Twig the Dark Green Rabbit

Twig the Dark Green Rabbit

Created by NinjaZane

Twig is the living form of the Master Emerald and due to the constant breakings, sealing things inside it, and messing with it over all, Twig has become insane, and unstable. At first glance she seems "normal" but after listening to her you notice that her speech consists of death and destruction most of the time. Twig can be sweet though, she still has some sanity left in her, just not a lot. She keeps the stick which helped get her name hidden in her sleeve.

Twig gets along with only who she wants to get along with. Like Ginger Ale, Kylee K., and Slider. Twig cannot get along with Arain, Rouge, and Knuckles (The one who actually help get her name, sorta...). She disobeys Arian's Rules, calls Rouge "Old" and often tries to get Knuckles in some sort of trouble. Twig seems to have a huge crush on Slider, and kinda stalks him. Twig will always listen to what any one has to say, unless it's Arain or Rouge, sometimes Knuckles.

A Normal Day for Twig

This supposed six year old, will most likely hang out with Ginger Ale, Cream, Kylee K. and Slder, Tails, or Charmy. Some days she can be found in the garden picking fruits with Shreik, talking to Eva, or swinging in the trees with Koga and Kagome. Twig is not afraid to get hurt, she will actually try to hang out with Tyra, but Tyra

tells her it's too dangerous. For Twig, being the Master Emerald is no fun. She had to constantly watched to make sure she didn't try to blow the earth up, but Twig manages to disappear from time, what
Twig L

Future Twig

she does in that time, no one knows.


Twig can shoot energy beams from her hand, sadly she cannot adapt to any element but she can use Chaos combine with who ever the chaos sisters can combine with, she can also be come the Master Emeralds Ghost.

Twig's energy beams will cut and destroy anything she wants, the beams have been known to randomly go off, Twig is still trying to control that problem, but in her sleep she can't so her room is half destroyed because of it.

Her Chaos Combine can take any two of who the Chaos sisters can combine with and transforms into a Cerberus (but depending on the combination, the powers will be different), or if she uses them all she can become the Hydra (if any head is cut off the combination ends, no one will die).

The Master Emerald's Ghost is a great power. It is a deadly game if you mess with it, these games are sometimes short, and go unnoticed. If you do manage to live from one of these deadly games, you will be left with a devastating appearance change, a personality disorder, or you could be scared for life and have nightmares for the rest of your life. Twig blacks out when she turns into the ghost. Only the Seven Chaos Sisters can put a end to theGhost's destruction.


"I feel the need to destroy something..." When chosen for an Adventure or Battle.

"Time for fun! Time for you to die!" Begging Taunt for battle.

"I will only need two of you weather you like it or not!" Turning into Cerberus

"We will be all in this together, got it?!" Turning into Hydra.

"Let the games begin!! I roll the dice first!!" turning into the Master Emerald's Ghost.

"So are you dead?" (#1) Wins battle.

"That was fun! Say are you breathing?" (#2) Wins battle.
Master Emerald's Ghost

Twig takn over by Master Emerald's Ghost

"That's not fair! I should have won!!" (#1) Loses Battle.

"But I'm the Master Emerald! Why did I lose!?" (#2) Loses Battle

"That's right, I'm the Master! Master Emerald that is!" Getting Rank A

"La la la! That was fun!" Getting Rank B

"Maybe I forgot to destroy something..." Getting Rank C

"Hmmm... I guess I should have gotten my Master's Sleep before hand..." Getting Rank D

"But I'm the Master Emerald!! This isn't right!!" Getting Rank E

Small Fun Facts About Twig

Theme Song: Dark Wave Surfer by Aural Vampire

Aural Vampire - Darkwave Surfer (FULL)04:57

Aural Vampire - Darkwave Surfer (FULL)

Twig's Theme

Fave Food: Candy Canes

Fave Show: SpongeBob

Fave Movie: Sweeney Todd

Fave Book: N/A

Fave Video Game: Destroy All Humans

Fave Color: Pink

Fear: N/A

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