The firearms known as Tritec Splitter Special are a limited-run weapon series, designed and built by Hammerforge Industries second-in-command, Tritec.

Tritec Splitter Special

Production Information
TypeGas-based laser scattergun
Technical Information
Length30 cm
Weight1.3 kg (loaded)
Maximum Range60 m
Ammunition24 shot power-pack.
Known Wielders
  • Niente the Mongoose (used 2, formerly)
  • Only around two to three hundred of these weapons exist, so other users are unknown.
Other Information
Original CreatorFlashfire212

Design & Attributes

The weapons were designed and hand-built as a project of Hammerforge Industries second-in-command, the ancient being known as Tritec. Based around a standard blaster pistol, instead of a self-regenerating laser-based weapon or battery-based plasma weapon, the weapon is slightly heavier and longer than a standard pistol, and built mostly of standard gunmetal. However, each individual pistol is marked with Tritec's personal seal on the handle, and covered in places with thin layers of wood laminate, or in the cases of some modified versions, synthetic covers.

The Splitters are designed to use a standard blaster power-pack, a gas-based canister inserted to the base of the handgrip. The guns themselves are semi-automatic, using bursts of up to twenty tiny blaster bolts in randomized directions with each shot. As with most shotguns and scatterguns, however, the maximum range is a rare thing to see a kill scored at, due to the limited number of bolts striking the target at that range. As such, the active range where kills are regular and easy to score is quoted at twenty meters, not the maximum sixty. There is only truly one attachment accessible to the gun, a tactical flashlight. A flash suppressor was considered, but the Splitters are known for their relative lack of any true flash anyway.

It is said that most of these weapons are granted as commendations from Hammerforge's three greatest clients, G.U.N., the Moebian Liberation Army, and of course the Col'nesian Army, for agents who go above and beyond the service of duty, who also possess a natural skill with shotguns. It is estimated that only three hundred exist so far, although Tritec has admitted an interest in making more...


Each gun was hand-made by Tritec, and as such, every single weapon is a slight variation, with the focusing crystal in some of the guns altering it's maximum range and effective range. Even so, some weapons have been modified to an even greater extent, and as such, their performance is an outlier.

Custom Variants

Known Users

  • Niente the Mongoose - As a cloned trainee, Niente was the personal favorite of one of the trainers, dubbed the "Forgotten Ones", all mercenaries and G.U.N. commandos who had been offered extremely large sums of money to train soldiers, but to never serve again, instead training cloned soldiers how to fight. As her trainer had been a commando in G.U.N, specializing in shotguns, plus a tour of duty alongside Tritec in Col'nesia, he was famed for duel-wielding two of these guns in his later career. Due to his interest in her, he gave her the two guns, despite their rarity, so that they could serve her as well as they served him. After Niente's defection to the Nihlic Clan of Nihlus, the two blasters have fallen into disuse, and while they remain in a usable condition, they spend most of their life on mounts on a bench in her home.