The Clan of the Silver Wolf is a group of heros who were born with a Wolf tattoo somewhere on their bodies. They often are just normal heros protecting their land with normal weapons, each with a different type of melee weapon, and many tipes of guns. When disaster strikes they leave their homeland and help the other heros fight it off.


Gale the Hedgehog: Leader. Weapon: Greatsword

Alasdair the Lionolf: Second in Command. Weapon: Ringblade

Charger the Hedgechilla: Weapons Expert. Weapon: Dao

Tred the Echidna: Demolitions Expert. Weapon: Staff

Percius the Mouse: Scout. Weapon: Sythe


The five were always the best of friends and all knew well their fates would collide at one point or another. They found their way to eachother through a tournament and became the tribe they are. They ususally stay hidden in different places: Gale in his home city, Alasdair in the forest, Charger in a field, Tred in his home in a canyon, and Percius, in the past. The five continue their work and fight all that comes to threaten them, their friends or family, or their homes. They fight with different weapons and kinetics and hold their own against enemy tribes.


Gale: Aerokinesis and Telekinesis

Alasdair: Chronokinesis and Optikinesis

Charger: Ferrokinesis and Sonokinesis

Tred: Destructokinesis and Electrokinesis

Percius: Gyrokinesis and Astrokinesis

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