In a small land off the cost of Mouseland a tribe rests. Although many know of it, they have a cursed past. One brave hero may rise up and figure out the Propechy. Could the prophecy be just myth? Jacky and Tacky will find out!

Main Characters

Jacky- Male, brown, mouse.

Tacky- Male, brown mouse (Pale eyes)

Mouse of Falling Stones (Stones)- Male, grey mouse. Leader of the Tribe

Mouse of Rushing Water (Rush)- Female, mate of Falling Stones.

Mouse of Hidden Cave (Cave)- Male, from the 'Hidden Cave' he knows of the tribe's past.

Mouse of Elders (Elder)- Male, eldest of the tribe, has much wisdom

Mouse of Ceremony (Cree)- Female, mouse who organizes ceremonies.

Chapter 1: Jacky's Discovery

"Tacky, hurry up or we'll miss our flight to the Tribe's Location!" Jacky called.

"How again did you find out about them?" Tacky asked.

"I was reading The History of Mice, and it said Tribe of Brown Stones..." Jacky replied.

"So... why are we going there?" Tacky asked.

"To figure out what the 'Cursed Thing' is." Jacky said.

"Oh, but do you have a theory?" Tacky asked.

"Yes, a monster thought to be extinct... THE CAT!" Jacky said.

"They went extinct?" Tacky asked.

"Yes, The Daily Mouse said so." Jacky said.

Chapter 2: The Plane!

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