Tsuan is the romantic relationship between Duan the Hedgehog and Aquella "Tsunami" Oceania.


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When Duan and Tsunami got stranded on an island, they quickly became good friends. Later, Tsunami got kidnapped by RMG-24, and Duan rescued her from him. After that, they began to see each other in a whole new light, and it was REALLY obvious that Duan was in love with Tsunami. That night, Duan asked out Tsunami, she gladly accepted, and since then, they were a great couple and never argued or fought. In fact, they fight alongside each other and defend each other, rather than one being overprotective of the other. The couple is also good chemistry, because Duan's bad luck often is corrected by Tsunami's good luck, and Duan's coolness and calmness usually balances out Tsunami's hot temper.


(a rainy evening)

Tsunami: (sleeping peacefully on Duan's roof)

(Knock on Duan's door)

Duan: What could that be this depressive evening?

(Two guys just ran away)

Duan: ...That was dumb. (Looks at the roof) Hey... that looks like Tsunami. What's she doing here? (smiles)

Tsunami: (wakes up. sits up and smiles down at Duan. jumps down and lands beside him) hey.

Duan: You being here just made my day. Ah, you don't know WHAT was going on! My friends were driving me crazy, you know, my four best friends and the fangirls... you know? Not only that, I had to fight RMG-24 again today, as always. And then those two guys knocked on my door and left, as if it were a prank. But seeing you... now I feel SO much better!

Tsunami: im glad at least something went right today.

Duan: Yeah. I was just about to turn on the TV, cancel all my music and anime channels so that all that would be left would be lame shows, then smash it so I'd have a good excuse to smash it. Ah, but now there is no need.

Tsunami: (chuckles) we should probably get out of this rain. (steps inside. despite the fact that she was sleeping on Duan's roof in the middle of the storm, she was completely dry)

Duan: Sometimes I wish I was hydrokinetic. Sometimes I wanna go swimming fully clothed and then not have to dry my clothes off an hour later. Sometimes it's fun, but if someone pushes you in the water, it's not always fun. (Steps inside) Well, I'm sorry if my place isn't a very good one. Well, I've got a TV, a couch, a computer room, a dining room, a place for my guitar, and some other stuff... but that's about it. Sorry I don't have much, it's a very humble home. It's exactly why anything overly royal or expensive intimidates me.

Tsunami: well, it's a good thing i came free.

Duan: I wouldn't care anyway. You're not anyone who'd intimidate me, you know. I noticed that you were sleeping on my roof, you're probably tired having waken up like that... I'll get another mattress from the closet. You can stay here for the night, it's better than sleeping on my roof.

Tsunami: thanx. i don't mind the roof much, though. with the nomadic lifestyle i've been living, i've learned to get comfortable almost anywhere.

Duan: Cool. I have one question though.

Tsunami: yeah?

Duan: Why were you on my roof? You're like the first person I've known to ever sleep on my roof. My friends haven't, even when I kicked them out when they had to spend the night or wanted to, RMG-24 hasn't, not even to assassinate me in my sleep, and not even the fangirls have. You doing that... that's pretty... cool, actually. You did something I'd never even thought about doing. (smiles)

Tsunami: (smiles back) well, getting up there wasn't that hard. neither was keeping dry in my sleep. as to why.....(smile dissappears. lowers head slightly) i dont really have anywhere else to go. so i figured i might as well hang out at my boyfriend's house.

Duan: Well, of anyone, I'd let you stay at my house, no matter what! I wouldn't care if you came at 5:00 in the morning, or if you were in hiding, if you came in with dirty hair and torn clothes... I'd never deny you access to my house, I've denied my friends and the fangirls, but I'd never deny you.

Tsunami: (smiles) thanx.

Duan: So yeah, you could stay the night if you want. I've got no problem with it. (Ran and got an air mattress from the closet) Sorry if this isn't much for you, I know you're royal and everything, but it's all I've got besides my couch and my bed. So unless you'd rather sleep on the couch, this is pretty much all I've got to offer.

Tsunami: no problem. i don't really like the royal treatment anyway.

Duan: Oh, thank goodness. (Looks at the clock) Oh man it's already midnight! (The phone rings) I'll get it!

(It's his friend)

Duan's friend: Is this Pizza Hut?

(Duan hangs up)

Duan: Sorry 'bout that. Yeah, I wouldn't like the royal treatment either. It makes a person seem... lazy. You could sleep on my air mattress, or if you wanted, I could take it and you could have my bed tonight, or you could sleep on my couch. As I've said earlier, I don't have anything else. But you can decide what room you want to sleep in. I've got no problem moving furniture.

Tsunami: i wouldn't want you to give up your comfort for me. i'll take the air mattress.

Duan: Okay. Which room d'ya wanna sleep in?

Tsunami: (shrugs) any suggestions?

Duan: Well, the computer room isn't properly heated at night, you could catch hypothermia easily, especially during a day like this. The living room is good, but my friend blew up a stink bomb there one night, and I can't get rid of the smell. So it kinda smells in there sometimes. The garage is large and stuff, but really, would you want to sleep there? Sleeping in the kitchen or bathroom is really weird, and the guest room is now really a storage room since it's pretty unused. There's a ton of boxes in there and it would take me hours to move the boxes and stuff in there. So that only leaves the walkway and my room. Since people obviously WALK in the way of the walkway, that only leaves my room, so basically, that would be the best place to sleep at night. Why d'ya think I sleep there?

Tsunami: i see. i'll take the garage! jk your room alright?

Duan: It's great. It's got proper heating, isn't weird sleeping in, doesn't smell bad, and people don't walk in the way of it, so the way I see it, it's the perfect room.

Tsunami: alright, your room it is.

Duan: Wise choice.

(Duan showed Tsunami his room)

Duan: This is my room. I hope your friends are mature. My friends definitely aren't, if I told them we slept in the same room, they'd laugh and joke about it in... dirty ways. I'll just keep it secret from them. (Smiles)

Tsunami: good idea. (smiles back)

Duan: It's getting really late. It's cold outside, and it's kind of cold in here, although it heats up off and on, and I bet we're both exhausted. We should probably be getting to bed.

Tsunami: agreed.

Duan: (Got some blankets) All right. You've got your blankets. (Turned off the lights) Good night, Tsunami.

Tsunami: good night.

(in teh morning)

Duan: Good morning, Tsunami.

Tsunami: mornin'

Duan: You know what? I am thankful that my third friend is the one that can summon portals, not my second friend. If my second friend could do that, because of his crush on you, if you were showering or in bed or something, he could just make a portal and go. However, my third friend is slightly - and I mean slightly - more mature, so he wouldn't do something like that. So thank goodness for that!

Tsunami: did you have to put that thought in my mind? (smiles anyway)

Duan: Well, I guess I could have avoided it, but let's just hope they never switch bodies. That would be disastrous!

Tsunami: changing the subject now, you wouldn't mind if i moved in would you?

Duan: Not at all. All you really have to worry about are my friends and the fangirls, frequent visitors of mine. Then again, though, they haven't been over for a long time, and I've got no problem with it, so go ahead! I could even buy a new bed for you.

Tsunami: thanks. i don't have anywhere else to go.

Duan: There's always room for ya here. Later today I'll have to buy that new bed for you so you don't have to sleep on that air mattress every night.

Tsunami: and until then?

Duan: Actually, I'm gonna buy it today. I'll withdraw some money from the bank.

Tsunami: k

(Duan goes to the bank, buys the bed, and comes back from the store)

Duan: Sorry it took me so long to fit it in my car, it's pretty big!

Tsunami: thanx.

Duan: I have no problem doing something like this for you. If my friends or the fangirls needed to move in with me, I'd probably tell them, "Keep the air mattress!" but for you, I'd do something like this for you ANY day of the week. (smiles)

Tsunami: that's sweet. (smiles back)

Duan: At least I try to be. To you. (Moves in a little closer)

Tsunami: (smiles and does the same)

Duan: Question: Have I ever kissed you? New question: Does it matter? (Moves in a little closer)

Tsunami: Answer: No. New answer: No. (same)

Duan: All right. (They are about a lip's distance apart)

Tsunami: (kisses him)

Duan: (closes his eyes and kisses her)

Tsunami: (eyes close)

(Duan's phone rings, he doesn't even notice because he's kissing her)

Duan's phone (It's a voicemail): Hey, Duan, this is your first friend. The Fans of Insanity are going to have a meeting, and we need you to come. Come on, answer the friggin' phone already! We've been waiting for 2-and-a-half hours now! (Stops) Beepbeepbeepbeepbeep...

Tsunami: (stops kissing Duan) sounds like your friends need you.

(A portal opens, all of Duan's friends emerge)

Duan's friend no. 1: And I was like, "Answer the friggin' phone already!" and he still didn't answer!

Duan's friend no. 4: Yeah, yeah, shut up.

Duan's friend no. 2: Duan, is your fake girlfriend here?

Duan: Remove the "fake" part and it is a yes.

Com: Duan, why do you have to have a girlfriend? We love you!

Duan: (Sigh) I met her before I met you two. Besides, she's not obsessive.

Duan's friend no. 1: Right. If you keep missing our meetings for her, we're GONNA kick you out of The Fans of Insanity.

Duan: You can't kick me out of the team I founded!

Duan's friend no. 2: He raises a good point.

Tsunami: looks like our fangirls are here. plus those three. (gestures to Duan's friends 1, 3, and 4)

Duan's friend no. 2: As for you... you've rejected me every single time I've asked you out! I've tried every pickup line, groveled and begged, stood up and demanded, but you've rejected me EVERY SINGLE TIME!!! Well, I'm getting a piece of the pie here, I'm going to initiate a systematic marriage in which if you do not attend, there WILL be strict punishments! Do you understand? (Gives an angry look)

Tsunami: how old are you?

Duan's friend no. 2: Does it matter? I think not!

Duan: Your age doesn't matter. If you live or not matters! (Hits his friend with his guitar)

Duan's friend no. 2: Ouch! Offense Style: Invisible Sword! (Summons an invisible sword)

Com: This is heartbreaking. Two really good friends... fighting until one dies... It's so sad!

Kom: It's unbearable!

Duan's friend no. 2: Unless I systematically marry Tsunami, you will DIE!

Duan: We don't have to do this!

Duan's friend no. 2: I am the best one in the world! I'm going to kill you, I'M BLOWING UP RIGHT NOW!!!!

Duan's friend no. 3: You are blowing up right now! (Creates a portal, throws Duan's friend no. 2 inside and seals it)

Duan: Where'd you send him?

Duan's friend no. 3: It doesn't matter. Okay, I sent him to the Underwhere and unless he makes it to the Overthere, he will not return unless I think it's time to let him out.

Duan: Cool. (High-fives his friend then pounds his fist)

Tsunami: yeeeeaaaahhhh.........but seriously, how old is he?

Duan: He's fifteen. He's been... emotionally disturbed. Unless he finds a girlfriend, he'll never be happy again. It just makes me sad to know that I almost had to kill one of my best friends... (tear) Why? I almost had to kill him. If my third friend wasn't here, I could have killed him. It saddens me.

Tsunami: i suppose that is sad.

Duan: I don't know what I would've done if he DID die.

Tsunami: changing the subject, (to Duan's friends) why are you guys here again?

Duan's friend no. 1: Ever since he started hanging out with you, he's been missing meetings. We've had to postpone about 5 of them.

Tsunami: really?

Duan's friend no. 1: Yes. But then again, I haven't called him about it until now. So I guess it's my fault too.

Tsunami: well, i might be able to help out here.

Duan: It's actually pretty difficult, having Team Ultima and The Fans of Insanity being different teams.

Tsunami: that's what i was thinking. i was thinking that, if we merge the two, Duan won't be missing team meetings for me because i'll be at them.

Duan: Oh, OK.

Duan's friend no. 3: What will we be called?

Duan's friend no. 4: You worry too much about things like this! You should worry about the important stuff!

Com: Why are you so mean?

Duan: I dunno. He's not emotionally disturbed like my second friend is. But yeah, Tsunami, great idea.

Duan's friend no. 1: Darn it, if Tsunami's at the meetings too, she'll be kissing Duan all day! We won't be able to discuss stuff!

Duan: We only kissed once, about an hour ago.

Tsunami: well we should probably get Tendril and Quake here to see how they feel about a merge. (looks down at the floor) shadow. would you mind getting them?

Tsunami's shadow: (comes up off the ground in a kneeling position, her head bowed) yes milady. (stands and leaves)

Duan: I hope they agree.

(after a few minutes, the door opens. Tendril and Quake walk in)

Tendril: sup?

Duan: Hey, Tsunami and I were talking about merging teams. The Fans of Insanity merge with Team Ultima. Only problem will be naming the team.

Duan's friend no. 3: You never told me they could make portals too, you know.

Duan: I didn't know they could... maybe they can't.

Tendril: we actually flew here. anyway, i think that's a good idea, merging the teams.

Duan: I think it's a good idea too. I mean, we've got everything! (Looks at Tsunami) Water! (Looks at Tendril) Darkness! (Looks at Quake) Earth! (Looks at his friend no. 1) Bombs! (Looks at his friend no. 3) Portals! (Looks at his friend no. 4) Beam swords! (Looks in a mirror) Good looks! Or, alternatively, miscellaneous music attacks!

Quake: i agree. by the way, didn't you have another friend?

Duan: I did. Actually, about a half-hour ago, he started rambling about how Tsunami 'rejected' him every single time, and then targeted ME. We broke into a big fight, he didn't stand a chance against me. I probably would've killed him... that's when he (points at his third friend) created a portal to the Underwhere, AKA the World of Nothing. He threw him in there, sealed the portal, and that's where he's gonna be until either he decides to let him out or he finds the Overthere. Hopefully, if he does find the Overthere, he will recognize his mistake and learn from it. Well, there's also the Fangirls, but they're obsessive and squeal really loud, but it doesn't matter. They're my friends.

Tendril: i can see why you guys are the Fans of Insanity. you seem to be the only sane member, Duan.

Duan: Yeah, pretty much. Although sometimes, these guys drive me insane. I mean, you've got one who complains about every single thing we have to do, one who's incredibly dumb and desperate for a girl, one who can make portals but agrees with everything someone has to say, one who HAS to speak in one-word commentary, and two fangirls. That only leaves me.

Tendril: i see. anyway, back on topic, i haven't a clue what to call our new team.

Duan: Neither can I at the moment.

Duan's friend no. 4: You guys are both dumb. We should call ourselves Team Ultima-Insanity.

Duan's friend no. 3: That sounds good, but no need to insult Duan and Tendril.

Duan's friend no. 4: Mr. Love-everyone.

Tendril: im just gonna ignore him. (no. 4)

Quake: what about Fans of Ultima?

Duan: (To Tendril) Yeah. Please do. (To Quake) That's actually a good idea. Maybe we could use that name.

Quake: yay! i was productive!

Duan: Are you usually unproductive?

Quake: no, but i still like being able to help. besides, we've all agreed that Tsunami is the brains of the former Team Ultima.

Duan: I'll bet she is. I'm pretty much everything on my team except transportation.

Duan's friend no. 3: (Huge smile)

Tsunami: im not that smart.

Tendril: don't be modest, Tsunami. you were the first of any of us to realise just how many of the elements rely on, or can at least be manipulated by, water.

Duan: Well, she is really smart, I can tell you that. Besides my third friend, no one on my team really does anything.

Tsunami: i've seen what the others can do, the only ones that seem to be useless are Com and Kom.

Duan: Well, they're not THAT useless. They do what fangirls do best: Annoy people to death or distract them. Sometimes, they'll distract our foes by being scantily dressed, and it'll leave even guys with girlfriends drooling... of course, I'm not included. Or, if the enemy is not distracted, they'll have a completely pointless and repetitive conversation and make the enemy go insane... just like the other members. So they're not entirely useless.

Tsunami: hm. i see your point.

Duan: Yeah. So I guess this means that I'm everything except transportation and distraction. But, how are my first and fourth friends NOT useless?

Tsunami: i guess your right. but your second, despite his crush on me, has shown at least some skill.

Duan: His invisible barriers and weapons help out sometimes. I've already told you about the fangirls, and my third friend makes portals... my first friend uses bombs, but complains too much, and my fourth friend has a beam sword, but only uses it when he's not using his cynical one-word commentary, so basically, he never uses it.

Duan's friend no. 4: Hater.

Tsunami: hey, didn't i say before that i needed to take you boardless surfing?

Duan: You did.

Duan's friend no. 3: I can take us there using a portal! Or, if you two prefer to go alone, I can use a portal to send you guys there.

Duan's friend no. 4: Sap.

Duan: (Facepalm) See what I mean by "Cynical One-Word Commentary?"

Tsunami: yeah. anyway, i think i have a more fun way to get us there. (walks outside)

Duan's friend no. 3: What's more fun than portals?

Duan: If Tsunami calls this "More fun," I'm definitely interested.

Tsunami: we're gonna use one of my other fun modes of transportation. (takes Duan's hane) the sky.

Duan: Awesome!

Duan's friend no. 1: Can I come?

Duan's friend no. 4: Dependent.

Duan's friend no. 3: I thought you meant more fun portals. (scowls)

Duan: Well, let's go. What are we waiting for?

Tsunami: alright. now, i could have us use the moisture in the air to run up above the clouds, or i can do this. (a tenticle made of water comes up out of the ground, wraps around Tsunami and Duan, and flings them high into the air)


Duan's friend no. 1: (Watches) Duan gets everything! Why don't I have anything for myself?

Duan's friend no. 3: (Watches, looks sad) Glad to know my contribution is appreciated. What could be more fun than portals?

Duan's friend no. 4: (Watches) Burnout.

Tsunami: (her and Duan land on top of the clouds, the water droplets in the clouds holding them up)

Duan: This is the coolest thing ever. I know this is a bit of an early declaration, but maybe, just maybe, when we're old enough, our marriage could take place here.

(Duan's friend no. 1 comes out of a portal)

Duan's friend no. 1: You can't leave me behind! (The droplets in the cloud do not give him support so he falls)

Duan: Hope you land on a mattress or something.

Tsunami: now, we skate.

Duan: Skate? ...Awesome.

Tsunami: (leads Duan in the direction of the nearest body of water, skating on the clouds)

Duan: This is too cool. You know what, I like you being my girlfriend. You have introduced me to many things I probably would have never known about if I never met you.

Tsunami: thanks. i am considered the smartest member of Team Ultima or Hypra. i'll admit, i have come up with ideas that none of the others have. (glances over the edge of the cloud. looks back up, smiles and begins skating straight toward the edge of the cloud, pulling Duan along behind her)

Duan: This is cool. (Senses perk up) Uh-oh. Something bad's happening.

Tsunami: (skating straight toward the edge of the cloud)

Robotic Voice: Your time has come, Duan, Tsunami! Time for you both to die in style!

Tsunami: great. just when i was about to mess with you. (they reach the edge of the cloud and Tsunami jumps off. the two plummet toward the ocean far below)

Duan: I see him!

(RMG-24 grabs Tsunami)


Duan: You wouldn't!


Duan: Okay. (Duan hits RMG-24 with his guitar, then throws him in the ocean, and a shark bites off his arm)

RMG-24: THIS IS NOT THE LAST YOU'LL SEE OF ME! (Falls in and the shark eats him)

Duan: You're safe for now, Tsunami. I'd never let anyone hurt you or try to hurt you, because I love you. I can't let it happen.

Tsunami: i love you too. that's why i can't let you drown. (a burst of water launches her toward him. she grabs him and lands on her feet on the surface of the ocean)

(A portal opens, Duan's friend no. 2 emerges)

Duan's friend no. 2: It's about time! (Looks at Tsunami) Why do you love Duan? I mean, he doesn't do anything! He just sits there all day and makes us to the work! He's not even that romantic. What does Duan have that I don't? (Stomps foot angrily)

Duan: Please calm down. I don't know what she finds better about me than you, it's probably because of when we met on that island.

Duan's friend no. 2: Tsunami! If I was on that island and Duan wasn't, and I asked you out that day, would you have gone out with me rather than him? Tell me the truth. Go on, I've got plenty of time.

Tsunami: well, Duan's sane, not obsessive, and (points at no. 2's feet) he doesn't try to stand on water without me to hold him up.

Duan's friend no. 2: Wait, what? (Falls in the water)

Duan: I'll get him. (Swam underwater and grabbed his friend, then threw him onto shore, but then he tried swimming back up, but because the water was so deep, he passed out underwater)

Tsunami: (dives under and brings him to the surface)

Duan's friend no. 2: Is he all right? Is there blood? I'm kind of squeamish around blood, in fact, just the thought of blood makes me... (Falls over and pretends to faint) (Gets up) I need to call the others. (Dials)

Duan's friend no. 3: Fans of Insanity, we are currently off work, what do you need?

Duan's friend no. 2: Duan is passed out by the ocean! He rescued me when I fell in the water, and the water was too deep for any non-hydrokinetic to make it out in time! Come, quickly!

Duan's friend no. 3: On it! (Made a portal)

(Portal opened)

Duan's friend no. 2: You got here quickly.

Duan's friend no. 3: Hey... you escaped from the Underwhere!

Duan's friend no. 2: That's not important right now!

Duan's friend no. 4: Come on, guys, our friend's in trouble!

(Duan's friend no. 3 walked to Tsunami and Duan)

Duan's friend no. 3: Is he all right? Duan always considered me to be the second most sane member. I need to know if he is all right.

Duan's friend no. 4: Overprotective.

Tsunami: (walks to shore. sets Duan down on the beach and kneels beside him) he should be fine. (holds a hand above Duan's mouth. water comes out and into her open palm)

Duan: (Wakes up) Hey... I'm alive! I'm alive! (Looks at Tsunami) Thank you, I will never forget this. (kisses her)

Tsunami: (kisses back) anything for you, Duan.

Duan's friend no. 2: (tries to kiss Tsunami)

Duan's friend no. 3: (shoves a clam in his face)

Duan's friend no. 2: AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH! (Running around with a clam on his lips)

Duan: I'll do anything for you, too. Even if it means risking my life.

Tsunami: same here. now, how about we get to that surfing we came here for?

Duan: I agree. What are we doing sitting down, let's go!

Tsunami: right! (takes Duan's hand and leads him out into the water. they begin to surf without boards)

Duan: This is too cool! I love doing this!

Duan's friend no. 1: Duan's so lucky!

Duan's friend no. 2: I wish I could be holding Tsunami's hand right now...

Duan's friend no. 3: If only I were Duan.

Duan's friend no. 4: Lucky.

Tsunami: yeah. it's really fun 'till you get used to it. luckily this is the kind of thing you never get used to.

Tendril: (lands behind the others) hey. i may not be able to do what they're doing, but i can make boards out of shadows. (seven boards made of shadows appear, one for each of Duan's friends and one for Tendril)

Duan's friend no. 1: Too cool.

Duan's friend no. 2: What do I do with this again?

Duan's friend no. 3: Remind me to keep this forever.

Duan's friend no. 4: Bad memory.

(just so you know, he included boards for the fangirls too)

Tendril: (runs out and begins surfing on his own shadow board)

Quake: (lands in the water on a board made of stone)

Com: Wow, Tendril, you're so awesome... (eyes sparkled)

Kom: What are you waiting for? (Jumped in the water on her board)

Tsunami: (surfs closer to Tendril) careful Tendril. looks like Com's taking a liking to you.

Tendril: really?

Tsunami: no doubt. she's even more obvious than Duan was with me.

Duan: Trust me Tendril, unless you REALLY match this girl's needs, this is not gonna last long.

Duan's friend no. 2: It didn't with Duan.

Kom: Com and I used to be CRAZY about Duan. But he wasn't paying much attention to us because he was going out with you, Tsunami. So, our obsession ended.

Com: Tendril is really awesome.

Duan: He's pretty cool, isn't he? Well, yeah, when it was still a secret that I liked Tsunami, it was pretty obvious that I did.

Tendril: hmm. looks like Tsunami's right. i just got myself a fangirl.

Tsunami: now we both have one.

Duan's friend no. 3: I wouldn't worry about it or be too excited about it. As Duan said earlier, this is not gonna last long.

Duan's friend no. 2: Wait, Tsunami has a person obsessed with her? Who could that be?

Tsunami: (flicks no. 2 in the forehead) who do you think?

Duan's friend no. 2: Tendril? Quake? Duan's first friend? Duan's third friend? Duan's fourth friend? RMG-24? Okay... how about Duan himself?

Duan: (Facepalm)

Tendril: (no. 2) i think she's talking about you.

Duan's friend no. 2: What are you talking about? I am not obsessed with her. (Puts his arm around her) She just doesn't know she loves me.

Duan: Stop that right now.

Duan's friend no. 2: ...Fine. (Takes his arm off of Tsunami)

Tsunami: riiiiggghhhttt. anyway, back to surfing.

Duan: Okay! Lets' go! (Duan and his friends are riding the waves as the sun begins to set)

Tendril: it's getting dark. sweet.

Duan: Everyone knows all the fun happens at night!

Tendril: believe it or not, the realms of earth, shadows and water have had an alliance with one another for years. this is the best time of day for all three of us.

Duan: All my concerts happen at night. Most of them, at least. (Night falls) That's a very beautiful moon. Just like a certain hydrokinetic I know.

Tsunami: (smiles) and who would that be? your not cheating are you?

Duan: (smiles) I'm not at all cheating. (turns to Tsunami) I'm talking about you, babe. (Kisses her)

Tsunami: (kisses back) i know.

Duan: Why would I cheat on you? Who is there to cheat on you with?

Tsunami: touche.

Duan: What could you possibly mean by that? (I never really figured out the meaning of the word "touche")

Tsunami: (surfs back to shore) sorry. im running a little low on power.

Tendril & Quake: (surf back to shore)

(Touche, pronounced 'too-shay' basically means 'you got me')

Duan: (surfs back to shore too) Yeah. It's getting late.

Duan's friend no. 3: You think we should go home or something?

Duan's friend no. 4: Scaredy cat.

Tsunami: normally, i could keep surfing for two full days. but, seeing as i had a passenger and brought him cloud-skating not long ago, i've run low on energy.

Duan: Then we could either use a portal and crash at my place or we could stay here. Unless you have a better idea.

Tsunami: (an ax made of water appears in her hand. she goes into the nearby forest and comes back with an armful of wood. she sets them down on the beach) it wouldnt hurt to camp here for the night. (holds her palm above the pile of wood. the air in her palm seems to distort. a spark of electricity lights the logs)

Duan: Good idea, but how are we going to divide the rooms? Who sleeps where?

Tsunami: well, seeing as we're on the beach, i don't think it matters that much.

Duan: Well, this is nice. This seems like a good place to sleep.

Tsunami: (sits with her back against a tree)

Duan: (Sat next to her, he's really close to her)

Tendril: (sits down near the fire)

Duan's friends: (sit down near the fire)

Duan: I'm gonna stay here with you 'till morning. I'll keep you safe from now until then. (Smiles)

Tsunami: (smiles back) back at you.

(All of Duan's friends fell asleep)

Duan: Well, I'm the only member of the previous Fans of Insanity still awake. Proves I'm pretty much everything the team's got.

Tsunami: i suppose so--- (breaks off. eyes flash cyan as she glances into the forest behind them. she pushes Duan to the side and leaps backward as a snake shoots out of the forest and wraps itself around the tree they were sitting at)

Duan: Is that creep again?!

Orochimaru: (steps out of the shadows) did i hear Aquella was low on power?

Tendril: yeah. but im not! (to Duan) who's this creep?

Duan: He calls himself Orochimaru. He wants Tsunami to join him in his militaristic effort to destroy the world or something.

Tendril: 'destroy the world' was all i needed to hear. (Shadow Blades appear on his arms)

Orochimaru: all i want is power. world destruction means nothing to me.

Duan: If you want Tsunami, you approached her at the wrong time!

(Duan's friend no. 3 wakes up)

Duan's friend no. 3: Not this creep again! (Opens a portal, grabs Orochimaru) You're goin' down!

Orochimaru: is that so? (grows fangs. fangs glow white. bites no. 3's arm)

Duan's friend no. 3: OW!!! (Hand tenses up, he throws Orochimaru into the portal and then sealed it up) You will NOT find your way out unless you find The Overthere... which takes skill to find! You're trapped in the Underwhere, Orochimaru!

Tsunami: (to no. 3) should probably get that bite checked out. i've seen Orochimaru use that before. he calls it Frost Bite. he claims that, by this time tomarrow, you'll be frozen solid.

Duan's friend no. 3: I'll be fine. It's him you should be worried about. Most people I've sent to the Underwhere never returned.

Duan: Seriously, if you're frozen solid, you'll be the only one resenting it. So you should get it checked out.

Tsunami: i may not be the queen of the fire realm like Inferna, but i might still be able to help. (begins absorbing the heat in the area)

Duan's friend no. 3: WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO ME?!

Duan: Don't worry about it. You're my friend, she's my girlfriend, she won't DO anything TO you.

Tsunami: (uses the heat she absorbed to enter Steam Form. her right side stays the same but her left becomes red with orange streaks)

Steam Tsunami: (puts a hand on the bite)

Duan's friend no. 3: Hey... it doesn't hurt anymore. Thanks. (Nods head)

Duan's friend no. 2: I wish she could put her hand on a place where I got bitten.

Duan: I'm not gonna bite you just so she can do that.

Duan's friend no. 4: Me neither.

Duan's friend no. 1: Forget it.

Duan's friend no. 3: I'm out of the question.

Com: That would be disgusting. Right Kom?

Kom: Yeah. It would.

Duan: Thanks for helping him Tsunami. Not only is he a crucial member of my team, he's also a very good friend. A person who you always have as a friend no matter what. So I thank you for helping possibly my best friend of my team.

Tsunami: (returns to normal) no problem. (sits down at a different tree)

Duan: (Sits down with her) Well, night has fallen.

(Duan's friends went back to sleep)

Tsunami: yeah. we should probably get to sleep. (some water comes up out of the ocean and splashes onto the fire to put it out)

Duan: Yeah, I'm pretty tired. (Yawned) I should get to sleep now. (Fell asleep)

Tsunami: (falls asleep as well)

Duan's friend no. 2: (Wakes up and sees Tsunami and Duan sleeping by the same tree) WHAT THE??? BUT I THOUGHT HE WASN'T... I DIDN'T KNOW THEY WERE... AH! IT'S NOT FAIR! (Runs away)

Duan: (Wakes up) Dude! Where are you going?

Duan's friend no. 2: It doesn't matter!

Duan's friend no. 3: I'll get him.

Tsunami: (eyes open. shrugs and goes back to sleep)

Duan: Don't worry about it. My third friend will get him in NO TIME. He can summon portals, remember? (Fell back asleep)

Tendril & Quake: (asleep)

(Morning came)

Duan: Morning, Tsunami.

Tsunami: mornin'

(Duan's friends 2 and 3 came back)

Duan's friend no. 3: Sorry, it took me all night to find him. Guess what? He was over at his house, on the computer. Guess what else? He was googling (points to Tsunami) YOUR name. Don't ask me why, but he was.

Duan's friend no. 2: And I would've gotten away with it, too, if it weren't for HIM!

Duan: Take it easy, both of you. (To his second friend) PLEASE tell me it was on Google Search and not on Google Images or Google Maps.

Duan's friend no. 2: Uh, not telling you that.

Duan's friend no. 3: He only had time to go to Search. He might have gone to Images or Maps if I hadn't intercepted.

Duan: Good job, quite a show. (To Tsunami) I'm so sorry he has to act the way he does. Like I said before, after his last girlfriend dumped him, he became emotionally disturbed.

Tsunami: it's not your fault. there's nothing you could do about it.

Duan: Yeah. (Eyes light up) Unless... Com, Kom, do either of you want to date my second friend?

Com: Not unless his name's Tendril.

Kom: Never.

Duan: Well, idea number 78 failed. Do you have any ideas Tsunami?

Tsunami: sorry, nothing.

Duan: It's fine. I'm sure he'll be over it soon, you know. (Kisses Tsunami) You're a very beautiful girl, you know. It's actually kind of sad that you didn't have a boyfriend before me.

Tsunami: (kisses back) thats sweet of you.

Duan: At least I try to be. Thanks. So, before I ever came around, did you have any romantic interests?

Tsunami: actually, no.

Duan: Huh. I always assumed that if I never came around, you would have dated Tendril or someone. But that's just me. But, why didn't you have any romantic interests before me?

Tendril: i think it was partly because no one was romantically interested in her.

Tsunami: i was also still trying to figure out exactly what happened to the rest of my family. i know very little about that day.

Duan: (To Tendril) WHAT?! NO ONE WAS ROMANTICALLY INTERESTED IN HER?! WELL THAT'S JUST- (calms down, to Tsunami) That's pretty bad, what happened. I wish I could've been there that day to help you out.

Tsunami: im afraid it wouldn't have made much difference.

Duan: Tsunami, mark my words, before we die, we will find out what happened to your family. That's a promise.

Tsunami: i know the gist of what happened, just not the cause.

Duan: Then I'll find out why, even if it means going to drastic measures... For you. I don't care what happens to me, just as long as the best wishes of you are met.

Tsunami: thank you, Duan.

Tendril: (puts a hand on Tsunami's shoulder) i thought we agreed that it must be Cyclone's father's fault.

Tsunami: yes, but after careful thought, i realised that couldn't be the case. a cyclone could never carry an ember to another town without putting the ember out along the way.

Duan: I will not fail! I will find out who did it if it's the last thing I do!

Tsunami: thank you again, Duan.

Duan: As long as I'm alive, (kisses Tsunami) anything for you.

Tsunami: (kisses him back)

Duan's friend no. 2: Why do you kiss him so much?! It's not fair! You never-

Duan: Shut up.

Tsunami: anyway, what are we gonna do today? RMG and Orochimaru have been defeated, for now at least, and there doesn't seem to be any one or anything trying to destroy Mobius.

Duan: Why would anyone destroy Mobius anyway? It's pretty much our only home. Who would want to destroy it? Well, if my second friend was mad enough, he might try, but my third friend would trap him in the Underwhere.

Duan's friend no. 2: But I found the Overthere. I'd be able to get out quickly.

Duan's friend no. 3: It changes every time. You can't escape quite the same way twice.

Duan: Good knowledge, my third friend. Tsunami, I guess this means we can enjoy life as we know it and be happy.

Tsunami: yeah, i was just saying that, now that there aren't any threats for us to stop, there's no one to kick the crap out out of. not even in the water realm. it's peaceful there too.

Duan: Yeah. You know why I enter so many tournaments? It's because whenever RMG-24 is down, I usually have no one to fight. Life gets boring when you don't have anyone to fight sometimes. Other times, it means you don't have to look over your shoulder just to make sure that a vengeful robot or an egotistical snake isn't behind you. So I guess this means that without that worry, we are safe.

Tsunami: yeah, i guess so. (faces Duan and takes a fighting stance)

Duan: Oh no. You're not serious, are you? Sure I beat Marine the Raccoon in a fight, but I could never feasibly fight you. I have killed my opponents before...

Tsunami: (shrugs and lowers the stance) well, it was worth a shot.

Duan's friend no. 3: I'll fight you. (Smirks)

Tsunami: (looks out at the sea) hmmmm..... (walks out into deep water)

Duan's friend no. 3: Wh-Where are you going?! You'd fight your own boyfriend but not me?! How dare you walk off like that on me, you-

Duan: Quiet. Let's find out what she's doing.

Tsunami: (stops and looks down. kicks a triangular object floating in the water nearby. an enraged shark jumps out of the water at her. she sidesteps, grabs it by the tail, spins, and throws it to shore. walks back to shore)

Duan's friend no. 3: If you fight me, (smirks) you'll be in for quite a battle!

Tsunami: (when she gets back she puts one foot on the shark triumphatly) i got dinner

Duan: Awesome.

Duan's friend no. 3: I still expect a fight.

Tsunami: maybe some other time. i just realized we don't have anywhere to put this thing.

Duan's friend no. 2: Put what?

Duan: That shark, probably.

Tsunami: yeah. it's pretty big. and still alive, actually. (stomps on the shark's head. a burst of water goes through it, killing it) that's better.

Duan: Much better. Hey, guess what, I learned a new technique. I'll demonstrate on my second friend.

Duan's friend no. 2: What? Oh, don't tell me it's that stupid hat trick of yours again.

Duan: Watch. (Duan went behind some trees) Okay, let's go! (Duan turned a knob and a puppet of him (That looked exactly like him) emerged) You look gorgeous, my puppet. Very handsome fellow you are indeed. (Did walking motions and sent the puppet after his second friend)

Duan Puppet: Hey, ready to fight now?

Duan's friend no. 2: You bet! Offense style: Invisible Sword! (Slashed the Duan puppet with his sword)

Duan Puppet: Quite a show, my friend. (Punched Duan's friend no. 2)

Duan's friend no. 2: Gah, Defense style: Invisible Barrier! (An invisible barrier surrounded the Duan Puppet)

Duan Puppet: Good show here. (Jumped out and kicked Duan's friend no. 2)

Duan's friend no. 2: Ouch! (Sliced the Duan puppet and he fell on the ground)

Duan's friend no. 3: You killed him! You should go to jail for murder!

Duan's friend no. 4: Yeah. See ya, criminal.

Duan's friend no. 2: But- but-

(Duan tapped his second friend's shoulder)

Duan's friend no. 2: What do you want- DUAN?!

Duan: (Smacked his second friend across the face with his guitar, knocking him out due to 1. His tiredness from fighting the Duan Puppet and 2. The surprise factor from seeing the real Duan)

Duan's friend no. 2: Ohhhhh (Fell over)

Duan: That's my hat trick, Tsunami. Good?

Tsunami: nice.

???: i've seen better.

Duan: Yeah, what've you got?

???: (a blue hedgehog with yellow streaks jumps down from a tree. she walks over)

Tsunami: (takes a fighting stance) Storm. what are you doing here?

Storm: relax, Tsunami. im not here to fight. this time. i'll show you what i've got. (charges at no. 4)

Duan's friend no. 4: Oh look, another easy fight. (A beam sword appeared in his hand) Let me show you just what I'm made of! (Jumps over Storm and slashes her back)

Storm: (explodes in a burst of lightning. the real one comes down behind him) gotta watch those lightning clones. they're one of the worst kinds. (slams her open palms on no. 4's back. when she removes them, thin strands of electricity are connecting his back with her fingertips. she backflips back into the tree) as cool as yours was, my puppetmaster technique is better.

Duan: Pfff! Second nature. You see, if you're gonna pull something like that, the clone/puppet has to have some sort of resemblance to you. Not just in looks, but in dialog, personality, and reaction. You see, that clone didn't even try. It had no offense, no defense. What kind of fighter just sits back and lets damage be done? My puppet master technique makes it look like it IS me, same fighter personality, everything. That clone's fighting looked like a clone fighting. Seriously.

Storm: my puppetmaster technique has nothing to do with the clone. that was just a diversion so i could get close enough for my real technique. (tugs on the strands of electricity attached to no. 4, taking control of his actions. makes no. 4 swing his sword at no. 1)

Duan: Fascinating.

Duan's friend no. 3: I've got better fighting techniques. Why don't you join Orochimaru in the Underwhere? (Opens a portal to the Underwhere and pushes Storm right through it, then closes the portal)

Storm: (pulls on the strings, pulling no. 4 into the portal as well)

Duan: No!

Duan's friend no. 4: What? I'm still here.

Duan: But I saw it! Storm dragged you inside that portal!

Duan's friend no. 4: No I didn't. I pulled your famous hat trick.

Duan: Nice. Good man.

Tsunami: was that really necessary? she said herself she came in peace.

Duan's friend no. 4: I'm a smart-aleck. I'm able to recognize technicality. Let's take a look at some of her lines, shall we?

Storm: Relax, Tsunami. I'm not here to fight. This time. I'll show you what I've got.

Duan's friend no. 4: Two things about that one. Think about the This time part. She could have waited five minutes and then attacked you. Also, that was clearly a clone who said that, not the real thing. Now let's take a look at this one:

Storm: That was just a diversion so I could get close enough for my real technique.

Duan's friend no. 4: Obviously, she had something planned in the first place. She took control of me after that. She could've done anything with me. Now how about this one?

Storm: As cool as yours was, my puppetmaster technique is better.

Duan's friend no. 4: This one should be blatantly obvious. She was picking a fight with Duan. You'd come in and save him, so she was trying to trick you into fighting her. When you yourself are a smart-aleck, you develop an ear for this sort of thing, no?

Tsunami: thing is, she has a habit of looking for me for a conversation instead of a fight. she obviously just finished developing that technique, saw Duan using his hat trick, and wanted to prove that her new technique was better.

Duan's friend no. 4: One thing I didn't ask you is how she got here. She can't know we're here or listen in on us unless she's STALKING us.

Tsunami: she's one of the most powerful electrokinetics in existance. she can track people by the electric signature they give off.

Duan: Let's forget it about it. She'll find the Overthere based on its electric signature.

Duan's friend no. 3: He's right, actually. It's very rich in electricity.

Duan's friend no. 1: Wait a second! If she's in the Underwhere, and Orochimaru is in the Underwhere, they could BOTH escape!

Duan's friend no. 3: Relax. It's different for every single person, and it changes every time. You could never find anyone in the same Underwhere as you unless you were both sent at the same time.

Storm: well, that wasn't very nice.

Duan: Uh, (looks around, looks at his second friend) No... (Looks at the destroyed body of RMG-24) That robot! He told my third friend to do it! Why don't you go beat him up instead?

Storm: i never said i was mad about it. (fires a bolt of lightning at RMG-24 anyway)

Duan: Well thank goodness for that.

Duan's friend no. 4: (Whispering to Duan) Do we really want to associate with this girl?

Duan: She seems kinda nice.

Duan's friend no. 4: Yeah, but when you're a guy like me, you recognize suspicious people. In this case, she's pretty suspicious. And she fights with Tsunami regularly.

Duan: But maybe it's like a friendly battle.

Duan's friend no. 4: Tsk, tsk, tsk, you're so ignorant. But whatever.

Storm: (sees no. 4's weariness. looks around, making sure there's no one hiding nearby) alright, i probably shouldn't tell you this but....

Duan's friend no. 4: I'm not listening.

Duan: What? Go ahead.

Storm: (runs another quick scan of the area) im not as evil as i tend to act.

Duan: Why? Do you act evil to avoid punishment?

Storm: no. it's because my team's leader is evil.

Duan: So... it's just to do your leader's bidding. I see.

Storm: yeah. and i can't just disobey him or kill him because he controls gravity. as soon as i take one step out of line, i won't live very long.

Duan: I get it. Same like RMG-24. He wasn't always evil. When he was a hero, he was reprogrammed permanently. I still do not know the name of who took control of him, or even what his real face looks like, but he says that if RMG-24 does not do evil, he considers it treason and executes him with a self-destruct button. Since then I've been trying to find him to steal that self-destruct button to destroy RMG-24 for good.

Storm: really? interesting. if only you were electrokinetic like me. then you'd likely know his electric signature.

Duan: Thing is though, I know nothing of his persona. I haven't seen him since the day he turned RMG-24 evil, and he was wearing clothes that made it so you couldn't see him. RMG-24 refuses to tell anyone about him, I don't even know how much he even sees him.

Storm: (thinks. snaps her fingers) oh! idea! one of my newer techniques, even newer than the puppetmaster technique, allows me to become electricity. if i use this technique to climb into RMG's circuts, i might be able to pinpoint a location.

Duan: I'm sorry, it is not possible. His residence is not only uncharted and invisible, but it's also been pinpoint-proof. Radar, electric signature... not even radio waves work. You have to know the way there to get in, I still don't know anything about this guy.

Storm: there has to be another way. if what you say is true, that he can cause RMG to self-destruct with the push of a button, then there has to be some kind of wireless connection between RMG's self-destruct mechanism and the kill switch. if i can find that signal i may be able to find out where it's coming from. or, at the very least, i could go right into his memory chip and dig up any info i can on him.

Duan: That memory chip of his is wired to block out intruders. But I've grown used to my battles with RMG-24, so it's fine.

Storm: (shrugs) if you say so.

Tsunami: any idea where we should put my shark?

Duan: Somewhere with a lot of space. (Thinks) Over there! (Points to an area with lots of space)

Tsunami: (picks up the shark and tosses it to where Duan pointed) that takes care of that for now. so, what are the Fans of Ultima gonna do today?

Duan: Who knows? I mean, with my team and your team joining, we have, like, absolutely no way of predicting what we're going to do.

Tendril: we could always go looking for trouble.

Duan: Now, why would we want to do THAT?

Duan's friend no. 1: ...I wanna go looking for trouble!

Tendril: think about it. if we go looking for trouble, we get to fight something

Duan: Yeah, I guess.

Duan's friend no. 4: Being the smart-aleck I am, I know what will happen if you look for trouble. You'll FIND trouble.

Tsunami: (to Duan) hey, you've never been to the Water Realm have you?

Duan: Never. What's it like there?

Tsunami: alot like Mobius, actually. but with a heck of a lot more water.

Duan: Eh, sure, why not?

Tsunami: alright. (opens a rift to the Water Realm. takes Duan's hand) i don't think there's an island nearby so you'll have to hold on.

Duan: You just want to hold my hand, don't you? (smiles) Okay.

Tsunami: (enters the rift)

Duan: Whoa! I've never seen so much water in one area at a time! This is so cool!

Tsunami: you've seen nothing yet. just wait till we get to the city.

Duan: Whoa, I'm excited now!

Tsunami: (senses something coming) here they come.

(the water around them rises, forming a bunch of knights in water armor)

Captain: (bows) it's good to see you milady.

Duan: Uh, hey! I've... never been here before.

Captain: (stands) Lady Aquella, who's your friend?

Tsunami: this is Duan. my boyfriend.

Captain: (looks Duan over suspiciously)

Duan: I'm not dangerous, kay? If you want to find someone dangerous, find RMG-24. He's plenty dangerous.

Tsunami: we're just heading to the city.

Captain: we'll escort you.

Tsunami: there's really no need. we're in the middle of water being territory. there aren't any water beasts around for miles.

Captain: i insist.

Duan: And why is that? I can defend her very well so. And she can defend herself as far as I'm concerned, so why do you need to escort us?

Tsunami: never mind. let's just go. (moves the water around her and Duan so they can breathe. leads him down under the water)

Duan: This is too cool. (Smiles and looks at Tsunami)

Tsunami: (smiles back. leads him to a large city at the bottom of the sea. it could'nt be seen from above due to being made of a blue stone)

Duan: Oh... my... gosh... This is really, really, cool! (Smiles, speechless)

Tsunami: (smiles back) yeah, i suppose it is. (they walk foreward, into the large bubble of air surrounding the city, and enter through the main gates)

Duan: I gotta say... thanks for takin' me here! Woulda never seen this place if I never met you...

Tsunami: my pleasure. (leads Duan toward the large palace at the center of the city. as they walk through the streets of the city, the water beings, who look just like ordinary people, bow in respect to Tsunami, but glare suspiciously at Duan)

Duan: It's fine, I'm with her! Can't you see that?

Tsunami: ignore them. they don't like Mobians much. to them, Mobius is a war-torn world with a lust for violence. i have no doubt they were the same with Mother.

Duan: I fear that if I stay here, our relationship will become the next Romeo and Juliet.

Tsunami: don't worry about them. they're only concerned for my safety. they just don't know you yet.

Duan: Trust me, you're much safer with me than you are with any of my friends.

Tsunami: i know that. (the two are nearing the gates of the palace)

Duan: Whoa... this place is... awesome!

Tsunami: (the guards at the gates stand aside to let them pass. leads Duan inside) this is my palace-type-place.

Duan: Usually, I'm intimidated by these kinds of things, but... (looks at Tsunami) Right now, I'm not.

Tsunami: yeah. to be honest, i think i prefer your place. this is much too fancy for my taste. sure, everyone here thinks very highly of me, but they're a little too protective.

Duan: So you're sayin' I'm not protective? (Laughs) Okay, I'm not OVERPROTECTIVE, but since we're such a good relationship, we protect each other! Because that is what we do.

Tsunami: but the thing is, you believe in me. you understand that i can handle myself in battle. these guys just don't seem to realize that. if i want to go outside Water Being territory they send guards to 'keep me safe'. chances are, if im going into Water Beast territory it's because i want to get some training in.

Duan: That's ironic and very stalker-ish. Sounds like something my second friend would do, and he hasn't even done that. Unlike them, who fight FOR you, I fight alongside you.

Tsunami: so, wanna ditch the guards and go beat up some Sharkhanna?

Duan: Heck yeah!

Tsunami: (manipulates the reflective and refractive abilities of the moisture in the air around them to bend the light around them, turning them invisible. leads Duan out of the city) im so glad i came up with this.

Duan: So am I. This is too cool.

Tsunami: (leads Duan to the surface of the water. they begin to walk along the surface in the direction of the nearest Sharkhanna territory)

Duan: Cool. This is gonna rock.

Tsunami: yeah it is. (after walking for a few minutes, they stop. about twenty shark-like fins break the water in the distance, heading straight for the two at high-speed)

Duan: I was born to do this! (Turns a knob on his guitar and fires a laser at the fin)

Sharkhanna 2: (takes the hit and gets mad. swims ahead of the others and lunges out of the water at Duan. it looks like Tsunami's Water Beast Form, only wild)

Duan: Well, this might be fun! (Smiles, hits Sharkhanna with his guitar)

Sharkhanna 2: (gets knocked to the side. lands on all fours on the surface of the water, snarling)

Tsunami: try not to get it too mad. these are the most powerful Water Beasts in this realm.

Duan: And I'm one of the strongest fighters in Mobius. Hey! Water Beast! Do you like immobilization? (Turns a knob on his guitar, strums, and the strings shoot out and wrap around the Sharkhanna)

Sharkhanna 2: (roars in annoyance. slips beneath the water, assuming it worked, it's razor-sharp scales would break the strings)

Duan: Going in for the kill! (Jumps up, turns a knob on his guitar and the head turns into a knife, and stabs the Sharkhanna in the chest)

Sharkhanna 2: (the blade bounces off and it swipes at Duan with it's claws)

Tsunami: (fending off the other nineteen Sharkhannas) oh yeah, i forgot to warn you. their scales are harder than diamond. your not gonna be able to pierce them.

Duan: Oh, that means more fun. (Turns a knob on his guitar) This one emits toxic gas! (Strums the guitar) Cover your mouth and nose, Tsunami!

Tsunami: (puts a hand over her mouth and nose)

Duan: Here goes! (Strums guitar and the gas is emitted)

Sharkhannas: (sense the toxicity of the gas and dive underwater. all but #2 who is too slow and breathes some in)

Duan: Not to brag, but impressive, huh? (Smiles)

Tsunami: beneath you!

Sharkhannas: (come up from below Duan and drag him underwater)

Duan: What the- (Falls underwater) Don't worry about me, I'll be fine!

Sharkhannas: (begin swimming around Duan)

Tsunami: uh oh. i know that behavior! their gonna use Feeding Frenzy on you!

Duan: Like I said, I'll be fine! (Strums his guitar and fires lasers at all three of them. The Sharkhannas all get angry and use the Feeding Frenzy on Duan) I'll... be... fine... (Gasps, strums one more time and the lasers kill the Sharkhannas)

Duan: Yeah... I... told you I would be... fine... (He is covered in blood, his clothes are torn, and he falls over, unconscious)

Tsunami: Duan! (picks him up out of the water so he doesn't drown. goes into Water Beast Form)

Water Beast Tsunami: (dives underwater, keeping a bubble of air around Duan's head) Water Boost! (swims at top speed (about 100 mph in Water Beast Form) while boosting herself even faster with water)

(soon the two were back at the city. Duan is in a bed in the castle, Tsunami sitting next to him, healing his wounds)

(Duan wakes up)

Duan: Am I still alive...? (Sees Tsunami and the inside of the castle) Holy- how is this... I didn't die?!

Tsunami: i managed to get you back to the palace in time. i healed your wounds, but you should still rest a bit.

Duan: Thank you, Tsunami. I could never have a better girlfriend than you.

Tsunami: (smiles)

(two guards burst in)

Guard 1: Lady Aquella! is something wrong? you charged into the city so fast we could hardly see you!

Tsunami: im alright. and so is Duan. do me a favor while your here, get a sample of the water from the Healing Spring and give it to the Water Realm's top scientists. i want a full chemical analysis. as soon as possible.

Guards: yes milady. (leave)

Duan: Thanks again. I'll never forget this day.

Tsunami: and neither will i. this is the day i almost got my boyfriend eaten by a school of Sharkhanna.

Duan: I do have one question though.

Tsunami: what is it?

Duan: Say I WAS eaten by those Sharkhannas. What would you do?

Tsunami: hmmm........i guess i would go into an uncontrollable rage, activate every one of my super forms on top of each other, and tear every single one of them apart one by one.

Duan: Dang... then it's a miracle I wasn't, y'know, eaten.

Tsunami: yeah. especially since the strain of all that power would probably tear me apart as well.

Duan: Then let's just hope we're together forever... and that we die at roughly the same point in time.

Tsunami: yeah. hmm......if im right, it should take till about tomorrow morning for those scientist to finish their work. mostly because of the distance between here and the Healing Spring.

Duan: That's fine. As long as I'm with you.

Tsunami: well, we've got all afternoon. and, depending on how late you wanna go to bed, all night as well. what do you want to do?

Duan: Well, I have to get some rest and wait until tomorrow morning. What CAN I do?

Tsunami: well, seeing your condition after i've healed you, im thinking the only thing you can't do is fight. other than that you should be alright

Duan: Oh, that's cool. Hey, Tsunami, I've been working on a song about you.

Tsunami: really? is it finished?

Duan: It's not finished yet, but I've got about half of it done.

Tsunami: cool. let me know when you finish. i'd love to hear it.

Duan: I'll be working on it all night. In the morning, I'll let you know and play it for you.

Tsunami: sounds good.

Duan: Hopefully, no one else would be able to hear. That way, you'd be the first person EVER to hear me play that song.

Tsunami: cool

(dude, i was just listening to some songs from Sonic games, and i think i may have found one that sort of fits Tsuan.

(I don't exactly think it fits Tsuan. It KINDA fits it, but a better theme could be found. No offense.)

Duan: And I promise, and I mean PROMISE, I'll have it finished by morning.

Tsunami: alright. (yeah, your right. it's definately not the best)

Duan: All right, I'll get started. (Begins thinking of new parts and new solos for the song) All right, just give me some time to think. We've got a while 'til morning, you know.

Tsunami: right. shall i just leave you to think about that then, or do you think you'd need some inspiration?

Duan: Don't worry, it's coming to me.

(The next morning)

Duan: Tsunami, I've got the song now!

Tsunami: (wakes up) alright. let's hear it.

Duan: Okay, here goes. (Picks up his guitar) I stand on the shore, looking at the ocean. When I stand here, I see a face. A face that words cannot describe, one that I find the most beautiful. When I think of you, the waves carry me away, when I'm around you, the tides are high but not dangerous. As long as I'm by your side, the ocean will never rage again. So I walk along the shoreline, in search of this girl. The one I knew I'd see again, the one I knew I loved. I didn't know what life was like until I saw you that day! Oh, when I think of you, the waves carry me away, when I'm around, the tides are high but not dangerous. As long as I'm by your side, the ocean will never rage again. I continue my walk around the beach line. I keep thinking, though I'm not very religious. What this girl's like, what I'll turn into, what will become of my own life. I cannot stop thinking, stop smiling at this thought. Then when I see her it all changes. When I think of you, the waves carry me away, when I'm around you, the tides are high but not dangerous. As long as I'm by your side, the ocean will never rage again, I know. (Guitar solo) When I think of you, the waves carry me away (away) When I'm around you, the tides are high but not dangerous (dangerous) As long as I'm by your side, the ocean will never rage again (again) Yeah, the ocean will never rage again. Well, that's it. What did you think.

Tsunami: i loved it.

Duan: Thanks. I spent a long time writing it. I used the theme of the water/ocean and how you're connected to it as inspiration for the song.

(a knock is heard at the door)

Tsunami: come in.

Guard: (walks in) milady. the scientists have finished their analysis of the Healing Water. (hands Tsunami a sheet of aquamarine paper)

Tsunami: ah, perfect. (takes the sheet and begins to read)

Duan: What's it say?

Tsunami: it's a list of the different chemicals found in the water of the Healing Spring. wait a minute, (looks up at the guard) are you sure this is right? it can't be right.

Duan: Hm?

Tsunami: at the bottom of the list. it says 'pure chaos energy'. (to the guard) i thought the Water Realm has it's own power.

Guard: it does. that's why the Water Beings think of Mobians the way we do. their planet relies on chaos for power.

Duan: That... cannot be possible. But being a Mobian, I'd be healed by it, so basically, it's a good thing.

Guard: it can heal the injuries and illnesses of any being exposed to it. but the presence of chaos in our world is surprising.

Tsunami: i guess this world and Mobius are more closely linked than i thought. wherever the water in the spring comes from, it seems that chaos energy leaks in from Mobius and provides the healing properties to the compound. it looks like the rest of these ingredients are all liquid though, and Moonrise could provide the chaos....

Duan: Wow. I... would have never imagined.

Tsunami: so, what shall we do today?

Duan: Eh, I dunno. I got nothin'.

Tsunami: (opens a rift back to Mobius) wanna go home?

Duan: Sure, why not?

Tsunami: (takes Duan's hand) we'll be comin out underwater, so hold on.

Duan: Gladly! (under his breath) I always like holding your hand... (normal) Okay!

Tsunami: (leads him through the rift. like she said, they end up underwater. she creates a bubble of air around them so they can breathe, closes the rift, and leads Duan to the surface)

Duan: Glad to be home! This is cool!

Tsunami: thanks. you're cool too.

Duan: Heh, thanks. Honestly, though, I'm not SUPER cool. You could find at least a million people on Mobius cooler than me.

Tsunami: yeah, but i wouldn't take most of them into the water realm.

Duan: Thanks. That means a lot to me.

Tsunami: im glad.

Duan: And as long as you're glad, I'm glad.

Tendril: (runs over) there you two are. you didn't come back last night so Quake got worried.

Quake: (runs over) yeah. hey, wait! you're the one who was worried!

Duan: Who cares who's worried? Just as long as you two are here, then that's all that matters.

Tendril: what happened, though? we expected you guys to go in, take a little tour or something, and come back after a few hours.

(hey Para. just wanted to remind you that Tsunami Saga part 1 is still going on.)

(Sorry, my parents have been using the computer a lot.)

Duan: We were there for a long time! Overnight! I was almost eaten and I woke up the next morning!

(no problem.)

Quake: eaten?! dang.

Duan: It was intense! Ask Tsunami about it, because I don't remember as much of it as I should.

Tsunami: I don't like having to repeat myself, so maybe we should wait until everyone's here to explain.

Duan: Good idea, Tsunami. You and your good ideas. One of the countless reasons I love you.

Tsunami: thanks. now let's go find the others.

Duan: Right! My friends should--

Duan's friend no. 1: We're here!

Duan's friend no. 2: Yep!

Duan's friend no. 3: Couldn't be more here!

Duan's friend no. 4: Repetitive statements!

Tsunami: well that was fast. anyway, while we were in the water realm, i suggested ditching the guards and going to fight a school of Sharkhanna. they used a feeding frenzy on him and almost ate him alive.

Duan: All I can remember then is waking up in a bed with Tsunami by my side. I was glad she was there, though.

Tendril: you're also lucky she was there. of all of us, she's the best at healing. if it had been any of the rest of us you might not have survived.

Duan: That's probably true. I can't heal myself, incidentally, so there NEEDS to be someone else there when that happens. Unfortunately, I have terrible luck, so it happens all the time...

Tendril: well that's gotta be hard.

Duan: You got that right. Me and my bad luck.

Quake: well, you did meet Tsunami, so something must have gone right.

Duan: I'm glad I met her. I guess getting stranded on that island wasn't a bad thing.

Tsunami: guess not.

Duan: Meeting you's been the best thing that's ever happened to me.

Tsunami: in a way, it was best for me too.

Duan: That's great. I'm so glad you were there after I almost got eaten.

Tsunami: so am i. of course, i was the one who suggested Sharkhanna hunting so it's also my fault they attacked.

Duan: That's not true. My foolishness is what got me into that.

Tsunami: they wouldn't have attacked if i hadn't suggested beating them up.

Duan: True, but they also wouldn't have if I wasn't being stupid and stopped fighting.

Tendril: let's just say it was the Sharkhannas' fault, 'kay? What matters is that you survived because of Tsunami.

Duan: So true.

Tsunami: alright. I can agree with that.

Duan: Looks like we've saved each other. I saved you from RMG-24's prison, you saved me from those Sharkhanna.

Tsunami: i guess that makes us even.

Duan: I like being even with you.

Tsunami: as do I.

Duan: Being with you makes me feel a lot better. I'm so glad you moved in with me, or else I would still be living alone! I swear, some days, I didn't even TALK because I had no one to talk to!

Tsunami: I'm glad too. I don't have any other home, seeing as it burned to the ground when I was six.

Duan: ...Wow. Nothing happened like that to me at that age, so now I'm guilty that it happened to you and not me.

Tsunami: it's not your fault, you didn't do anything. i do, however want to find out who is responsible.

Tendril: we already agreed it was Cyclone's father, can't we just leave it at that?

Duan: Yeah, let's just leave it at that.

Tsunami: im sorry Duan. i can't just say it was him and drop it. i've measured the distance between Quake's home town and my own. there is no possible way that any kind of wind can carry an ember that distance without putting it out.

Duan: You know what? You're right. We need answers.

Tsunami: I also remember that, because he was so skilled with hydrokinesis, my father was the town's entire one-man fire department. meaning that it could not have been a simple out of control house fire. whoever burned down my town would've had to kill my father first.

Duan: Oh, dang. Smart move.

Tsunami: thanks. unfortunatly, though, with my limited memory of the situation, i don't have any leads on who could've done it.

Duan: Well, if my psychology class in eleventh grade taught me anything, it's that people with limited memories will only remember the important parts and all the unimportant parts will be erased because they mean so little to the one remembering. So basically, what you remember is what's important.

Tsunami: maybe. but we need to find someone who can help us remember what happened.

Duan: We do need to, or else we have a limited idea of what happened.

Tsunami: only problem is, i don't know anyone who would remember. well, i do know one person, but she's hard to contact.

Duan: Who is she? Anyone I know?

Tsunami: that chronokinetic girl we met when we were sent to the future. She calls herself Pause.

Duan: Oh, her. You can contact her. I believe in you more than I believe in anyone else. Trust me, if it's the last thing I do, I will help you find out what happened.

Tsunami: oh, I know how to reach her. In fact, there's no doubt that she's listening to us right now. Problem is she rarely ever shows up inside the timestream.

Duan: Doesn't matter. Rarely still means she shows up. We can find her, I promise you that. And if I don't, let my guitar be smashed and may RMG-24 consume my soul.

Tendril: Pause does come here every once in a while, but only when she feels that the timestream is threatened.

Duan: Well, then the only way to do that is to threaten the timestream.

Quake: do you have a plan? besides Force and Pause herself, i don't know anyone who can threaten it.

Duan: I do. My third friend, the portal maker, can send us back in time. He'll send us back here, and then we'll be sent back in time. There will be two of all of us! After that, we will change history, come back here, and do some more stuff. After that, we will have created a paradox, thus threatening the timestream.

Pause:(suddenly back to back with Duan) let me stop you right there.

Duan: Wait, why?

Pause: you're right. that plan would threaten time. and i cannot allow that. i know why you wish to speak with me.

Duan: So you're Pause. Okay. Tell me anything.

Pause: i will not.

Duan: So why do you wish to speak with me.

Pause: I came to tell you to forget about your plan to disrupt time. also......there are three people besides me who know the answers you seek.

Duan: I'll forget about that idea, sure. And who would those people be?

Pause: Orochimaru, Kabuto, and Tsunami's older brother.

Duan: I'll never trust Orochimaru or Kabuto. As for her older brother, we'll have to see.

Pause: (dissappears as suddenly as she had appeared)

Duan: She's gone! I guess this means we'll have to find your brother, Tsunami.

Tsunami: looks like it. i wonder where Pyro could be?

Duan: My friend could probably set the coordinates.

Tsunami: sounds good.

Duan: Let me call him. (Dialing) Hello?

Duan's friend no. 3: Hello.

Duan: Hey, can you come over here and make a portal with coordinates "Pyro Oceania"?

Duan's friend no. 3: Pyro Oceania...? Isn't that a bit of a contradiction?

Duan: Who cares if it is? Just get over here and set cooridinates!

Duan's friend no. 3: I'll be there in no time!

(Duan's friend no. 3 gets there with a portal)

Duan: Thanks. Portal, please?

Duan's friend no. 3: Sure! (sets coordinates and makes portal) Go on in.

Tsunami, Tendril, and Quake: (enter the portal)

Duan: Hey, can you come with us? We'll need some way to come back.

Duan's friend no. 3: Sure.

Duan, Duan's friend no. 3: (Enter the portal)

(they come out right next to Pyro)

Pyro: ah! where'd you come from?

Duan: We came from a portal.

Duan's friend no. 3: I made the portal!

Duan: Hey, Tsunami has something to ask of you.

Pyro: shoot

Tsunami: our parents. how exactly did they die?

Pyro: (surprized. hesitates)

Duan: Why are you so hesitative?

Pyro: uh, well, it's just been a long time. Ten years, you know? but if i remember was Orochimaru i believe.

Duan: Orochimaru? You mean that sick-minded Snake?!

Pyro: exactly. it was him. definately him.

Tsunami: that would explain why Pause said him and Kabuto would know what happened.

Duan: But why would they know? Were they there?

Tsunami: well, Pyro did just say that Orochimaru was the one who did it, and Kabuto is his assistant, so i would guess so.

Duan: Those freaks! They will pay for what they've done. One day, they will!

Tendril: You bet they will! We'll make sure of it!

Duan: Yeah! And if they don't, when they die, they will regret what they've done!

Tendril: heck yeah they will!

Duan: They will pay, Tsunami, that is a promise.

Tsunami: thank you Duan. and you Tendril. it means a lot that you two would go to that trouble for me.

Duan: Well, I'd do anything for you except kill you.

Tsunami: thank you. that means a lot.

Duan: You mean a lot to me. I don't know where I'd be without you.

Tsunami: same here. without you, i'd probably still be the quiet, hot tempered loner i was when we met.

Duan: To be quite honest, despite how nice I am now, I used to be a really mean person until I met you.

Tsunami: i wasn't so nice either back then.

Duan: I thought you were pretty nice when we were there.

Tsunami: i started to calm down when we met.

Duan: Same here. That's mostly because of after I saved you from RMG-24.

Tsunami: even if i was mean, i was still a hero

Duan: That's pretty believable. Well, I wasn't a hero then. I was an anti-hero.