Tund is a member of the Mekators, and is one of their fighters.


Tund has a very selfish and rude attitudearound everyone, and is a master when it comes to the art of lying. His attitude and traits show more around his best friend Dob the Echidna-bot, whom he causes havoc in the Mekator base everyday. However, towards Lep and Lek, Tund has a very gentle and accepting attitude towrds them, as if they were his younger siblings. When on missions, Tund likes to show-off his skilss and powers, as well as traking credit for everyone elses work. For some reason, he does this more to Faes than to any other member. Tund does rival Faes though, because no matter how much better Tund does than Faes, Faes always seems to best Tund at every turn. Rumours are spreading though about Dob and Tund, that they are talking about leaving the Mekators, but this can't be proven. Is a bad guy, and is a member of Beta squad.


Tund is a thin hedgehog looking android. Has many metal spikes and spines sticking out of his head. has standard android hands, and standard android feet, and not many features that define him as a different hedgehog android. His eyes glow lime-green, and have a small black dot in the middle with four triangles pointing inwards to each dot.


Tund rushes into battle with no strategy what-so-ever. Tund can change from close range combat into long range combat faster than any Mekator member. Tund has the power to create and manipulate thunder and electricity. He uses this by trying to paralyse and frying his opponents with 'flashy' moves.


  • Close range combat and long range combat
  • Water/ Earth elemental opponents


  • Steel and weapon based opponents
  • Fighting Demons



  • Dob the Echidna-bot
  • Lek the Light-bot
  • Lep the Shade-bot


  • Faes the Aqua-bot


  • None so far

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