Toxella is the romantic relationship between Bella the Bandicoot and Toxic the Hedgehog


Unlike other relationships, Toxic and Bella's relationship is more than just sentimental; it has been heavily implied or practically flat-out stated that the two have slept together several times. Due to Toxic being a troll, and his reputation as a womanizer, Bella keeps her relationship secret from virtually everyone she knows, and Toxic does the same, though to a lesser degree. While he won't hesitate to go bragging to the other Trolls, he keeps his mouth shut while in the presence of Bella's friends & family. While still maintaining a flirtatious demeanor among other males, Bella's feelings for Toxic are genuine. Toxic has also displayed some limited emotional attachment to Bella, he still maintains his womanizing ways, and is not above cheating on (or at least attempting to) Bella with other women, even with her friends and family.

Following their break-up and (secret) get-together, the relationship has taken a massive switch. Quite unlike many of the other girls Toxic knows, Bella is now quite capable of taking the lead and keeping Toxic under a certain degree of control. She'll often do this by playing off of his desires and lascivious personality in order to get Toxic to do what she wants. This annoys Toxic to no end, mainly because he can never say no to any of Bella's ultimatums, and they both know it. Toxic nonetheless sticks around because of Bella's beauty and passionate personality. Toxic is also forced to be much more careful about his cheating, because getting found out again would have dire consequences. As such Toxic's flirting with many of the girls Bella knows comes to an immediate halt when she's in the vicinity. Nonetheless Toxic does take advantage of their relationship being a secret, flirting with and trying to seduce girls to "keep up appearances", though he's usually less than successful: this is partly to do with the fact that if he did actually sleep with one of her friends, secret or not the consequences would be severe and possibly painful. When well out of Bella's typical range of travel though, he won't hesitate to find a girl to seduce. Deep down Bella herself knows that such a thing happening is a very real personality, but refuses to admit it. She much prefers believing that Toxic will remain faithful, and even if he does look around will still end up coming back to her.

Bella and Toxic maintain a relationship despite Toxic's occupation as a member and general of The Trolls. A mutual agreement has put their relationship on neutral grounds; Bella doesn't try and stop The Trolls' plans by telling her friends, and Toxic doesn't try and get any intelligence about said friends out of Bella. The only reason that the usually helpful and moral Bella doesn't do anything is that- while she never says anything in front of Toxic to avoid hurting his pride- she believes quite firmly and with great confidence that The Trolls will never succeed in their plans.

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Anything containing Toxandra or Toxetty/Bettoxic (though due to Toxic's womanizing ways, all of these pairings may appear in a fanfic/roleplay)

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