The combined form of Nightfall, Moonrise, and Lightbane the Hedgehogs


Ultima is a powerful being with all the powers of Nightfall, Moonrise, and Lightbane the Hedgehogs, the three former villains who make him up. He is extremely powerful. so much so that the hedgehogs that fuse together to create him have decided only to use him in the direst of circumstances. An ancient being who was reincarnated into three parts, Ultima tends to speak as if he were still in mideval times.


Ultima looks a bit like Shadow the Hedgehog. He has four knuckle spikes on each fist. His arms and legs are light blue with pink streaks, his torso is yellow with a tuft of silver on his chest, and his head is black with dark green streaks. His eyes are silver where they should be white, he has pink irises, and dark green pupils.


weather/natual disaster control



Chaos Ultimate Beam

Chaos Ultimate Cannon(Chaos Ultimate Beam magnified by all 7 chaos emeralds)


  • Roleplay:Two Worlds, One Love(first appearance)

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