The Twin-Sickle Mercenary Company is, as the name suggests, a mercenary organisation founded and lead by a powerful Kamaitachi called Scythe, the name is usually shortend to just The TSMC. The organisation accepts almost any contract from assassinating HVT's to simple escort work, however they will not accept contract's that will endanger innocent civilians... it's bad for buisness. The equipment used by the employees are highly modified, high tech or both and usually makes the equipment used by government armies, like G.U.N, look second rate.

Twin-Sickle Mercenary Company
Organizational Information
Establishment Date
  • 13 Years ago
  • Independent military
  • Scythe the Kamaitachi


  • Scythe the Kamaitachi
Second in Command
  • Aleksandr Malikov
  • Undisclosed location
Enemy Organizations
  • None
  • Neutral



The Boss

The Boss is, obviously, the leader of the company as well as the strongest person within the company. the current boss is the founder of the organisation Scythe the Kamaitachi.


The commanding officer of a perticular class


The highest rank a member can achieve


The second highest rank a member can achieve.


The lowest rank, new members are given this rank


The classes are basically the employee's occupation within the company.



Trooper's are just that, standard mercs, no bells or whistles.  Trooper's are called in, usually enmasse, when an armed force needs to bolster it's numbers although small groups or even a single trooper can be called in if an army needed or just isn't practical, as bodyguards or a strike force for example.  Standard gear includes most kinds of rifles (assault, battle ect), SMG's or shotguns, pistols, most types of explosives, combat armor and stimpaks


Sapper's are the demolition experts of the company, anything that needs to be blown up, defused or if some heavy firepower is needed, these are your mercs. The standard equipment for Sapper's consists of Grenade, Rocket or Missile Launchers (Although normal firearms with demo-rounds are also common), Frag, Cluster or Sticky Grenades, Plastic Explosives, Heavy EOD armor and materials to make more explosives as needed.


Sniper's are the sharpshooters and, from time to time, recon units. Sniper's are usually called in if a situation is too dangerous for a trooper or a spectre but dosen't warrent the use of a loader tech. The standard equipment for Sniper's consists of Shortswords, Sniper rifles, Handguns, Claymores and Camo armor.


Spectre's are effectively the assassins and undercover agents of the company, if you need infomation to be gathered, an item to "aquired" or a person to "disappear", these are your mercs. The standard equipment for the Spectre's generally consists of Daggers, Silenced firearms, Smokebombs, Light armor and Active camo.


Warden's are the hunters, if you need somebody found, captured and delivered then the Wardens are the mercs you need, these guys can find and capture almost anybody.  Standard equipment includes Stun knuckles, Net launchers, pistols with both normal and tranq ammo, flashbangs, concussion grenades, light armor and active camo.



Hellion's are a special type of units which use unique heat and fire based equipment, they are used as shock troopers and bodyguards.  A Hellion's standard equipment includes Flametongues (superheated bladed weapons), rifles and pistols with incendiary rounds, incendiary grenades and fireproof armor.  More advanced gear includes Plasma weapons, Flamethrowers (Heavy, medium and light), Napalm launchers and the unique Nova-suit and Heat cells.


Wendigo's are a special type of units which use unique cold and ice based equioment, they are used a shock troopers and bodyguards.  A Wendigo's standard equipment includes Icebrands (supercooled bladed weapons), rifles and pistols with nitrogen rounds, cryo grenades and iceproof armor.  More advanced gear includes Frost guns, Nitro-launchers (Heavy, medium and light), Ice cannons and the unique Comet-suit and Frost cells.


Olympian's are a special type of units which use unique electrical and magnetic based equipment, thay are used as shock troopers and bodyguards.  An Olympian's standard equipment includes Thunderblades (charged bladed weapons), rifles and pistols with shock rounds, shock grenades and non-conductive armor.  More advanced gear includes gauss weapons, Electrolasers, Tesla cannons and the unique Nebula-suit and Shock cells.


Reaver's are a special type of units which use unique poison and acid based equipment, they are used as shock troopers and body guards.  A Reaver's standard equipment includes Bloodstings (corrosive blades weapons), rifles and pistols with poison rounds, gas grenades and hazard armor.  More advanced gear includes Corrosion guns, Acid launchers (Heavy, medium and light), Acid cannons and the unique Ion-suit and Radiation cells.



Users of underwater equipment


Users of underground equipment


Users of aerial equipment


Users of gravity equipment



Magic and paranormal canceller


Kinesis and supernatural canceller


Enhancement and technology canceller


Chaos canceller



Users of heavy gear


Heavily augmented unit

Loader Technician

Loader tech's are the heavy troopers of the company, using the advanced "Loader Harness". Loader tech's are hired when extreme firepower is needed but calling in a sapper too dangrous. The standard equipment of a loader tech is just the harness, although they may use other equipment as well if they want.


Drivers of vehicles



Unlike the other ranks, Controllers don't use the "Rookie, Veteran and Elite" ranks, nor do they enter the field. Their job is to find contracts, offer them to a suitable candidate and provide intel and updates during said contracts.





Notable Members

The Boss

  • Scythe the Kamaitachi


  • Aleksandr Malikov
  • Sera


  • Tai the Demon
  • Hunter the Hyena


  • Hetsu the Drake

Engineer and member of the Trinity unit along with Shimo and Farron.

  • Shimo the Arctic Wolf

Medic and member of the Trinity unit along with Hetsu and Farron


  • Farron the Mongoose

Pilot and member of the Trinity unit along with Hetsu and Shimo


Melee (Standard)

DragonRoar (GunLance)

Ranged (Standard)

DragonBurst (Grenade Launcher)



Melee (Unique)

Autogear (ChainSword)

The Autogear is Tai the demons custom built chainsword, it differs from a normal chainsword in two ways, its weight and it power source.  The weapon isn't lighter than a normal chainsword, it's heavier, insanely so, it's been purposely built to be almost as heavy as a large tank (which speaks volumes about the level of strength it's wielder must have).  The weapon is also powered by Tai's innate electrical power to ensure continuous fuction

GrayTail (GunBlade)

Aleksandr Malikov's custom made Gunblade

Flametongue (Heated Sword)

The modified Shortswords of Netsu the Drake

Icebrand (Frozen Dagger)

The modified Dagger's of Shimo the Arctic Wolf

Lightningedge (Charged Katana)

The modified Katana's of Farron the mongoose

Kageboshi (Kodachi)

Hunter the Hyena's special made Kodachi

Ranged (Unique)

Shock & Surge (Revolvers)

The modified revolver's of Farron the mongoose

Phoenix & Salamander (Sawnoffs)

The modified sawnoff shotgun's of Netsu the Drake

Storm & Avalanche (Sub-Machine Guns)

The modified SMG's of Shimo the Arctic Wolf

Nut-Cracker (Holorifle)

The Nut-Cracker is a holorifle, an experimental (and very expensive) weapon made by Aleksander on request from Sera.  It has a hardend stock which also house's a stungun, which is why it's called the "Nut-Cracker".

Desert Hound (Desert Eagle)

The Desert Hound is a Desert Eagle that has been modified with a laser sight, an increased magazine and a desert camo color, it's own by Hunter the Hyena.

Vehicles (Unique)

NightMare (Moterbike)

The NightMare is a modified moterbike that has a tread instead of normal wheels and is owned by Hunter the Hyena. Dispite the fact it uses a tread, turning isn't an issue and nether is the speed as the bike is fully capable of moving as fast as a normal superbike. The NightMare is also fitted with two small plasma casters at the sides.

Catburg (AeroBike)

The Catburg is Aleksandr's custom build Jetbike. It's easily one of the fastest vehicles within the company and is equipped with an experimental Railgun. Nobody know's why Aleksandr named the bike "Catburg".

HellRunner (Quadbike)

Tai the Demon's modified Quadbike.

Ziz (Helicoper)

The Ziz is a custom build helicoper owned by the Trinity Unit.

Leviathan (Submersible)

The Leviathan is a custom build Submersible owned by the Trinity Unit.

Behemoth (Truck)

The Behemoth is a custom build truck owned by the Trinity Unit.

Mech (Unique)

Maximillion (Prototype Loader)

The prototype Loader piloted by Sera

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