Troll city is a city where many Trolls Reside though normal mobians live there as well. It's buildings are usually multi-colored and the colors are poorley painted, keeping in trend with poorely re-painted recolors.


Though Trolls are generally assumed to be stupid and mentally ill Troll City has a suprisingly decent school system, rivaling even Station Square in terms of graduates. Though the schools are noticeably strict in their rule keeping and fights usually result in instant expulsion. The children are given a lot of homework and projects in comparision to rival city, Station Square which is one of the reasons why the children are smart, another reason is the schools try to make the work fun for the students.


Though the schools are strict in their rules the streets are sadly not. It is estimated that around 20 crimes happen a day and half of those crimes are violence related. In theory the city is so dangerous because Trolls can regenerate after being killed anyway so death and violence are treated as a game if you will. Though this causes several normal mobian wary of the city. Another reason that there are so many crimes is the fact that the police is a laughing stock, they don't even care about who gets killed they just care if they get their doughnuts.


The loacation of Troll City is an uncertain subject. Though it's mostly seen as an island not to far from Station Square sveral roleplays depict is as a city in driving/ walkind distance from Station Square. This is shown in The Galephani Saga where several people from the GUN base near Station Square are shown to go to the base and Troll city (where the main character, Stephani Bell resides) with ease. This same problem is also shown in Just this random funny thing I thought of... Volume 1 where Jonik and Tenta are brought there by car from a Station Square jail.


Due to the uncertain location of the city, the climate is uncertain and ever changing. Since Troll City is most prominently seen as an island city it is a target of tropical storms and hurricanes, comically it suffers these storms quite often. To make up for this, Troll City has enjoyable weather and the beach is open almost everyday.


Troll City has a variety of recreational activities. These inlude but are not exluded to: surfing, street fights, science fairs, basketball tournaments, etc.


As the name suggests, Trolls are the primary residents. They go here to seek refuge from other mobian cities where they're rediculed for their color(s). Though many normal Mobains are drawn to the city due to it's suprisingly decent school system and it's wonderful paying jobs. Chao are also prime residents due to the wasteful nature of the trolls causing the chao to make homes behind apartments so they have easy access the to the overflown trash cans. There are even trash-filled chao gardens.


The wealth is another inconsistency. While it's primarily shown as a rather poor city in which appartments are the primarily housing Axebox is shown to live in a mansion. Though it's highly possible that there is a poor district and wealthy district.

Notable Residents

  • Stephani Bell- Lives in a normal house with her family though she's probably moved out and lives in Gale's fancy mansion
  • Lol-ASL the Bee- Does not have a house but lives with his friend, Axebox.
  • Axebox the Legend- Lives in a mansion.
  • Original the hedgehog - lives in a deactivated rocket with paradox,CDI and ashura2
  • Paradox the timehog - Lives with Original
  • CDI the hedgehog - Lives with Original
  • Ashura2 the hedgehog - Lives with Original
  • T.I.T.A.N. - Location of HQ

Add your characters if they live in Troll City!

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