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Unamed Sonic is a RPG that's currently being made by Sonicfan919. The game's engine is RPG Maker 2003 and the gameplay revolves around speed and agility.


Not much is known about the story at the moment but the first field is Green Hill Zone. The story is said to blend the Archie and game continuities into one.


The game uses two types of areas,Field areas where enemies roam and Towns/City areas where you are safe from enemies and you can buy items.

Field Areas

Field Areas are generally where the story progresses and most of the action occurs. So far Green Hill Zone is the only confirmed field Area (and the only area at all as of now).

Town/City Areas

Town and cities are where heroes can rest and converse with NCP's.The town/city areas are normally peaceful and are larger than most field areas. Major plot points happens in towns/cities. The only confirmed town/city areas are New Mobotropolis and Station Square.

Chao Gardens

Chao Gardens are planned to appear in this game. Though it may be one of the last things programmed due to the large amounts of variables and codings in a Chao garden

Example: Sonic uses pet on Cheese, variable Sonic chao goes up by one, Variable Hero Chao goes up by one, Shadow uses pet on Cheese, variable Shadow chao goes up by one, variable dark chao goes up by one, variable hero chao goes down by one and variable Sonic chao goes down by one. Another Example: Each minute Variable Chao belly goes down by one, if Chao belly reaches -100 the chao dies.

Those three chains alone might take some time so imagine me doing ALL of the features in the SA2(:B) and more.


This game plays a lot like normal RPG's but in this game if you don't attack or use skills quick enough the enemies will attack you. How much they will attack you is based on the character's general speed. Fast characters like Sonic and Shadow will usually always deal the first blow and won't take much extra hits but slow characters such as Sally and Silver will get hit a lot. I also plan to have summons such as Ristar, Mario, Amigo, and more.

Demo Release

The game is running smoothly and if everything goes according to plan the game will have a demo release by june.


Sonic-Sonic has exceptional speed and has a lot of skills.

Knuckles-Knuckles is one of the strongest characters in the game and although not that fast, he deals crushing damage.

Shadow- Shadow is possibly the deadliest character in the game due to his breath taking speed and skull cracking powers.

Tails-A character who isn't real strong but can keep up with Sonic.

Silver-An extremely slow character who can control enemies.

Amy- A deadly Character who's speed and strength leaves her opponents stunned.

Sally- Sally is hinted to be a playable character.

Team Sonic-A reliable team of speed, power, and flight that makes sure the last thing their enemies hear is "We're Sonic heroes!"

More characters to come.


Note:I'm only listing things I've started on


Green Hill Zone 8% Complete- Barely started my friends. It has glitches like green lines in the shape of blocks and Sonic can go walk into the water. Also I've only completed the first area. Also I need to put music for Green Hill and I need to figure out how to make loop-de-doops like the ones in Sonic one.

Edit- 4/29/12

Okay, as far as I know most of the major glitches are fixed that means no more green lines or water walking but like I said it's not very Sonic-y quite yet, that means no loop-de-loops or jumping. I DID get the music though and it's midi so it sounds a lot like the original.


The main problem is animations. I might of mentioned this before but I SUCK at spriting so most of the sprites I use are from here nevertheless the chara generator is seriously lacking in the characters I need so characters such as Sally, I had to make on my own.

Sonic: 75% Complete- All his sprites have been uploaded to the database, his attributes are (for the most part) correct now all I need to do is make new skills for him.

Shadow: 15% Complete-Only thing I've done with him is his overworld and the face set isn't even changed.

Knuckles: 20% Complete- Same as Shadow except the face set is correct.(I could of swore I added attributes but I'll need to double check)

Edit: I added his battle sprites.

Super Sonic- 5% Complete- Only thing I've accomplished wiht the Yellow Streak is his overworld sprites.

Tails 75% Complete- All sprites complete, now I need to work on attributes

Cream 75%- Same as Tails and Sonic.

Sally 75%-ish - I FINALLY started making her sprites the correct way, she's one of the reason why I quit making this game and experimenting with games all together because she's what made me realised I totally sucked when it came to spriting. Now, I'm almost done with all her sprites but I need animations such as Victory, Walking, and kicking.

Rouge- 20%- I need to make her battle sprites.


Enemies- I didn't start programming enemies yet but when I do I need to find a way to animate them as well since in RPG Maker 2003 only the heroes are animated.

Rings- What's a Sonic game without rings? Am I right? Even Sonic the Fighters and Sonic Chronicles and rings. Rings seem pretty easy to program but the only hard thing I think would happen is permanently deleting the rings.

Item Boxes- I will begin experimenting with item boxes real soon, it's an easier concept than the rings or enemies.


I can't even say the story's in it's Ω (Omega) stages yet. As the first title (Sonic the Hedgehog: Rise of the Robotniks) implied it was going to be about the whole Robotnik family Vs. Sonic and Co. but as I said earlier I suck at spriting and I wouldn't be able to make sprites for the whole family.

Another concept would be Sister Sonic, the cancelled Sonic RPG about Sonic's sister. The main hindering about this plot is again, the sprites for Sonic's Sister.

Right now I'm still thinking of stories that won't need heavy spriting.

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