So now that Article Spotlight is up and running, everything is looking good so far. I like the final design I came up with on the main page, and I think that the simpler version for community messages works well enough. 

Of course, I didn't make this blog to ask what I think, I want to know what ya'll think. Post any feedback or questions in the comment.

Oh, and because a lot of you are probably going to ask: Yes you can suggest yours or anyone else's articles (let's be real: it's going to be yours). However, there are some guidelines to follow.

1. Do not ask me or Minato to "put up all of your work" or "one of my articles". We want a single, specific article that exists.

2. The article must be at least one month old.

3. The article must not already have 20 talkpage messages (not counting roleplaying messages)

4. No joke articles of any kind.

5. No roleplays of any kind.

6. If you wish to suggest a fanfic, link us the "main page" (the one that actually talks about what the fanfic is about or includes the table of contents). If you don't have such a page, just link the first chapter.

7. Suggesting an article does not guarentee that it will be put up on the list. We may already have the next list ready in advance, or we just might not see your article as needing to be on the list. Pestering us about it will result in me deleting your suggestion.

Sound fair okay good get commenting ya'll. [Dismisses southern accent.]