks to the stands*

Sonia: *catches* Maxie, get back out here!

Maxie: Whatevs. *walks back onto the court*

Sadie: I don't feel like doin' anything.


Speedy Hedgehogs: 2

Screaming Flippercorns: 2

Avak: Come on Sadie, just throw the ball at either Maxie or Sonia

Sadie: *groans* They're either gonna catch it or dodge it. I'm a terrible shot.

Avak: Look, we're the only ones left, we had to be in the Finals against the Killer Scamers. (Throws the Ball at Maxie)

Maxie: *ducks and throws a ball at Avak*

Avak: (Dodges) (Throws the ball at Sonia)

Sonia: *dodges* Come on! Try harder!

Sadie: See what I mean? But I guess I can try catching stuff they throw.

Avak: Ok, when the ball comes at you, you betta catch the ball (Throws the ball at Maxie)

Maxie: *dodges, picks up the ball, and throws it at Avak*

Sadie: *jumps in front of him and catches it*

Maxie: What?! No way! Aww, whatever. *walks to the bleachers and falls asleep*

Sadie: I can't believe I'm saying this, but Shadow, come back in.

Shadow: (Comes up)


Speedy Hedgehogs: 3

Screaming Flippercorns: 1

Avak: And then, their was one (throws the Ball at Sonia)

Sonia: Oh, crud. *gets nailed in the face*

Chris: The Speedy Hedgehogs wins

Speedy Hedgehogs: (Cheers)

Chris: You are going to face the Killer Scamers, while the Flippercorns are facing the Spongey Sponges for 3rd Place

Shadow: I guess Avak is one of our Strongest Players & now it's getting even harder, but the Scamers are going down

Spongebob, Patrick, Blaze, Amy & Schnitzel: (Gets ready)

Bada, Bing, Victoria, Molly & Sonia: (Gets ready)

Chris: Spongey Sponges vs Screaming Flippercorns. Game on!

Spongebob: (Throws the ball at Molly)

Molly: (Got hit)


Spongey Sponges: 5

Screaming Flippercorns: 4

Schnitzel: (Throws the Ball at Sonia)

Sonia: (Catches) Your out!


Spongey Sponges: 4

Screaming Flippercorns: 5

Sonia: Maxie, your up again

Maxie: Awesome! Thanks, Sonia! *yawns*

Sonia: Your welcome (Throws the ball at Spongebob)

Spongebob: (Got hit) Ouch!


Speedy Hedgehogs 3

Screaming Flippercorns: 5

Rouge: Squidward, they need you

Squidward: Sports: They're not my forte you know that

Rouge: I hope it doesn't get any worse


After 10 Minutes of Dodgeball, Squidward still isn't going to compete

Squidward: (snidely) Knock 'em out, throw 'em out, rah rah. (gets hit with the ball and the other Spongey Sponges smile) Owwwh!!

Rouge: You're right. Sports aren't your forte.

Spongebob, Patrick & Amy: (Still dodging)

Bada, Bing, Maxie & Sonia: (Still throwing balls at the Spongey Sponges)

Maxie: I call this one the Swoosh ball! *throws a ball really hard at Spongebob*

Spongebob: (Got hit) Ouch!

Amy: Spongebob are you alright?

Spongebob: I'm ok. Behind you

Amy: (Notices Bing throws the ball at her & catches) Got it

Bing: Aw man


Spongey Sponges: 3

Screaming Flippercorns: 3

Amy: Lily, your up!

Lily: Thank's Amy! *throws a ball at Bada*

Bada: (Catches) No pain, no gain!


Spongey Sponges: 2

Screaming Flippercorns: 3

Bada: Patricia, your up!

Patricia: Coming (Throws the ball at Patrick)

Patrick: (Got hit) Ouch!


Spongey Sponges: 1

Screaming Flippercorns: 3

Amy: Oh no, not again (Throws the Ball at Sonia)

Sonia: *catches* Sorry, Amy, but you guys are finished.

Maxie: Whoo-hoo! Yeah! *falls asleep*

Amy: Aw man

Chris: Screaming Flippercorns get 3rd & Spongey Sponges, I'll see you at the Bonfire tonight, but first it's the Speedy Hedgehogs vs Killer Scamers. Whoever wins gets Invincbility

Cliff: We can do this, Scamers!

Eddy: Double D, since your not good at Dodgeball, you had to sit this one out

Edd: Ok (Sits down)

Ed: Poor Double D

Eddy, Ed, Thunder, Corroder & Cliff: (Gets ready)

Sonic, Jack, Shadow, Reidak & Sadie: (Gets ready)

Chris: Let's get this material to the Lab & see what your made of.

Chef: (Blows Whistle)

Reidak: Here we go (Throws the Ball at Cliff)

Cliff: *dodges*

Sadie: *tosses Sonic a ball* Go on, Sonic! Throw a fastball at somebody!

Sonic: Ok! (Throws a Fastball at Thunder)

Thunder: (Got hit) Ouch!


Speedy Hedgehogs: 5

Killer Scamers: 4

Corroder: (Throws the ball at Sadie)

Sadie: Eep!

Sonic: *jumps in front of Sadie and catches it* You're out, dude!

Sadie: Thanks, Sonic!


Speedy Hedgehog: 6

Killer Scamers: 3

Sonic: Hey, Krabs! Get in here!

Mr Krabs: Coming

Ed: (Throws the Ball at Mr. Krabs)

Mr Krabs: I'm...(Got hit) out?

Ed: Got it Eddy


Speedy Hedgehogs: 5

Killer Scamers: 3

Sonic: (Facepalms) (Throws the Ball at Eddy)

Eddy: ACK!

Ed: (Goes in front of Eddy & Catches the ball) Got the Ball Eddy


Speedy Hedgehogs: 4

Killer Scamers: 4

Ed: Double D, you up

Edd: Why thank you Ed

Eddy: Alright (Throws the Ball at Reidak)

Reidak: (Got hit) Ow!


Speedy Hedgehogs: 3

Killer Scamers: 4

Ed & Jack: (Throws the ball at each other & got hit)


Speedy Hedgehogs: 2

Killer Scamers: 3

Shadow: (Throws the Ball at Cliff)

Cliff: *catches* You're out, Shadow! Penelope, come on in!


Speedy Hedgehogs: 1

Killer Scamers: 4

Penelope: Oh Goody!

Reidak: Sadie, your the only one left on our team, you have got to win for our team

Sadie: Aww, poo!

Eddy: *throws ball at Sadie*

Sadie: Ooh! *catches the ball* Yay! Shadow, come bck!

Eddy: Aw man

Shadow: Fine (Throws the ball at Cliff really fast)


Speedy Hedgehogs: 2

Killer Scamers: 3

Penelope: Look Out Cliff

Penelope: My sisters says I get gassy when I'm upset. And happy. And tired. Not to mention bored, hungry, morose, joyous, comatose, semi-conscious, (suddenly grows a moustache) avuncular... (giggles) Avuncular. (Purrs)

Cliff: Whoa! *gets nailed in the face* OW!


Speedy Hedgehogs: 2

Killer Scamers: 2

Shadow & Penelope: (throws balls at each other & they both got hit)


Speedy Hedgehogs: 1

Killer Scamers: 1

Edd: Oh dear

Edd: It was all up to me, but I detest Dodgeball

(The Speedy Hedgehogs cheer on Sadie)

Eddy: (Facepalm) Goodnight, Double D

Edd: Ok, I am ready to play, but not so hard please?

Sadie: Double D, you know I can't promise that. *throw a ball at Edd*

Edd: Yipe! (Closes his eyes & catches the ball without seeing) I'm in serious pain, terrible, TERRIBLE PAIN and...huh? (Noitces that he caught the ball) I got it? I GOT IT

Chris: The Killer Scamers WINS!

Killer Scamers: (Cheers) (Picks up Edd)

Eddy: Nice Catch Double D

Edd: Why thank you Eddy

Chris: That means the Speedy Hedgehogs are in 2nd & the Killer Scamers are in 1st Place

Squidward: What can I say? Weak effort. (everyone glares at him)

Blaze: Oh, shut it, Squidward!

Rouge: You know, for once, I agree with her. (everyone but Patrick, Haydn, and Lily walks off)

Squidward: Touchy. (Patrick, Haydn & Lily glare at him) What? I'll tell you, the team spirit is severely lacking lately.

Edd: I guess I'm kind of a role model now that I won the dodgeball competition. People will probably all want my autograph when this show is over and stuff.


(At the Campfire Ceremony in Night Time)

Chris: I had 14 Marshmellows on this plate, when I call you name come & get a marshmellow...Amy

Amy: Yay! (Grabs her Marshmellow)

Chris: Spongebob & Patrick

Spongebob & Patrick: Hooray! (Grabs their Marshmellow)

Chris: Blaze

Blaze: Thank you (Grabs her Marshmellow)

Chris: Rouge

Rouge: Alright (Grabs her Marshmellow)

Chris: Lily & Haydn, your safe too.

Lily: Yes! *Haydn and Lily high 5 and grab their marshmallows*

Chris: Rutt & Tuke

Rutt & Tuke: Alright (Grabs their Marshmellows)

Chris: Vector

Vector: (Grabs his Marshmellow)

Chris: Mung Daal, Schnitzel

Mung & Schnitzel: (Grabs their Marshmellows)

Chris: Campers, this is the final marshmellow

Nina: (Looks scared)

Squidward: (Feels confident)

Chris: The Last Marshmellow goes to....

Nina: (Shaking in Fear)

Squidward: (Still looks confident)

Chris: Nina

Nina: Yes! (Grabs her Marshmellow)

Squidward: Are you Kidding me?!

Chris: Sorry Squidward, your out

Squidward: (after finding out he got voted off by his fellow teammates) You know what? See if I care. Good luck, because you just voted off the only one with brains on this team.

Spongey Sponges: (Throws the Marshmellows at Squidward)

Squidward: Ow!

Blaze: You need to learn a little thing called respect, Squidward!

Squidward: Whatever, I'm outta here (Walks to the dock of Shame & hops on the Boat of Losers)

The Boat of Losers droves away with Squidward

Spongebob: Goodbye Squidward

Patrick: Have a nice trip


Chris: Ok, so that wasn't the most Dramatic campfire ceremony ever... but I still get paid. Heh heh, bonus!

Chapter 4: Not Quite Famous

Chris: (while doing the recap) Last time on Total Sonic Island, the Killer Scamers finally dodged their pathetic losing streak against the Spongey Sponges, the Speedy Hedgehogs & the Screaming Flippercorns. There were bruises, tears, risky moves and dangerous alliances and in the end it was Squidward the know-it-all, who didn't see it coming. This week another challenge will send on more campers on a cruise to Loserville population, four! Who will sink? Who will stay afloat? Find out right now on, Total Sonic Island!


Amy: We took a really battering at Dodgeball back there

Spongebob: Yeah, it hurts

Lily: Are there any bruises on my face?

Rouge: (Notices Lily DOES have Bruises on her Face) Eeesh. It's really....not that bad

Amy: Phew

Patrick: That was close

Rutt: Yeah eh?

Tuke: (got 5 Bruises on his face) (Muffled) My face is swollen, eh?

Haydn: It's as swolen as swolen can be! Want some anti-swell potions?

Tuke: Ok eh?

Jack: (Yawns) What a beautiful morning

Sonic: My back is killing me

Shadow: Oh tell me about it

Zaktan: What a night

Eddy: (Yawns) Morning

Edd: It's a brand new day (Open the Shades)

Eddy: AHH! My eyes! (Fells down to the ground) Ow!

Meltdown: You'd betta stick the landing next time

Eddy: Ok

Bada & Bing: (yawns & eats their Bananas)

Michelle: (Yawns) What a night. I slept great

Patricia: The Witch Sisters & I are like Best Female Friends & I really like Sonia, she's a really great friend to me

Maxie: I still haven't caught up on all of the sleep I lost in the second challenge. I have a feeling I'm gonna be sleepy for the entire day.

Chris: (In Megaphone) Ok Campers, please report to the amphitheater for today's Challenge

Reidak: This outta be good


Sadie: I wonder what the challenge will be.

Zaktan: I guess, we'll have to find out

Chris: Welcome to the Amphitheater, today's challenge is a summer classic: A Talent Contest, all you have to do is to pick your most talented Team Members & they'll be scored by the Judge Chef, Either Sing, dance, juggle. Anything goes, as long as it's legal. When your done, Chef will tally the Score out of 9. You have 3 Hours to choose. Good Luck


(With the Spongey Sponges)

Spongebob: Ok, let's see who's got the most talent

Amy: I'm really good at being a ballerina

Spongebob: Ok, let's see what you got

Amy: Ok (goes inside her Cabin & dresses as a Ballerina & comes out) Here I go (dances like a Ballerina)

Cream: Wow, you dance very gracefully

Amy: Thanks

Spongebob: Let's see someone can top that. Patrick, your next

Patrick: Ok (Drinks a Gallon of Water) (in Burps) A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H,I,J,K,L,M,N,O,P,Q,R,S,T,U,V,W,X,Y, Zeeeeeed

Boys: (Cheers)

Vector: Nice one

Blaze: Are you sure, sometimes that's Disgusting for us Girls

Vector: Do you know how hard it is to burp the Entire Alphebet in one go?

Patrick: Thank you

Spongebob: Ok who's next?


(With the Speedy Hedgehogs)

Silver: (Doing skateboard Tricks) I've being practicing

Sonic: Nice one Silver

Shadow: I guess so

Jack: Looks like your in

Silver: Alright


(With the Killer Scamers)

Lien-Da: (Playing a Violin)

Cliff: I can do a hand stand for 20 minutes.

Metldown: Can you really stand on your hands for 20 Minutes?

Cliff: Yeah. I just said that.

Edd: I highly doubt that! It's almost virtually impossible! I bet 20 dollars that you cannot!

Eddy: I'll get a piece of that action!

Ed: I'm a Noodlehead & your not

Xplode: I'll take that as a yes

Eddy: I've been practicing my Juggling

Ed: (Gives Eddy 10 Vases) Here Juggle these, I'll get more.

Eddy: (Juggling 10 Vases)

Cliff: Okay, everybody. Here I go. *starts walking on his hands*

Ed: Here, Eddy juggle this (Throws a Stool)

Eddy: (keeps on juggling 10 Vases & a Stool)

Ed: (Throws heavy Furniture at Eddy)

Eddy: (Keeps on Juggling 10 Vases, a Stool, a Chair, a Sofa, even Corroder)

Corroder: Get me down

Eddy: Sorry, but I can't

Cliff: *continues walking on his hands, bu gets his leg tangled in a light string, pulling the light to the ground and smashing Lien-Da's violin* Holy Crud!

Lien-Da: (Growls at Cliff) CLIFF, YOU KILLED MY VIOLIN !!!

Ed: (Throws a Cactus at Eddy) Try this. Oops!

Eddy: (Got hit by a Cactus) AHHHHHHHHH (Accidently drops all of the stuff he juggles, including Corroder) Ow!

Corroder: (Feels dizzy) Thank you (Knocked out)

Ed: Oops, sorry about that Eddy

Eddy: That's ok Big Guy, I hope we can get ahead again

Corroder: I can't believe that Eddy juggles the Furniture, including ME!

Edd: Who knew Eddy is good at Juggling heavy stuff with ease

Xplode: Without Lien-Da's Violin Solo, who's gonna replace her?

Cliff: I can't believe I killed Lien-Da's violin! Even weirder - Eddy just forgave Ed! Have you ever seen that happen before?

Cliff: It's okay! I can fix it! *tries to put it back together, but it breaks into more pieces*

Lien-Da: Grrrrr. Wait till I get my hands on you

Eddy: ENOUGH ALREADY! We're not going to fight, so if we can find someone else to do their talent in the Talent Contest, we'll be fine

Edd: I'm very happy for Eddy forgave Ed for his Accidents, I'm so proud of them

Edd: Eddy's right, they won't be anyone left when the Fight has started

Eddy: Who's going in? Anyone?

Drilldozer: What should we do now? We need a replacement. (No one answered) (Facepalm) Oh boy


(With the Screaming Flippercorns)

Bada & Bing: (Playing the Bongos)

Patricia: (Practicing her Magic)

Maxie: *practices her guitar*

Abby: (twirls fire batons)

Bessy: Are you sure this is safe?

Abby: It's okay. I've been practicing. (she tosses one in the air and it falls to the ground, burning a hole in the earth) I kinda missed the catching class...

Maxie: No kidding!

Patricia: Who's going in the Talent Contest

Maxie: Well you're be good with your magic act, Patricia.

Patricia: I can even pull a rabbit out of my hat

Sonia: Ok, so Patricia is up for our team.

Scremaing Flippercorns: Yeah!


Eddy: Oh Ed?

Ed: Yes Eddy?

Eddy: I forgot just 1 thing, here it is & it's "Ed, YOU IDIOT!!!"

Ed: Sorry about that Eddy

Eddy: Well you should be

Edd: Unfortuntly Eddy is back to normal already


Chris: Welcome to the TSI Talent Show Extravenganza! We're here in the Amphitheathe for the Talent Show, to see who's got the Most Talent. Our First Contestant is from the Screaming Flippercorns, Patricia

Patricia: (Appears)

Screaming Flippercorns: (Cheers)

Patricia: I'll do some Magic Tricks that'll blow your minds. I'll put a Rabbit out of my Hat. Hocus Pocus (Waves her Magic Wand & with the white puff of Smoke, she pulls Zoey out her Hat)

Zoey: Ta Da!

Patricia: Thanks Zoey

Zoey: Your Welcome

Chris: Nice Magic Trick & Chef likes it too. 7/9

Screaming Flippercorns: (Cheers)

Chris: Even the Other Teams are Impressed

All: (Cheers)

Patricia: Thank you

Chris: Let's see what the Killer Scamers have instored for us

Eddy: Who's gonna go on? Without Lien-Da's Violin Solo, who's gonna be her replacement?

Cliff: ...

Eddy: I can't go out there because my hands are covered in Cactus Needles because of Ed. Look (Shows his team his hands covered in Cactus Needles)

Ed: I'm sorry Eddy. I think Cliff could be on

Edd: Excuse me, he wrecked Lien-Da's Violin for crying out loud

Cliff: Besides; All I can do is the hands thing, and that'll get old after 20 minutes.

Meltdown: Cliff, Are you sure you can do your talent in the Talent Contest??

Cliff: Well, I just said no... but I guess I can.

Meltdown: Good because the Others doesn't have any talents, not even Xplode

Xplode: I don't have any talent that is legal

Meltdown: Then go for it Cliff, win for the Killer Scamers!

Cliff: I guess I'll try. *walks on stage on his hands*

Nitroblast: I don't it's a good idea, Meltdown

Meltdown: Well why not?

Nitroblast: Do you remember what happen last time someone stands on their hands for 20 Minutes

Meltdown: Oh right it was Bridgette who done a hand stand last time, but she...UH OH !

Edd: Oh dear, that can't be good.

Nitroblast: Word of advice: Never eat before you do a handstand in 20 Minutes or you'll be sorry

Cliff: Uh oh. I don't think those cookies agreed with me!

Cliff: *blows chunks on the crowd*


Sonic: WHAO! (Dodges)

Amy: YIPE! (DOdges as well) Phew that was close

Patricia: (dodges)

Schnitzel: (Groans)

Chris: (Plugs his nose) Clean up in Isle 3, 4, 5 & 6, maybe it's time to take a break

(the Scene changes to Sound Test)

Eddy: Oh man, we're heading right back to Loserville thanks to Cliff McMuffin


Chris: Welcome back to the TSI Talent Show Extravenganza! We're back after the break, Cliff tried to do a Hand Stand in 20 Minutes, but ended up barfing on almost everyone & Chef scored Cliff 2/9 for his Talent, not so much, next up is Amy from the Spongey Sponges

Spongey Sponges: (Cheers)

Amy: (Dances like a Ballerina beautifully)

Silver: Wow, she's Amazing

Jack: Yeah

Chris: Nice Ballet dancing & Chef thinks it's nice & relaxing, he gives you 7/9 for this one, your tied with the Screaming Flippercorns, only the Speedy Hedgehogs are left, can Silver's Skateboard Moves makes it even higher than the others? Let's find out

Silver: (Prepares to skate, but broke his Skateboard) Aw man

Jack: Now what?

Sonic: The Team is covered in Barf, the only ones are not covered by barf are Vezok, Reidak & Anna

Shadow: Well we know that Anna could be a little...well....obsessed with her backside

Sonic: And what can Reidak do again? Carve a picture of a Skull into a Tree?! What are we gonna do?!

Jack, Sonic & Shadow: (looks at Vezok)

Vezok: What?

Shadow: I hope this works

Vezok: (hops onto the Stage) Must I?

Jack: Just go on, what have we got to lose

Vezok: (Sighs) Here I go (Beatboxing like a Human-Beat Box & does incredibly) Boo-Ya!

(Everyone cheered for Vezok)

Chris: Incredible Beat-Boxing dude & Chef likes it to, 9/9 Points, so that means Vezok wins, the Spongey Sponges, the Killer Scamers & the Screaming Flippercorns may have it, but they all been trembled by the Speedy Hedgehogs

Speedy Hedgehogs: (Cheers)

Chris: Killer Scamers, I'll see your sorry butts at the Campfire Ceremony...again

Cliff: I am doomed. DOOMED!

Lien-Da: People thought I was mean. Whatever. All I needed was 10 votes against Cliff. Eddy, Drilldozer & Nitroblast were easy, Meltdown Xplode, Thunder, Corroder & Rotor are just crazy, and Ed? Piece of cake.

Ed: (in confessional; chuckling with pink icing all over his face) Piece of cake.


(At the Campfire Ceremony)

Chris: Kudos to you all for an incredible night of entertainment. Music, drama, barfing! (Everyone except Lien-Da & Cliff had Marshmellows & Ed ate his Marshmellow) There's only one marshmallow left on this plate. Cliff, you reminded us that you accidently barf on the Castmates, man that is seriously it's really messed up dude. And Lien-Da, you're full of surprises. Do you think you'd be safe...again?

Lien-Da: Oh brother

Chris: So without futhur ado, the Final Marshmellow goes to.......................................Lien-Da

Lien-Da: Thank you (grabs her Marshmellow)

Penelope: (Gasps) Oh no

Chris: Cliff it's time to hit the Boat of Losers, bro

Cliff: Wow. This really stinks. To think Lien-Da was the only one to get a marshmallow. Well, good luck to you guys. *walks into the boat of losers*

Penelope: If that Evil Lien-Da thinks she can gets away with it, she's got another thing coming


Penelope: (Knocks on the door)

Edd: Yes? Can I help you?

Penelope: Did you say you bring a Red ant Farm with you?

Edd: Yes, why did you ask?


Lien-Da: (Runs out of the Cabin screaming and covered in ants)

Penelope: (in bed) Sweet dreams, everyone! (chuckles as Lien-Da is still heard screaming outside)

Chapter 5: The Sucky Outdoors

Chris: (while doing the recap) Last time on, Total Sonic Island, a talent contest brought out the worst in our campers, it was awesome! The 4 Teams struggled to find any talent on their team and Cliff's clumsiness pretty much knocked out the Killer Scamers' best prospect, Lien-Da. Cliff had barf on everyone all of because he ate too many Cookies. That was Awesome. But in the end, Vezok came out on Top with his incredible Human Beat-Boxing Talent that wins the Speedy Hedgehogs' Invincibility. Then, Lien-Da managed to save her butt by convincing the rest of the Killer Scamers, except Penelope of course, to vote off Cliff McMuffin, then Penelope gets revenge on Lien-Da by putting Red Ants on her (chuckles) I guess, she didn't see that coming. Will Penelope stop Lien-Da once again? Will Maxie ever survived without Cliff? And Who will be the next one to walk off this crappy dock? Find out tonight on the most dramatic marshmallow ceremony ever, on Total Sonic Island!


Chris: (With the Remaining 56 Campers) Campers, today's challenge is a little camping trip all by yourselves, all you need is a Tent & a map to your Camp Grounds. Oh & watch out for bears, remember the First Team back to the Camp next thing tomorrow morning wins Invincebility, the Last Team back will have to face Elimination, good luck

Spongebob: Wow, a Camping Trip

Amy: This is so Exciting

Cream: I can't wait, but I'm afraid of Bears

Rutt: Don't worry eh?

Tuke: Yeah we can take on any mission eh

Vector: Look out, here comes one

Rutt & Tuke: What? Where? Where?

Vector: Gotcha! (Laughing)

Rutt: Not funny eh?

Tuke: Yeah, not cool eh?

Zaktan: Yeah, Camping in the Woods is my thing because I live in my own Jungle called Zaktan's Jungle

Lily: I didn't.

Haydn: We'll be fine, guys. Trust me!

Reidak: Oh ok Let's go


Victoria & Molly: (stops & found Blueberries)

Molly: Look Blueberries

Victoria: I love Blueberries

Molly: Let's go eat them

Victoria: Ok

Molly & Victoria starts eating the Blueberries)


(At the Spongey Sponges Camp Grounds)

Spongebob: We here

Cream: Let's set up the Tent, guys

Haydn: I don't know how. But I do know how to start a fire!

Vector: Ok, I'll build the Tent, watch & learn (tries to put up the Tent but fails)

SpongeBob: That was great, Vector, but how do you get inside?

Patrick: Yeah, it's all crushy-looking.

Vector: It isn't put up yet, you know (grumbles, picking up the tent and fiddling around with it)

SpongeBob: (still acting like he and Patrick are taking notes) Customization!

Patrick: Genius!

(Vector beats on the tent with a wooden stake)

SpongeBob: He's tenderizing the ground!

Patrick: Of course!

(Vector is still struggling with the tent)

SpongeBob: Write that down, write that down! (Patrick still appears to be taking notes, but there is just a tic-tac-toe game in progress on his notepad)

Vector: (gives the pile a huge kick; it automatically becomes an assembled tent) Huh? Voila! (the perfect tent collapses to pile form again) OH COME ON !

Lily: Maybe you should let me do it. *puts up tent with no trouble* See? Not hard at all.

Vector: Not hard at all? (Facepalm) Oh man


(At the Speedy Hedgehogs Camp Grounds)

Reidak: I'm hungry

Hakann: Me too

Zaktan: I think my Stomach ate my Stomach

(The Speedy Hedgehogs notices the Pizza Man)

Pizza Man: Who ordered the Peperoni Pizza, extra Cheese?

Camera Man: It's for the Camera Crew

Avak: You have got to be kidding me

Vezok: (Comes back with lots of Fish) I got Fish

Thok: Whao

Sonic: How did you do that?

Vezok: Last time when I caught lots of Fish, I also caught a Shark once & it bit me on the butt

Sadie: Seriously?

Vezok: Yeah, check it out

Sadie: Oh, gross!

Reidak, Hakann, Zaktan, Avak & Thok: Wow

Vezok: What, I'm a Piraka. They don't wear Pants


(At the Killer Scamers Camp Grounds)

Edd: (Puts up the Tent) There, all done. Voila

Eddy: Nice job, Double D!

Edd: Why thank you Eddy, I have been on a Camping Trip once

Ed: You have?

Edd: Yes I have Ed & I earned about 27 Badges

Xplode: That's a lot of Badges

Meltdown: Yeah

Drilldozer: Where are we gonna find something to eat?

Eddy: I say you go and get us some food from the forest.

Drilldozer: Ok let me try to find something to eat. I'll be right back (walks into the Woods finding some Food)

Nitroblast: And please come back with some Food to eat


(At the Screaming Flippercorns Caamp Grounds)

Patricia: We're here

Bada: Where are Molly & Victoria?

Maxie: I don't know. Oh, I hope they're okay.

Bing: I hope so too over here


Molly: Mmm these berries are Yummy

Victoria: They we're so yummy, by the way, where's the rest of the Team?

Molly: I don't know, Screaming Flippercorns, where are you?

Victoria: Screaming Flippercorns? (Gasps) We're lost

Molly: Don't worry we're fine


Molly: I didn't know that Victoria & I got lost. I guess it's really not good

Victoria: Since Molly & I got lost, we're so scared


(Back with the Spongey Sponges)

Spongebob: The Moon is up, it's night time, could it be relaxing

Vector: This is relaxing (plays the Clarinet (holds up clarinet and begins badly playing "Kumbaya"; SpongeBob and Patrick look alarmed)

SpongeBob: Oh no! I'll save you, Vector! (picks up marshmallow and slingshots it at Vector; it goes up his clarinet and sticks in the back of his throat; SpongeBob comes over to assist him) Vector, are you all right? That's it, chew, chew, and swallow. There, better?

Vector: BETTER?! I was just fine until you lodged that ballistic junk food into my windpipe!

SpongeBob: But I had to! It's too dangerous to play the clarinet badly out here in the wilderness! It might attract.... a sea bear.

Lily: Sea bear, Spongebob? We're not even in the sea!

Vector: (in a low, cautious tone) A sea bear? You mean like the ones that.... DON'T EXIST?!

SpongeBob: What are you saying?

Vector: There's no such thing! They're just a myth.

SpongeBob: Oh no, Vector, sea bears are all too real. It says so in the Bikini Bottom Inquirer. (holds up cheesy tabloid newspaper)

Vector: (reads cover story) "I Married a Sea Bear"?

Patrick: Yeah! And Fake Science Monthly!

Vector: (reads) "Sea Bears and Fairy Tales Are Real"? That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard!

Patrick: Well, maybe it is stupid, but it's also dumb!

SpongeBob: Patrick's right, Vector. Sea bears are no laughing matter. Why, once I met this guy who knew this guy who knew this guy who knew this guy who knew this guy who knew this guy who knew this guy who knew this guy who knew this guy who knew this guy who knew this guy who knew this guy who knew this guy who knew this guy who knew this guy who knew this guy who knew this guy's cousin...

Vector: ENOUGH ALREADY, your giving me a Headace, just give my a list that I shouldn't do in order to keep the Bears or Sea Bears away

SpongeBob: Okay, that's easy. First off, don't play the clarinet.

Vector: Okay. Then what?

SpongeBob: Never wave your flashlight back and forth really fast.

Patrick: Flashlights are their natural prey.

Vector: You're kidding.

SpongeBob: Don't stomp around. They take that as a challenge.

Patrick: Yeah.

Vector: Go on.

SpongeBob: Don't ever eat cheese.

Squidward: Sliced or cubed?

SpongeBob: (whispers with Patrick) Cubed. Sliced is fine.

Vector: Yeah, yeah, and?

SpongeBob: Never wear a sombrero....

Patrick: a goofy fashion!

SpongeBob: Or clown shoes.

Patrick: Or a hoop skirt.

SpongeBob: And never....

Patrick: Ever....

SpongeBob: Ever....

Patrick: Duh!

SpongeBob and Patrick: ....screech like a chimpanzee!

Amy: Wow! That's amazing how many things can set a sea bear off!

SpongeBob and Patrick: (huddling together, shuddering) They're horrible!

Vector: And.... and suddenly I have the sense we're all in danger.

SpongeBob and Patrick: Why?

Vector: I don't know.... (runs off and returns with a flashlight, clown shoes, hoop skirt, sombrero, and tray full of cubed cheese; a diabolical look is on his face) Just a feeling!

SpongeBob: (horrified) No.

Vector: Yes.

SpongeBob: No.

(Vector begins making chimp noises)

SpongeBob and Patrick: Vector, please don't!

(Vector continues hooting, stomping, and waving flashlight around)

Cream: SpongeBob, what are we gonna do? A sea bear's sure to come and eat us!

SpongeBob: Don't worry, Cream. I'll draw us an anti-sea-bear circle in the dirt. (takes stick and draws circle around himself and the Spongey Sponges [Except Vector])

Patrick: Good thinking! All the experts say it's the only defense against a bear attack & a sea bear attack.

(The Spongey Sponges [Except Vector] huddled up together in their Anti-Sea-Bear, while Vector continues hooting, stomping, and waving flashlight around)

Blaze: Vector is really started to burn me up so badly


(Back with the Speedy Hedgehogs)

(They are enjoying eating Marshmellows & cooked fish)

(Shadow begins toasting his marshmallow lightly. Jack, sitting across from him, sets his on fire and tries to blow on it to cool it down, but the marshmallow flies off and hits Shadow in the face)

Shadow: Watch it

Jack: Sorry (gets another marshmallow and repeats the same thing twice.) Oops, I'll start again

Shadow: (After two marshmallows to the face, Shadow ducks) Ha! Missed me! (but the third marshmallow has a boomerang effect and hits Shadow in the back of the head) Grrrrr

Jack: Sorry

Tails: So, what should we do now?

Knuckles: Wait, where's Sadie?

Reidak: Sadie?

Zaktan: Sadie the Dog, where are you?

Thok: I sence we're not alone

Hakann: You think so huh?

Mr. Krabs: I wonder what happen to Sadie?

Vezok: I don't know

?????: (growls like a bear, causing sea-bears to come, then runs off)

Vezok: GREAT PYRAMIND OF GIZA, it's a Bear & Sea Bear

Jack: Aaaaahhh!! (starts running around everyone else; Avak, Thok & Hakann look terrified; Mr. Krabs's so scared that he can't move) We're all going to die! We're going to get eaten alive by a bear! Oh, the horror! Somebody help us! (everyone is still scared, but Shadow gets annoyed with Jack) I want my mommy! (Shadow trips him) Ouch!

Avak: Quick up in the trees

(The Speedy Hedgehogs went up in the Trees because of the Bear & Sea Bear)


(Back with the Killer Scamers)

Ed: (telling his horror story) They we're about to kiss until they heard a tap, tap, tap on the Car Door, the Girl looks terrified & she screamed. They go out to see what's tapping on the Door, even the Guy looks around, they heard a roar, so they went back into the car & step on it. When they got back to the Girl's House, right there, hanging on the Door Handle, was the Bloody Hook. They say that this killer is still alive wandering these very woods. He could be just about anywhere, really. Maybe even right HERE! (on the word here, he whips out his hook-hand and everybody screams, Eddy laughs maniacally)

Eddy: Oh man, this is too rich, well done Ed, you scared the pants off of them

Penelope: Eddy! That was so not funny!

Eddy: Oh, yes it was! I just wish it was all on camera! Oh wait... it is!

Lien-Da: You are so vile! Do your parents even like you?

Eddy: I don't know, Jumpy McChickens. I haven't asked them lately.

(A wolf howls, causing Lien-Da & Penelope to gasp and nuzzle towards Eddy in fear.)

Drilldozer: (Comes back with the Berries) I'm back with the Berries

Xplode: Thank goodness, I'm starving


(Back with the Screaming Flippercorns)

Patricia: Where are Bada & Bing?

Selina: First Molly & Victoria, now Bada & Bing, this is strange

?????: (Snickers, then howls like a wolf, causing wolves to come, then runs off)

Abby: Quick up in the Trees

(The Screaming Flippercorns climbs up the Tree)

Patricia: That was close

Laura: We've could've been chewed to bits, thanks Abby

Abby: Your welcome, so how do we get down?

Screaming Flippercorns: BADA! BING!


Bada: Did you hear something Bing?

Bing: I don't know Bada

Bada: I could've sworn I heard something

Molly & Victoria: Bada & Bing, you found us

Bada: Yes, but now we don't know where our Campgrounds

Molly: (To Victoria) Well, at least I know how to drive. You? You have to walk, girl. Now who's smarter?

Victoria: Trip to the beach last year ring a bell?

Molly: Oh, I can't believe you're bringing that up. I did have a totally fetch bikini on that day, though. (chuckles)

Victoria: You drove into a snack shack!

Molly: It was totally in my blind spot! Whatever. If it wasn't for me, you'd be riding the bus to the mall.

Victoria: Well, if it weren't for me, you wouldn't be able to find your way to the mall.

Molly: Oh, I know my way to the mall.

(meanwhile, the camera focuses on two squirrels who are mocking and mimicking their feud)

Victoria: You lean on me. If it wasn't for me, you wouldn't even be on this show.

Molly: (gasps) You're just saying that because I'm prettier than you.

Victoria: (gasps as squirrels laugh) I KNEW you thought that!

Molly: It's true; everyone thinks so.

Bada: Stop it, both of you

Bing: You fued must stop over here

Bada: We've found a cave, let's go inside

(Bada, Bing, Molly & Victoria went inside the Cave)

?????: (snickers, then screeches like a bat, causing bats to come)

Bada, Bing, Molly & Victoria: BATS!

Bada & Bing: (Swats the Bats away)

Molly & Victoria: We're going to die here, We're going to die here

Bada: (Spots ?????) Wait, I saw someone, maybe they can help get us back to the Campgrounds. HEY, EXCUSE ME!

?????: (Points west)

Bada: (picks up ?????) Who are you & what are you doing here?

?????: (slaps Bada, then uses a smoke bomb)

Bada: Where'd he go?

Bing: Let's just go back in the cave

Molly & Victoria: Ok

(They went back inside the Cave)

Bada: Bing & I notices someone, when we tried to ask who he is, he just dissapeared. Something's up

Bing: (Looking up) I'm looking up, but all I can see is the Ceiling


(Back with the Spongey Sponges)

Vector: (laughing) You guys are so gullible. See? I did everything that attracts a sea bear, and nothing happened. If sea bears really exist, why didn't one show up?

Nina: Maybe it's because you're not wearing your sombrero in a goofy fashion.

Vector: Oh, pfft. Sorry, how silly of me! You mean like this? (tilts his sombrero to the right, laughing, but something off-screen takes the hat and turns it upside-down instead)

Rutt: No. Like that eh?

(camera zooms out to show the sea bear that inverted Vector's sombrero; it looks like a giant fish with the head of a bear and claws on its fins with a Bear; the both Bear & Sea-Bear begins to maul [off-camera] the screaming Vector while the rest of the Spongey Sponges are still huddled inside their anti-sea-bear circle & the 2 Bears leaves)

SpongeBob: Vector, are you okay?

Vector: (looking bruised and battered) No.

Cream: Quick! Jump inside our anti-sea-bear circle before they comes back!

Tuke: Yeah eh? Bears & Sea bears often attack more than once eh?

Vector: Are you crazy? A dirt circle won't stop those monsters. I'm running for my life!

Spongey Sponges (Except Vector): No!!

(the Bear & sea bear comes back and resumes mauling Vector & they both leave again)

SpongeBob: Don't run! Bears & Sea bears hate that!

Vector: Thanks for the tip. I guess I'll just limp back to the tent, then.

Spongey Sponges (Except Vector): No!!

(the bear & sea bear comes back and resumes mauling Vector & they both leave again)

SpongeBob: They hate limping more than running!

Vector: Well, I guess I'll just have....

(the Bear & sea bear comes back and resumes mauling Vector & they both leave again)

Amy: We should've warned you about crawling.

(the Bear & sea bear comes back and resumes mauling Vector & they both leave again)

Vector: What'd I do that time?

Blaze: I don't know! I guess he just doesn't like you.

Patrick: Pretend to be somebody else!

SpongeBob: Here, draw a circle. (tosses Vector the stick)

Vector: Okay.

(the Bear & sea bear comes back and resumes mauling Vector & they both leave again)

SpongeBob: That was an oval. It has to be a circle!

Vector: (runs and climbs on top of the Spongey Sponges, who are still sitting in the circle) Move over! (the bear & sea bear comes up to the circle, sniffs it, points a threatening claw at Vector, and leaves) Phew that was close

?????: (Snickers, then caws like a crow, causing crows to appear)

Amy: Oh come on (Spots ?????) Hey, someone is Cheating. STOP RIGHT THERE! (Knocks ????? out cold with her Piko Piko Hammer) Look at this

Spongebob: Who's that?

Amy: It's Jared !

Vector: Jared ! How could he?

Cream: That explains the Crows, Rhinos, Bears, Sea Bears, Wolves & Bats, he wasn't in either Teams

Blaze: He was a spy

Nina: Get him!

(The Spongey Sponges ties up Jared, covers his mouth with Duch Tape & traps him in a Steel Cage)

Mung: There, that should do it

Schnitzel: Raaada

Rouge: I didn't know Chris got their own Helper's, but I wonder why?

Jared: (Telepathically) How did you know my name?

Rouge: Because I know you first


Rouge: (notices Jared with Chris & hides behind the Boxes & spies on them)

Chris: Ok Jared, your job is to make the Contestant more angry with each other to get more Drama & to make the Ratings go even higher, you got that?

(Flashback ends)

Jared: (retracts his mouth so the tape comes off, then starts eating the chains)

Vector: Sorry about that Jared, but that'll teach you to not sabatoge all 4 Teams

Amy: Thanks Rouge, even though you are my rival, but you've done well

Rouge: Oh thank you Amy

Spongebob: So how long do you think Jared will get out of this Trap?

Nina: I say about 6 - 8 Hours, because we'll show Chris we've outsmarted his Helper in the Morning

Rutt: Ok eh?

Tuke: Yeah, let's sleep eh?

(The Spongey Sponges went to Sleep in their Tent)


(With the Speedy Hedgehogs)

(The Speedy Hedgehogs are still up in the Tree)

Silver: So, what do we do now?

Avak: Don't look at me.

Mr. Krabs: It was your idea to climb the tree.

Shadow: Well, why don't you ask the shark hunter expert?! Hey, Vezok, what now?!

Vezok: How should I know?!

Knuckles: Dude, you said you killed a Shark!

Vezok: I did !

Shadow: This is all your fault! If you hadn't been growling like that, we never would have attracted the bears to our site!

Vezok: (screams) Excuse me for living!! SOMEBODY HELP ME!!! (hits his head thrice against the tree)

Sonic: Hey, Hey, easy on Vezok, he did bring us a lot of fish

Tails: Yeah & he & the other 5 Piraka maybe from another world, but they are good friends

Anna: I hope Sadie's Alright. (Falls out of the Tree)


Anna: (Notices a Bear in front of him) Help Me!

Bear: *roars at Anna*

Jack: Dear Abby, she's gonna die!

Anna: Nice bear, nice bear. AHHH Sombody help me!

Bear: *giggles* Hey, Anna. Are you okay? Huh, are ya?

Anna: DId that bear just ask me a question?

Bear: *takes off Bear head and turns out to be Sadie* Hiya!

Speedy Hedgehogs (Except Sadie): SADIE THE DOG!

Jack: (greatly amused) Oh, my goodness! I did not see that coming!

Knuckles: What are you? Some kind of freak!

Sadie: Well, I thought it was funny!

Sadie: Oh, come on! That was hilarious! I was all, "RAAR RAAR! I'M GONNA EAT YOU!" And they were all, "SOMEBODY HELP HELP!" *laughs*

Sonic: Ok, you got us, but please don't do that again, you almost scared the pants out of us, in which the only ones wearing pants are Anna & you

Anna: Ok, you got me. Would you like some Cooked Fish, Sadie?

Sadie: Nah, I'll have some chicken. *takes out a raw chicken and bites into it* Maybe I should cook it.

Jack: Ok


(back with Jared)

Jared: (gets out of cage, then runs off)

Chris: (Grabs him by the Shoulder) Jared, I need to have a word with you, now (drags Jared to the Boat of Losers)

Jared: Are you gonna' stick to your end of the deal? Remember, if I go, you make Blaze go too.

Chris: Nope, your Fired !

Jared: I'M WHAT????

Chris: What good is a spy who's been spied (pushes Jared inside the Boat of Losers) But thanks to the Spongey Sponges, you've been spied, see ya wouldn't wanna be ya

(The Boat of Losers drove Jared away)


Chris: There we go, now since Jared is heading home on the Boat of Losers, let's see how are Campers are shaping up


(back with the Speedy Hedgehogs)

It starts to drizzle.

Sadie: Aww! It's raining!

Jack: Now what?

(A Bear shows up when the rain has stopped)

Tails: There's another one

Sonic: Probably Chris trying to mess with us! Yeah, nice try man.

Jack: (runs in and pokes its nose repeatedly) We know you're not a real bear, dude!

Zaktan: Uh, I don't know Jack. This one looks kind of real...

Knuckles: Chris did say there were bears...

Jack: (while everyone backs away) C'mon, you guys! They're just trying to see if they can punk us twice! This is not a real bear, and I'm going to prove it to you. (pulls a clump of its hair) Wow, that does seem kind of real... (the bear roars) (the piece of hair Jack pulled off is on his face like a mustache) Yeah; that's a real bear.

Bear: (grabs his piece of hair & puts it back on the Bald Spot) (Roars)


(The Speedy Hedgehogs goes up high in the Tree again)

Vezok: Any more bright ideas?


(With the Killer Scamers)

Eddy: Everything is fine

Penelope & Lien-Da: (Cuddles each other)

Ed: (Snores)

Edd: I wonder if it's safe to come out

Meltdown: Let me check (goes outside the Tent & got hit by a Bat) Ah, get it off of me! (accidently burns the Tent down by kicking a lump of Hot Coal by Accident) Oops

Lien-Da: Great! That's just great, Meltdown! Now we have nowhere to sleep!

Xplode: Yo, Drama Queen, relax. It's cool.

Lien-Da: Cool? It's cool?! Things could not possibly get worse!! (a single raindrop falls on her head, then rain starts to downpour; Eddy & Xplode looks satisfied) AHHHH!!!!


(With the Screaming Flippercorns)

(The Screaming Flippercorns are in the tent still wondering where Molly, Victoria, Bada & Bing are & it still raining)

Patricia: When will they get back, girls?

Selina: I don't know

Abby: I miss Molly & Victoria

Laura: Me too

Jasmine: We all do

Michelle: (Shivers in fear) I hope Molly, Victoria, Bada & Bing come back to us

Zoey: I hope so too

Maxie: I especially hope they're safe!

Patricia: Me too

(As rain stops falling)

Edd: Summer rains you can never predict them

(It's started raining again & then it stoped)

Edd: Summer rains; you can never...

(It's started raining again)

Edd: Predict them

(It's stoped raining)

Edd: Summer rains...



(In the Morning)

(All 4 Teams ended up in one big Campgrounds & they all wake up)

Jack: Wow, what a night

Zaktan: Yeah

Reidak: It's morning, we betta keep on moving

Spongebob: Oh right

Eddy: Let's go back to camp

Haydn: But I'm tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiired!

Zaktan: (Notices Maxie is cuddling him) Morning Maxie

Maxie: *wakes up* Oh, GROSS! Were you cuddling me?! *gets up*

Zaktan: I was calmly lying on my back and trying to catch a few Z's. You were snuggling up to me.

Maxie: In my defense, I was asleep, and therefore unconcious during the alleged cuddling with said neandrethal. So, essentially, it's like it never happened.

Maxie: You are such an ogre!

Zaktan: Eh, I've been called worse.

Maxie: Ugh!


Molly, Victoria, Bada & Bing: (Wakes up)

Molly: What a night

Victoria: Yeah it's so mysterious

Bada: Yeah we know

Bing: I can't remember the last time I have that 7th Banana

Molly, Victoria & Bada: Uh Bing?

Bing: Yes?

(All 4 notices a Bear from before)

Molly, Victoria, Bada & Bing: (Screams & then runs away)


Chris: (Waiting for the Campers to come back)

(The Screaming Flippercorns made it back, then the Spongey Sponges, then the Speedy Hedgehogs & finally the Killer Scammers)

Patricia: We're the First Team back

Amy: We made it

Sonic: Oh well 3rd is better than Last

Eddy: We've been Last...again! AHHH! I'm like a Hockey Player!

Chris: Not so fast, it appears that the Screaming Flippercorns are missing about 4 of them

Maxie: Oh, those four? I'm pretty sure they got eaten by wolves.

Reidak: Darn shame

(But Bada, Bing, Molly & Victoria have already arrived)

Bada: We've made it back

Bing: That was a close one over here

Molly: We're safe. Oh, my gosh, guys. We got totally lost and then got in this massive fight.

Victoria: And there was this huge bear and he was all, "Rawr, you're in my crib so get out!"

Molly: And we had to run and it was so scary.

Victoria: Oh Molly, I'm so sorry I said I was prettier than you.

Molly: And I'm so sorry I brought up the snack shack.

Victoria: And I'm sorry I said your butt was too big to fit in the bus seats.

Molly: You did?

Victoria: Well, not to your face...

Molly: Oh, who cares?! We're safe. And you're my best friend and I love you! (Molly & Victoria hug)

Victoria: I love you, too!

Maxie: Oh, are you ladies done celebrating?

Molly & Victoria: (Nods Yes)

Maxie: Good! But thanks to you, we just lost the challenge!

Molly, Victoria, Bada & Bing: Oops!

Chris: Alright Screaming Flippercorns, one of your butts is going home tonight which makes the Spongey Sponges our true winners

Spongey Sponges: (Cheers)

Vector: Hoorah! Ow!

Chris: But that's not all you've won. You've won an expensive paid trip to...the Tuck Shop!

Spongey Sponges: (Cheers) ALRIGHT! YEAH! WHOO HOO! (Runs off to the Tuck Shop)

(Screaming Flippercorns gasps & then glare at Molly, Victoria, Bing, and Bada)

Bada: (Chuckles Nervously) Whoops a daisy?

Bing: (Gulps) Uh Oh


(At the Campfire Ceremony in Night Time)

Chris: You've all cast your votes. The person that does not receive a marshmallow must immediately hit the Dock of Shame, grab the Boat of Losers, and get the heck out of here! And, you can't come back. Ever. Now, I can see you're all tired, so tonight, I'll just throw them to you. Savvy? (throws marshmallows as he says the camper's name) Maxie. Patricia. Sonia. Selina. Abby. (Abby gets hit in the head with a marshmallow) Laura. Jasmine. Michelle. Zoey. Bessy. Marsha. Ok then, we have 3 Marshmellows left & they go to....Bada & Molly.

Bada & Molly: (Catches the Marshmellows)

Chris: Bing & Victoria. Only 1 Marshmellow left & the final Marshmellow goes to....................................................Bing!

Bing: Phew, that was a close one over here (grabs the Marshmellow)

Bada: Tell me about it

Victoria: Aw man

Chris: Sorry Victoria, but the Boat of Losers awaits

Victoria: Good Luck Girls & Bada & Bing

Patricia: Sorry that we have to vote you out

Victoria: That's ok, after all your still my Sisters & we're all part of the Witch Sisters

Witch Sisters: (Hugs each other)

Victoria: See ya girls (hops on the Boat of Losers) I'll miss you

(The Boat of Losers drove away with Victoria)


Spongebob: Wow, that was a good party going on

Patrick: Yeah, by the way Spongebob, can I have those Chocodiles

Spongebob: Sure

Vector: Chocodiles, like Chocolate Crocodiles

Patrick: Bingo (eats the Chocolate Crocodiles) Mmmm

Vector: (Faints)

Amy: Vector?

Vector: I'm ok

Lien-Da: Ed, what do you want now?

Ed: I'm sorry Killer Scamers for scaring you guys, it is so worng for me it will not happen again

Lien-Da: Right & that story about the Bloody Hook isn't true

Eddy: Yeah your right Or ARE YOU?! (on the word or, he whips out his hook-hand and the Killer Scamers screams in terror)

Lien-Da: Ugh! I HATE YOU! (storms off)

Ed: AHHHHH MONSTER! (Runs off)

Eddy: That's my Monobrow (places hands behind neck and accidentally stabs back of neck with hook) OW!

Chapter 6: Phobia Factor

Chris: (while doing the recap) Last time on Total Sonic Island, the campers had their survival skills put through the test when they spent the entire night in the woods. Molly & Victoria's friendship restrained when both of their sense of direction got themselves totally lost. Ed's mad ghost story telling skills freaked out the Killer Scamers, and Sadie played a prank on the Speedy Hedgehogs by dressing up as a bear. Unfortunately, a real bear showed up and the Speedy Hedgehogs spent the night up in the tree, which really stunk for them. Vector got attacked by a Bear & a Sea Bear and then it rained. Basically, nobody got any sleep last night. (Chuckles) Oh & I forgot to metion about Jared was hired by me to get the more Hate on Each other. Unfortunatly for Jared's Misfortune, he's got captured by the Spongey Sponges & notices it was him all along thanks to Rouge the Bat, after all Rouge is a Spy of G.U.N. But then once again thanks to Rouge & the Spongey Sponges, Jared is now fired. Ultimately, the Screaming Flippercorns were the ones on the chopping block, leaving Victoria without a marshmallow. And if I have anything to say about it, this could get even more brutal. Luckly I do, what fresh horror do we set up for our campers? Find out on this episode of Total Sonic Island !


(It was still Night Time after Victoria's Elimination)

(The Screaming Flippercorns are at the Campfire Ceremony)

Molly: (sheding tears)

Patricia: Don't worry Molly, you'll be fine

Molly: Thank you Sis

Patricia: Your welcome (Winks)

(The Spongey Sponges, Speedy Hedgehogs & Killer Scamers shows up)

Marsha: What do you want? Came by to rub it in

Spongebob: (Carries Green Jelly) We just got you girls a Gift from the Tuck Shop Party

Marsha: Are you trying to be...nice?

Spongebob: Yes & by the way, Nina, Anna & Penelope stunk up our Cabins & we need a few minutes to air out

Nina, Anna & Penelope: (farts) (Blushes in Embarassment)

Vezok: Eww! Dude!

Penelope: Pardon me, well Skunks are Gassy you know

Nina & Anna: Yeah

Spongebob: Uh, Maxie would you like some Jelly? (offers Maxie a plate of Green Jelly with a Gummy Worm inside)

Maxie: Mmh! I love this stuff!

Haydn: SNAKE! *dropkicks the gelitan*

Maxie: Haydn, what was that for?

Spongebob: Haydn, it's just a Gummy Worm. What's wrong with you?

Haydn: I'm sorry. I'm just really afraid of snakes. A snake ate my pet bunny.

Maxie: So did Sadie, and you're not afraid of her.

Haydn: Sadie can be nice!

Rutt: We hear ya Haydn, eh?

Tuke: Yeah, Chickens give me & Rutt the creeps, eh?

Jack: You two are afraid of Chickens?

Rutt & Tuke: (Nods yes)

Sadie: That's so wimpy. So wimpy. But I gotta be honest - vaccums and lightning scare the dickens out of me!

????: (walks by, without anyone noticing)

Haydn: Haha! Lightning scares you?

Sadie: Don't make fun of me!

????: (Walks behind Spongey Sponges cabin, then stops)

Sonic: Then all of the sudden, we shared our Fears in the Campfire, like Molly went on & on about how her mortal fear's been covered by bugs, Laura's afraid of Ninjas, even Lien-Da & Selina imitted she is afraid of Sumo Wrestlers

????: (walks by) Anyone know where I can find Chris?

Jack: If your another Spy by Chris, then don't bother because your another Secret Agent, are you!

????: ....... Maybe. (thinking, "Crap, how did they know?")

Patricia: It's all thanks to Rouge the Bat

????: O-kay, then. I'll just try somewhere else. (walks off)

Jack: By the way, who are you?

????: My name is Jack. (continues walking)

Jack (Spongebob100): Hey, he has the same name as mine

Patricia: Anyways, let's continue

Sonic: Well everyone knows I hate water

Blaze: Water?! I hate Water as well

Zaktan: Since I've conquered my fear of being a mere thought, I'm guessing that my new fear would be Flying, that is some crazy stuff

Nitroblast: I'm scared of Hail, it's small, but very deadly, sheesh

Eddy: I have Trypanophobia.

Sonic: Come again?

Double D: Fear of needles. Eddy got it after pulling a prank on local bully Kevin.

Eddy: And boy do I regret it!

Double D: I have a fear of dodgeball. The dodgeball challenge only gave me so much confidence.

Ed: SOAP! Evil nasty disgusting smelly SOAP!

Patrick: I have a fear of Spiders, because they're icky. (Shudders)

Amy: Bad Haircuts!

Patricia: (Gulps) I have a fear of Bad Haircuts as well. What about you Maxie? What is your worst fear?

Jack (frozen scorp.): (walking away, writing down everything they said)

Ed: Oh? (Turns to see...nothing) Who's there? (Notices Jack (Frozen Scorp) who is writing down everything they said) Oh No! It's the Master Mind Zombie from Planet Zombieville. ATTACK THE ZOMBIE ! (tackles Jack [Frozen Scorp] & starts smashing him to the ground many times) You'll never eat my brain you Deadly Zombie (swings him around & throws him into the Water)

Ed: This Zombie Master Mind is really scary, but I tooken care of him

Jack (scorp): Oww. You lint-head, I ain't no zombie.(whacks ed with golden hammer, then runs off)

Ed: Ouch!

Maxie: Oh, me? I'm not afraid of anything.

Thok: (Coughs) Boloney

Jack (scorp): (comes back) (coughs) Floormasters.

Reidak: Do you mind Jack, we're trying to hear the story (grabs Jack [Scorp] & kicks him back at the Boat of Losers) And Stay out, your another one of those Chris' Helpers, are you? (To Maxie) Uh you we're saying Maxie?

Thok: I already told you that everyone has a fear, but Maxie doesn't have one. Alright Maxie tell me what is your worst fear, please?

Jack (scorp): (gets out of boat, then walks away) (to himself) Everywhere I go, the children and Teenagers are jerks. What is wrong with society these days?

Reidak: I don't like those Chris' Helpers, they always cause mischeif & Mayhem, but they must be stopped once & for all & I know just how to do it

Maxie: I told you. Once you see your grandfather but naked in the public park, your sence of fear vanishes.

Eddy: (To Ed) Except for Embarassment

Ed: (Giggling)

Sonia: My fear is getting dirty & you know how I don't like being dirty. YUCK!

Thunder: Having to defuse a Time Bomb under pressure

Abby: Being left alone in the woods

Jasmine: I don't like Mimes, they scare the pants off of me

Lily: Spiders. Those things are TERRIBLE! *shivvers*

Patrick: You have a fear of Spiders, I have a fear of Spiders as well (shivers)

Michelle: (Gulps) I would never go up in a Plane, never!

Zoey: I have a fear of been covered by Bugs as well

Bessy: Nina, Anna, Penelope & I don't like being dirty as well

Lily: Bugs are pretty horrible.

Spongebob: Spiders & Bugs? Wow, I never would've guessed. By the way, I have a fear of Clowns

Lily: And losing Gary.

Haydn: You know, Spongebob, you're scared of a lot of things.Getting your butt shattered....

Maxie: Getting a crabby patty order wrong....

Schnitzel: Rada, rada, rada, rada, rada, rada (Translation: I don't like Thrice Cream, because I hate Thrice Cream)

Cliff: Who hates Thrice Cream?!

Mung: Well I know that Schnitzel doesn't like Thrice Cream, is that your Phobia, Schnitzel?

Schnitzel: Rada (Translation: Yes)

Mung: My worst fear is something bad happening to my Mustace, like someone shaves my Mustace off of my face

Spongebob: Ok, Ok I have lots of Fears ok, I said it

Jack (Spongebob100): Ok let's see that's 4 Fears from SpongeBob, does anyone else has any fears?

Xplode: I think I have the same fear as Thunder

Shadow: Alright to tell you the truth, I don't have a Phobia after all.

All: You don't?

Shadow: No I don't. (Sighs) I don't have a worst fear

Knuckles: Oh great. I don't even have one either. Except for the Master Emerald to be crushed into 1000 Pieces

Maxie: Hmm, Shadow, what if Maria came back to life before your very eyes and then bursted into flames, and there was nothing you could do? Wouldn't you be terriffied?

Shadow: (Sighs) Yes. Ok Maxie, spit it out, what is your worst fear?

Maxie: Told ya. don't got one. *smiles*

Thok: I already told you, everyone has fears.

Marsha: I guess my worst fear, would be been barried alive

Hakann: My fear is my armor would melt out of my body

Reidak: Vezok & I have a fear of getting into a Never-Ending Battle. It never ends

Vezok: Yeah, we could be fighting each other for ages & ages

Avak: My Worst Fear is being in my own body

Cream: (Gulps) I could have a fear of getting a bad Haircut as well. What about you Thok, what is your phobia?

Thok: (Looks at Everyone) (Sighs) Being attacked by my own Cartoon Creations

Mr. Krabs: Uh, excuse me, I didn't quiet catch that

Tails: Did you say "Being attacked by your own cartoon creations"?

Thok: Yes, I'm so ashamed

Mr. Krabs: I can't remember what is my phobia is? Guys, can you help me?

Jack (scorp): (far away) I wonder when I will be needed by Chris.

Tails: I've have a fear of Lighting & Ghosts, Ghosts scares me, also Lighting. I guess Sadie & I have the Same fear of Lighting

Sonic: Only 2 Fears?

Tails: Yep

Zaktan: Wow, poor guy

Shadow: Well you are kinda freaked out about losing the money

Jack: Yeah, you we're freaked out about someone burying the money...

[Mr. Krab's eyestalks inflate]

Jack: ...shredding the money...

[Krabs' eyestalks blow up even more]

Jack: ...and burning the money!

[Mr. Krabs screams as his eyestalks burst and fly around like a balloon with a hole in it & his eyes went back to normal]

Patricia: (Looks at Vector, Ed & Meltdown) (Gulps)

Jack: Are you ok?

Patricia: I'm scared of Crocodiles even worse than Bad Haircuts

Spongebob: You have 2 Fears?

Patricia: (Nods yes) Yes I did

Sonic: Everyone around here have fears. All but Maxie

Shadow: Ok Maxie, your the last one left to tell us about your fear. What is your Worst fear?

Edd: Wait a minute, what about Jack. What is his worst fear?

Jack: My Worst Fear is Elephants ever since we went to the Beach Party

Amy: Sorry about that

Jack: That's ok

Maxie: I told you guys! I'm not afraid of anything.

Jack: Are you sure?

Maxie: That's right.

Zaktan: Sure sure Maxie, whatever floats your boat.

Maxie: Think whatever you want, dude, but I have no fears. I wouldn't even be afriad to see Chef Hatchet in a bikini.

Eddy: You think so huh?

Zaktan: (sighs) It's not like you cuddled me in your sleep like last time

Maxie: Silence yourself! Besides; I have a boyfriend.

Zaktan: Yeah, the same boyfriend that barfed on us while doing a Hand-Stand in the Talent Show. Remember?

Schnitzel: (sighs) Rada! Rada rada rada, rada rada rada, rada rada rada rada!

Mung: Schnitzel, calm down. Maxie's Fearless & we know that

Lien-Da: Fearless huh? Hmm

Lien-Da: I will find out about what Maxie's worst fears are, luckly I got her diary that I was hoping to get (starts reading) Dear Diary...

Patricia: (from outside) Excuse me Lien-Da, but are you done in there?

Lien-Da: (Groans) (to Patricia) Just about done


(In the Morning, everyone arrived inside the Mess Hall)

Maxie: I bet they still don't believe I'm not afraid of anything. They can check my diary. I don't care. They won't find anything. All I know is that they better NOT read ANYTHIN about boys in there.

Lily: Does anybody else feel... weird? Like... something horrifying is about to happen?

Spongebob: No why?

Zaktan: I had a bad feeling about this

Chris: (whistles) Campers, your next challenge is a little game I like to call "Phobia Factor." Prepare to face your worst fears.

Vector: Worse than this? (points at the food they're eating)

Blaze: We're in trouble.

Cream: Uh oh

Haydn: How did they know about them?

Lily: It's a reality show, Haydn. You gotta remember that they watch us at all times.

Haydn: Isn't that, like, stalkerish?

Lily: Hey, you signed the wavers.

Edd: You mean "Eavestroughing", Haydn

Chris: Let's see who's first? Lien-Da & Selina, get ready because it's Sumo Time!

Lien-Da & Selina: (spits out Milk at Eddy)

Eddy: (Groans)

Chris: Sonic & Blaze, you two, me, the Swimming Pool...filled with water?

Sonic & Blaze: (gasps)

Sonic: They always watching us

Jack: In the Campfire last night


Sonic: Well everyone knows I hate water

Blaze: Water?! I hate Water as well

(End of Flashback)

Jack (Scorp): And as for you, (points to Mr. Krabs) it's time for your appointment with MR. BLENDER. (holds a wallet over an activated Blender)

Mr. Krabs: (gulps)


Shadow: Well you are kinda freaked out about losing the money

Jack: Yeah, you we're freaked out about someone burying the money...

[Mr. Krab's eyestalks inflate]

Jack: ...shredding the money...

[Krabs' eyestalks blow up even more]

Jack: ...and burning the money!

[Mr. Krabs screams as his eyestalks burst and fly around like a balloon with a hole in it & his eyes went back to normal]

(End of Flashback)

Mr. Krabs: Please don't shread the Money away

Spongebob: I remember last time I tried doing that to get everyone thinking that Mr. Krabs is Generous

Jack (scorp): And as for you (points to Spongebob) It's time you met..... (creates a deep abyss) ROCK BOTTOM!

Chris: And I wish for you...(points to Jack [Scorp]) to fell in, because your now Fired! (pushes Jack [Scorp] off the Cliff)

Jack (scorp): (falling) FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU- (hits the ground) (in pain) Oh, well. At least we all know that this place is about 2 minutes deep.

Chris: Looks safe to me.

Spongebob: How did he know that I'm also afraid of Rock Bottom?

Lily: I told you! They're always watching us. Reality show. Come on, people!

Chris: Anyways, let the Phobia Factor begin!


(Everyone is outside with Chris)

Chris: Let's see who's up first? The Bug Pool anyone?

Molly: (shivers)


Sonic: Molly went on about how her mortal fear's been covered by bugs

End of Flashback

Molly: (Sighs) (jumps into the Pool of Bugs)

Chris: And Molly sets the First Score of the Challenge


Spongey Sponges: 0 (None yet)

Speedy Hedgehogs: 0 (None yet)

Killer Scamers: 0 (None yet)

Screaming Flippercorns: 1 (Molly)


Amy, Cream & Patricia: (sitting on chairs)

Chris: (shows the girls 3 Repulsive Wigs)


Amy: Bad Haircuts!

End of Flashback

Patrick: (appears & snatches one and tries it on, doing a little ballet dance before tripping and falling over) Ouch!

Chris: (takes the wig back and plants them on the girls' heads)


Zaktan: Since I've conquered my fear of being a mere thought, I'm guessing that my new fear would be Flying, that is some crazy stuff

Michelle: (Gulps) I would never go up in a Plane, never!

End of Flashback

Zaktan & Michelle: (arrived at a Plane)

Chef: (comes out of the Plane)

Zaktan: Uh oh

Michelle: This could be a long ride (hugs Zaktan) Please hold me

Zaktan: Ugh!

(Zaktan & Michelle goes inside the plane)

(When the Plane starts & took off with Zaktan & Michelle inside, Both of them scream as the plane flies haphazardly over the island)


(At the Washrooms)

Laura: (inside the Stall)

(We see 3 Ninjas have arrived in the Washrooms)

Laura: Done (got dressed & goes outside the stall to see 3 Ninjas) Eep!

3 Ninjas: (ready to attack)

Laura: (got scared, but got into her fighting stance) Stay back I'm w,w,w,warning you


Patrick: (looked around with Lily)


Lily: Spiders. Those things are TERRIBLE! *shivvers*

Patrick: You have a fear of Spiders, I have a fear of Spiders as well (shivers)

Flashback #2

Patrick: I have a fear of Spiders, because they're icky. (Shudders)

End of Flashback

Patrick: (looks around) See anything Lily?

Lily: *looks at Patrick's head* Patrick? Y-your head.

Patrick: Yeah? What about it?

Lily: There's a sp-sp... SPIDER!!!!

Patrick: (notices a Spider on his head) AHHHH! SPIDER! SPIDER! (tries to squish the Spider with a Hammer, but ends up hitting himself with a Hammer too hard, over & over again, making himself dizzy) (falls to the ground on his back & got knocked out)

Lily: 0.0 *steps backward 5 steps*

Patrick: (feels dizzy) I see preaty little stars

Lily: Because that's not ironic.

Patrick: (still didn't notice that the Spider is still on Patrick's Head)

Lily: It's still on your head, Patrick.

Patricia: What's still on my head?

Lily: The Sp-sp-spider.

Patrick: SPIDER! SPIDER! (tries to squish the spider with a hammer again, but ends up hitting himself in the head with the hammer again)

Lily: U.U Maybe I should stop telling him.


(At the Theater)

(We see Selina & Lien-Da facing up against a Sumo Wrestler)

Sumo: (Charges at Selina & Lien-Da)

Selina & Lien-Da: (Too scared to even look at her opponent, crouches into a ball in fear, accidentally tripping the sumo wrestler and causing it to bounce into the distance, hitting a tree in the process)


Spongey Sponges: 0 (None Yet)

Speedy Hedgehogs: 0 (None Yet)

Killer Scamers: 1 (Lien-Da)

Screaming Flippercorns: 2 (Molly, Selina)

Chris: Looks like Selina & Lien-Da both steped up to the plate, scoring a point for their team.

Maxie: Yay, Selina! Good job!

Selina: Uh thank you? (hugs Maxie)


Abby: (alone in the woods) Ok, all I have to do is be alone (shivers) for 6 hours & I'm done. (gulps) Don't even think of scaring my people.


Marsha: (inside the Plexiglas box, being buried in sand by Chris)

Jasmine: Don't worry, there's enough air for an hour. You need to do 5 minutes

Chris: Unless we decided to dig you out

Marsha: Not funny Chris!

Chris: Sheesh. Take a pill

Jasmine: Don't worry, you can make it. Trust me

Marsha: I hope your right.

(The Plexiglas Box with Marsha inside is now burried in the sand)

Chris: And remember Marsha, 5 Minutes & your done. Bada, Bing & Haydn, your up next


Haydn: SNAKE! *dropkicks the gelitan*

Maxie: Haydn, what was that for?

Spongebob: Haydn, it's just a Gummy Worm. What's wrong with you?

Haydn: I'm sorry. I'm just really afraid of snakes. A snake ate my pet bunny.

(Flashback #2)

Bada: Snakes just freak me out

Bing: They freak me out too

(End of Flashback)

(We see Bada, Bing & Haydn up on the stage with a Glass Tank filled with 3 Snakes)

Bada & Bing: (gulps)

Selina: Don't worry Bada & Bing, these 3 snakes are the smallest ones ever.

Zoey: We believe in you too.

Bada & Bing: (sighs) (gets close to the snakes & gently carries them with their fingers & smiles)


Spongey Sponges: 0 (None Yet)

Speedy Hedgehogs: 0 (None Yet)

Killer Scamers: 1 (Lien-Da)

Screaming Flippercorns: 4 (Molly, Selina, Bada, Bing)

Zoey: Nice job Bada & Bing.

Cream: Ok Mr. Haydn, you can do this. We believe in you.


  1. Jack the Hedgehog (Spongebob100)
  2. Sonic the Hedgehog
  3. Tails
  4. Amy Rose
  5. Knuckles
  6. Cream the Rabbit
  7. Vector the Crocodile
  8. Shadow the Hedgehog
  9. Rouge the Bat
  10. Silver the Hedgehog
  11. Blaze the Cat
  12. Lien-Da the Echidna
  13. Sonia the Hedgehog
  14. Manic the Hedgehog
  15. Bada the Gorilla (Spongebob100)
  16. Bing the Gorilla (Spongebob100)
  17. Rutt the Moose (Spongebob100)
  18. Tuke the Moose (Spongebob100)
  19. Spongebob the Hedgehog (Spongebob100)
  20. Patrick the Echidna (Spongebob100)
  21. Squidward the Fox (Spongebob100)
  22. Mr. Krabs the Crab (Spongebob100)
  23. Ed the Crocodile (Spongebob100)
  24. Edd the Chameleon (Spongebob100)
  25. Eddy the Bee (Spongebob100)
  26. Selina the Echidna
  27. Abby the Hedgehog
  28. Laura the Fox
  29. Jasmine the Bat
  30. Michelle the Cat
  31. Zoey the Rabbit
  32. Patrica the Skunk
  33. Bessy the Skunk
  34. Molly the Bat
  35. Marsha the Bee
  36. Victoria the Bat
  37. Nina the Skunk
  38. Anna the Skunk
  39. Penelope the Skunk
  40. Reidak the Hedgehog
  41. Hakann the Hedgehog
  42. Vezok the Hedgehog
  43. Zaktan the Hedgehog
  44. Avak the Hedgehog
  45. Thok the Hedgehog
  46. Mung Daal the Monkey
  47. Schnitzel the Gorilla
  48. Meltdown the Crocodile
  49. Xplode the Hedgehog
  50. Thunder the Echidna
  51. Corroder the Crab
  52. Rotor the Fox
  53. Drilldozer the Echidna
  54. Jetbug the Bee
  55. Nitroblast the Gorilla
  56. Maxie Flippercorn
  57. Sadie the Dog
  58. Lily McFlip
  59. Haydn the Hyrax
  60. Cliff McMuffin

Chris' Helpers (Minor Characters) (Remember they don't count in the Rankings & appear in a few Episodes Only)

  • Jared (Frozen Scorp) (Fired in Chapter 5 for being spied by the Spongey Sponges)
  • Jack (Frozen Scorp)


Spongey Sponges (Yellow Team) [Full]

  1. Spongebob the Hedgehog (Spongebob100)
  2. Patrick the Echidna (Spongebob100)
  3. Squidward the Fox (Spongebob100) (58th)
  4. Amy Rose
  5. Cream the Rabbit
  6. Rouge the Bat
  7. Blaze the Cat
  8. Vector the Crocodile
  9. Rutt the Moose (Spongebob100)
  10. Tuke the Moose (Spongebob100)
  11. Mung Daal the Monkey
  12. Schnitzel the Gorilla
  13. Nina the Skunk
  14. Lily McFlip
  15. Hadyn the Hyrax


15th - Squidward the Fox (58th)

Speedy Hedgehogs (Blue Team) [Full]

  1. Jack the Hedgehog (Spongebob100)
  2. Sonic the Hedgehog
  3. Tails
  4. Knuckles
  5. Shadow the Hedgehog
  6. Silver the Hedgehog
  7. Reidak the Hedgehog
  8. Hakann the Hedgehog
  9. Vezok the Hedgehog
  10. Zaktan the Hedgehog
  11. Avak the Hedgehog
  12. Thok the Hedgehog
  13. Anna the Skunk
  14. Sadie the Dog
  15. Mr. Krabs the Crab


Killer Scamers (Red Team) [Full]

  1. Ed the Crocodile (Spongebob100)
  2. Edd the Chameleon (Spongebob100)
  3. Eddy the Bee (Spongebob100)
  4. Lien-Da the Echidna
  5. Meltdown the Crocodile
  6. Xplode the Hedgehog
  7. Thunder the Echidna
  8. Corroder the Crab
  9. Rotor the Fox
  10. Drilldozer the Echidna
  11. Jetbug the Bee (60th)
  12. Nitroblast the Gorilla
  13. Penelope the Skunk
  14. Cliff McMuffin (57th)
  15. Manic (59th)


15th - Jetbug the Bee (60th)

14th - Manic (59th)

13th - Cliff McMuffin (57th)

Screaming Flippercorns (Green Team) [Full]

  1. Maxie Flippercorn
  2. Bada the Gorilla
  3. Bing the Gorilla
  4. Selina the Echidna
  5. Abby the Hedgehog
  6. Laura the Fox
  7. Jasmine the Bat
  8. Michelle the Cat
  9. Zoey the Rabbit
  10. Patrica the Skunk
  11. Bessy the Skunk
  12. Molly the Bat
  13. Marsha the Bee
  14. Victoria the Bat
  15. Sonia


15th - Victoria the Bat (56th)



Jetbug the Bee




Squidward the Fox


Cliff McMuffin


Victoria the Bat





















































3rd (Bronze)

2nd (Silver / Runner Up)

1st (Gold / Winner)

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