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Slash the hedgehog

Slash the hedgehog

"You cannot tell when your time will come: Time will tell you"




Clothing: Blue coat,black gloves,grey pants,black and grey boots,black shades and googles and neckles

Likes:Being with his friends,humiliating Shadow,Galaxy the hegehog,fighting,meditating.

Dislikes:Metal Slash,Dagger the hedgehog,when his friends get hurt.

Favorite food:Nothing(he dosen't like to eat)

Items:Wind Emblem(emblem),Speed Boots(shoes),Rainbow Ring(ring),Sky Comet(Extream Gear),The World Of Life And Death(book),Oktudameon (magical,extraterestrial, flaute),Power Cuffs(ring).

Abilities: Any attack involved with chaos energy and can use elemental power to do attack such as Great Turbine,etc...

Transfromations:Super,Hyper,Dark,Evil,Perfect,Super Perfect,Hyper Perfect,Dark Perfect,Blazing Hell (rare),Dragon,Elemental(only with all the Elemental Emeralds) and Ultra Prime Slash (only in the last episode of Sonic X: Next-Gen)

Occupation: Bounty-Hunter

Team name: Team Nightmare Hero


Nicknames: Slashy (used by Galaxy the hedgehog) Master of Alchemy,TRUE Knight of the Wind,Sir Blader (in SATBK)

Theme Song: Breaking the Habit (by Linkin Park)

Partner Teams: Team Shotuz,Team Streak and Team Dranz


Fearless and agressive.He looks like someone who hates heroes,but in the inside,he's a really cool and fun guy

Life story(what's happend till now)

His father,Stun the hedgehog,died shortly after Slash was born.His mother,Jewel the hedgehog,had Slayer the hedgehog and,when he was 5,she died.Slash and Slayer lived most of there lifes looking one after another.Since Jewel died,Slash has been raising Slayer until he was 12.Then he met Galaxy the hedgehog,a gentful,shy and pretty girl that helped them out when they got lost.Then Slash and Galaxy started to be best friends.Slayer was in to the president's daughter,but the president kicked the 3 out of the city.Once he found another city,he met Max the fox,a playful and happy fox.They became good friends easly.Once they were about to departe,Max offered himself to join the team.When Slash became 15,he and Galaxy started dating.Slayer got upset because he didn't have a girlfriend but Slash said he would find someone for him.Soon he was attacked by Dagger the hedgehog,a evil and smart hedgehog.He attacked everyone but the one he almost killed was Slash.Once he was almost dead,Dagger made a bet with him.He said he would give Slash immortality and unlimited power if he could let his soul go to the dark side.Slash allowed him to do so but he could'nt stand the pain and only let half of his soul.After Dagger went,Slayer and Max went to tech school,because they knew they would need some tech help on the way.Slash and Galaxy couldn't change citys because of Slayer and Max.A few months later,Max and Slayer fineshed tech school so they continued there jorney.After passing so many citys,Slash and friends met Vedgta the hedgehog,a very skilled assasin,sniper man and swordsman.He look like someone bad but he's was a really good friend to Slash.Soon he met more people like Shade Cross,but they aren't really friends(they hardly ever talk to eachother)and Leraku Exo.Soon he met Blazer,Finley and George.They are Vedgta's(or Ved as Slash calls him)friends.Also he met Streak,Ruby,Jake and Blade.They were part of Team Modern.Soon he met Dranz and his team,formed by Crystal,Grind and Wire.A few days later a portal opened in front of him and Kraid came out and warned him from a great evil that would poison him and kill him.So Slash learned the ways of poisons and deafeted the evil that would klll him,only to find out it was Kraid's best friend,Flame the dragon.After so many exploring,Slayer met Angela the fox,which he instantly fell in love with.For some reason,Angela was also into Slayer.Soon he was attacked and nearly lost his other arm.It looked like he was Shadow but,when he showed himself,he had black and WHITE quils instead of black and red.He introduced himself as Light,the 2nd Ultimate Lifeform.He also added that he was Shadow brother.With so much skill in Chaos Attack,Slash couldn't resit and asked if he wanted to join the team.Light accepted but said that he would be Slash's rival.Slash smiled and said "Ok.Fine. Have it your way."Soon he met Diamond the Warehog,the former 'Light Gaia'.He said he had the power to make people fall in love.Slash asked if he wanted to join his team but he declined.So after that,they met two goons:Superoius the Armored Hedgehog and Icarus the hedgehog,a mutant hedgehog that has the DNA of a fox and a bat.After defeating them,they continued they're journey to defeat Dagger.They had though they had enough power so they went in the direction of Dagger's fortress.Sadly they got beaten up by his assistant,Rust the hedgebat.It' seem as if (here's a Mario referance for ya) Dagger was in another one of his fortresses.After that Max gave an idea: blow up all of the fortresses.Light and Slayer were going up,but Slash and Galaxy though it would be wrong.After leaving that city and going into a new one,they met Kioma Takanashi the hedgehog,which was about 14 at that time. He explained that the city was full of evil and that he and a few others were the only saviors of the city. Slash had gotten confused,but when Kioma used his "other self",Grey Blaster the hedgehog,things got clear for Slash.After seeing the great power that slept within Kioma, Slash was asking if he wanted to join the team,but Kioma decilned,saying the city was too important.Even though he said that,he promised to help team Nightmare Hero whenever they need him.After a few weeks of traveling,they had found an egg in the road.Galaxy took it to take care but when she blinked,the egg was gone! It sems as if Slayer was hungry for days and wanted to cok an omlet.Sadly for him,Galaxy would not allow him to do so.After a few weeks,the egg hatched,and what was inside? A duck. A little baby duck.Slayer asked Galaxy if he could name the little duckie,and she accepted.Making a referance to his favorite cartoon character,he named the duck "Daffy".After that they all laughed for a while and continued on as they search for Dagger,in hopes to defeat him.One day,Galaxy,Slayer,Max and Light had taken notice that Slash was somewhat missing.They looked high and low for him,but he was nowhere found.Light then said he would search for him.After a few days,Light had gone missing too,as he had not come back for a while.After remembering about Kioma,they decided it would be wise to call him up.After he arrivied,he and some friends went after Slash and Light,but it seems none of them came back.It seems that Slash,Light,Kioma and his friends had been captured by...Slash himself?!No,it was not him.Instead it was his robot copy,Metal Slash.He was waiting to eliminate him for a long time,but using teamwork,Slash and the rest turned him into scrap metal and sent him to the junk yard.After that,they reunited with the rest of Nightmare Hero and continued travelling,hoping someday they would make Dagger pay for his deeds.

Star the hedgehog

Star the hedgehog

Slayer the hedgehog

Slayer the hedgehog

Max the fox

Max the fox


I'm better then Shadow!!!! (S rank)

Awesome!! (A rank)

This is great! (B rank)

Well it's better then nothing. (C rank)

What the heck?! (D rank)

Oh man I'm even worser then Shadow... (E rank)

Get ready to lose! (before a race)

You just ate my dust,you loser! (after winning a race)

Oh man...too slow... (after losing a race)

We'll end this now! (before fighting his biggest rival, Shadow the hedgehog)

Grrrrr! I'll get that Slayer for running away! (when Slayer run away)

Uhhhhh...o...k? (when Galaxy asks him out on a date)

Breath in...Breath out... (before begining training)

Listen up you crybabys! If u don't stop moaning, I'm gonna break your necks! (when having to train little kids)

Evil Spirit! Take over my body! (before the evil half of his soul takes over)

Uhhhh Galaxy, this is...uhhhhh...unexpected... (wen Galaxy hugs or kisses Slash)

I would like to challange you, brave knight! (Sir Blader's quote in SATBK)

Be prepared for Battle! *before a fight*

I am most sorry. Did i break your bones? *after winning a fight*

How...? How can i lose? *after losing a fight*

I am invinsible! you should have thought beter before fighting me! *winning by Perfect K.O.*

Is it true that I am so weak? *ater being Perfect K.O.ed*

Time for victory! *when chosen in battle*

I will have my revenge! *when being chosen in Sonic X: The Road To Victory*

I'll beat you,right here,right now! *before a race in Sonic Riders 4: Riding Oblivion*

Damn...too slow... *losing a race in SR4:RO*

Haha! I win! I win! *winning a race in SR4:RO*


Slayer the hedgehog

Galaxy the hedgehog

Max the fox

Streak the hedgehog

Vedgta the hedgehog

Leraku Exo

Blazer the hedgehog

Finley the tiger

George the wolf

Ruby the hedgehog

Blade the hedgehog

Jake the hedgehog

Dranz the hedgehog

The entire Sonic Team

Flab the demonhog

Darklobus the wolf

Dagger the hedgehog

Dagger the hedgehog(I hate him)


He has an evil half of his soul and he will go wild if anything bad happens to Galaxy.He and Vedgta can fuse to make Vedash,one of the most powerful life forms in the Universe.Also he has a metal right arm and a metal left leg (an accident for trying to revive his father with Alchemy) and is a master in Alchemy and is called "the TRUE Knight of the Wind".His magical flaute,the Oktudameon, is a present he recieved for finishing his training on an alternative planet.And beware of his sword,the Sabozon,also known as "the God's Blade",for it's blade has been blessed by the Gods of all living things.One touch of his blade,and you'll be cut to -atleast- 2008398 pieces.And don't worry about thinking Slash might not be your frined.He may be silent and always having a non-friendly look,but he is very friendly around others.Also,from the blood that came on the scar of his right eye,he can make it shine (this process is called "Seeing-Up") so that he can see better the people and know mostly everything about them and this tecnique also helps him get stronger and everything get slow for him.So if you see this guy,pay your respects and make sure u dont mae him mad that is,if you know what's good for you.

Shows (or games) he's in

Sonic X: New Adventures (TV show)

Sonic X: The Road Of Victory (game)

Sonic X: New Adventures: The Revenge Of The Metal Hedgehog (movie)

Sonic: The Mystery Of The Light-Blue Hedgehog (movie)

When Worlds Colide (movie with characters of diferent shows or movies)

Sonic Fanon Heroes[Part of Team Nightmare Hero]

Sonic Riders: Riding Oblivion

Techincal dificultes

I am very sorry.I was still thinking Galaxy's name was Star(her old name).So when you read the "Star the hedgehog" part under her picture,read it as "Galaxy the hedgehog".

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