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Hi, welcome to the Sonic Fanon Wiki! Thanks for your edit to the $1 page. Sonic Fanon Wiki is the wiki for Sonic the Hedgehog-related fanfiction! Please, enjoy the wiki! However, there are a few things you must know....


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TOO LONG; DIDN'T READ? Okay, then we'll put it this way:


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Again, welcome to SFW!!

Due to a recent outbreak of trolling and vandilsm, all new user pages will be monitored at all times.

I have no idea who you are and I don't remember blocking you from Private chatting with me, and if I did its not because you bothered me with messages it was probably because of the high amout of users on the side bar to the left and I just didn't have the time to respond, I'll unblock you from private messaging me but really what is there you wanted to tell me but you can't tell me now?Minato Arisato 22:37, March 28, 2012 (UTC)

You're not even banned. (>.>) You just got kicked. Besides, never g-mod, even if it isn't serious. |-- Spriter - Sword - Studio 01:51, August 1, 2012 (UTC)

The Council has not ruled on having Halo crossovers, that, and your Halo characters had no ties in with the Sonic fanon. They were COMPLETELY canon Halo characters. Pokemon, however, aren't characters, they're species. so they are allowed. and your ban will end on the 15th of august. Unidentified Life Form 294 02:20, August 9, 2012 (UTC)

You should have been banned well before this due to repeated offenses of obscene language and insulting/attacking other users. Do not bring the admin staff into this issue as they are not going to do anything other than validate the reason for your ban. Wait out your ban and stop complaining.

15:25, August 9, 2012 (UTC)

False, this council exists as the Bureaucrats and Administrators of the SFW, and said Council ruled that Crossovers are allowed as long as they tie to Sonic Fanon. Your characters were completely Halo characters and, as such, didn't have any tie to Sonic Fanon, and were banished by the Character Rosaline because all I did was play my character, then you had a b****fit about it, shortly put, you're turning into a mini-version of Eternal. And yes, Pokemon did have explanation why. Pokemon was actually the first crossover there, and the Council (Bureaucrats and Admins of SFW) said that they could be there.. However there was nothing on Halo crossovers at all. I don't use Pokemon, but everyone else does, so don't ask me why Pokemon are there. The Roleplay wasn't Sonic related? It automatically BECOMES Sonic Related! It's the Sonic Fanon Wikia, sweetie. If it wasn't Sonic Fanon related then it shouldn't even be ON SFW. ;3

Trust me hon, everyone's thinking you're becoming the new Eternal of SFW, and already people are sick of ya~ -- Rosaline♥; The Lightning of the Sky♪♫

You're ALLOWED to talk to anyone you want. You're just wasting yours and their time by bothering them. They don't care since you were banned for a good reason.

16:39, August 9, 2012 (UTC) You have multiple counts of profanity and attacking other users. They had reason to ban you far before that, they just waited until they were tired of putting up with you.

17:02, August 9, 2012 (UTC)

Trust me, almost everyone's serious in the real world, and I was simply playing my character, who does have ties to Sonic Fanon, so she counts as a Crossover, however, she isn't completely from another series entirely, she appears in more than one series as a recurring character in most, and she was given by the IC Council a job to make sure the Inter-dimensional Flux is in check, your character, however, is completely from Halo Fanon and has no relation to Sonic Fanon whatsoever and was not approved by the OOC Council's rules, I had Sol talk with Xi, and he said I was justified in banishing your characters. Even though people have Pokemon, it's because they've had tied it in with Sonic Fanon, however, your Halo characters have not had any ties or reason whatsoever except being summoned by you, which you shouldn't even BE in the RPs itself unless as a fursona, but still, you wouldn't have the power to summon something from another dimension unless you want to risk facing me and Solar. And I'm even more deadly than Solar.

Another thing in my opinion, is that Sonic and Halo crossovers would suck... --Rosaline♥; The Lightning of the Sky♪♫

There is Sonic Fan Characters having Pokemon. And the Pokemon are SPECIES. The Council itself is the Admins and Bureaucrats of SFW. And they've approved Crossovers as long as they're not ripped out of some other franchise. Like Halo. Even if its purely your creation, it's Halo. Not Sonic. The Advertisement was two years ago. Another thing is is that it's SONIC FANON. Not MISTER KID FANON. NOT HALO FANON. SONIC FANON. The reason why people rule out TPs is because sometimes, he ruins them with Crossovers that are from other series entirely. Pokemon Crossovers were approved.That, and they had a tie in with the Sonic Fanon as well. I. E. being a Sonic Fanchara's Pet. And Pokemon in itself. Unidentified Life Form 294 19:34, August 9, 2012 (UTC)

Kid, if you mobianized your Halo Characters, then it would be alright...but you didn't. Cause I'm a ninja, that's why. TheSkullWolf 19:43, August 9, 2012 (UTC)

RPing is almost always taken seriously on SFW, unless you know the Plot is just to screw around. --Rosaline♥; The Lightning of the Sky♪♫

Two things.

1). Roleplaying is rather serious on here, talkplaying or otherwise. "The Council" you speak of sounds to me like a group controlling the TPs on the chat, so the addition of Halo isn't the thing they were allowing, they were performing a Pokemon one, and I see no reason to unban you, especially considering the following.

2) I have had it reported about you swearing about the wiki on the chat when your characters were killed/removed. And insulting Rose as well. These were reported by multiple people to a former admin, who informed me via Steam. So, I really don't see a reason to unban you for the intimidate future. Perhaps when the elections finish you can bring it up with one of the new chatmods. Sir Flare, Knight of The Flaming Sword 08:35, August 10, 2012 (UTC)

That was written back before I joined, back when the wiki was only 700 pages in size. Besides, you can bring your characters to life, but joining and altering the plot of a roleplay by adding in a franchise not supported by the build isn't the best way to do so. Try to find some others and make a talk-page talkplay on a page, if you want. Sir Flare, Knight of The Flaming Sword 07:12, August 11, 2012 (UTC)

Exactly, and I'm glad you understand. I'm still going to hold the ban for a little while, although good behavior can change it - apologize to Rose, and I'll hear about it, and you can get unbanned. At least, I'm pretty sure I'll hear. Sir Flare, Knight of The Flaming Sword 06:25, August 12, 2012 (UTC)

bring some Halo Nation boys when you come on chat, thx Assassinhedgehog (talk) 22:52, August 14, 2012 (UTC)

I got s*** for returning to chat Assassinhedgehog (talk) 04:38, August 15, 2012 (UTC)

I'm settling in on chat anyway Assassinhedgehog (talk) 20:31, August 15, 2012 (UTC)

I blocked you? I have no such memory I'm so sorry.Minato Arisato 02:53, September 4, 2012 (UTC)

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