The Trapper Dimension is a strange alternate dimension. People are sent here by Trappers, who use a Magick blast attack to warp unsuspecting victims.

The Trapper Dimension is comprised of a seemingly infinite number of rooms, connected by portals. While most of the portals cycle between the colors red, blue, green and purple, some of them remain fixed on one color. Depending on the color the portal is when you step into it, you'll either be warped to a Red Room, a Blue Room, a Green Room, or you'll be warped out of the Trapper Dimension.

All magic, kinesis, or other powers are disabled; this includes any forms of Mance or Kinesis, Chaos Powers, Glyphs, Galactic Powers, the Magick of the Tome of Eternal Darkness, and any others I can think of. Also, all magic items (like Chaos Emeralds) become useless. Those sent here must rely upon speed and wit in order to escape.



It is unknown exactly when the Trapper Dimension came into being, but the most likely answer is that it has been around for as long as the Ancients themselves. The many rooms were created by the Ancients, as well as their consorts.

Red Rooms

If you step into a Red Portal, you'll be sent to a Red Room (meaning a room created by Chattur'gha and Guduros). Red Rooms are combat-based; you must either battle through hordes of weaker enemies or fewer numbers of powerful enemies in order to get to the next portal.

The Tails Doll also roams the Red Rooms.

Blue Rooms

If you step into a Blue Portal, you'll be sent to a Blue Room (meaning a room created by Ulyaoth and Rigamord). Blue Rooms are puzzle based.

Water Puzzle Room

Fire Puzzle Room

Green Rooms

Also referred to as "The Rooms of Madness".

If you step into a Green Portal, you'll be sent to a Green Room (meaning a room created by Xel'lotath and Stadraenil). Green Rooms are somewhat unique; they are usually based upon the victims worst fears, or else upon obscenities and blasphemies. Either way, they are designed to damage the sanity of their victims.

In these rooms, usually a riddle must be solved in order to proceed (different from the Blue Rooms, though).

The Flesh Cell

As the name implies, this room is built entirely of flesh (actually, it's the flesh of corpses). The walls and floor bleed when punctured, and sometimes intestines or spines will snake out of the "walls", animated with an insidious will of their own. There are ribcages stuck to the walls, which open up like jaws (usually with something nasty cradled within, like an eye or heart)!

The riddle of the Flesh Cell is;

The Cursed Mirror Hall

Looks like an innocent hall of mirrors, but with a much darker twist. The things you see in the mirrors range from the strange and funny, to the horrific and obscene.

The riddle of the Cursed Mirror Hall is;

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