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Hi, welcome to the Sonic Fanon Wiki! Thanks for your edit to the $1 page. Sonic Fanon Wiki is the wiki for Sonic the Hedgehog-related fanfiction! Please, enjoy the wiki! However, there are a few things you must know....


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TOO LONG; DIDN'T READ? Okay, then we'll put it this way:


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Again, welcome to SFW!!

Your question is kinda a no-brainer. Feel free to create your character's page, and any other pages you want to. As long as it meets policy, there's nothing stopping you. Sir Flare, Knight of The Flaming Sword 05:43, September 1, 2012 (UTC)

Well, here's the standards -- --Venom

I also recommend reading this --

It takes a while to read, but it will help you. You can also play this to make Amy on there --

When you're done, press "PrtScSysRq" on your keyboard, copy and paste it into paint, and use the "Select" Tool to copy, then delete Paint and reopen it, and copy it into paint. When you're done, save it and upload here! Hope this helps! ^^ --Venom

Okay. But here's a tip for art - Just just keep praticing. I started off bad, but now i'm pretty good. All of that happened in three years (!). --Venom

Okay, i also recommend using this template --

This template has been retired. Please remove this template from this page.

The only one that is close to having three headings is The Appearnce section, which has three headings, while the others have only one. Overall, she's a nice character, i don't see many characters that are like a typical person (Except she has a magical camera, but that's okay) like her. I also recommend adding more sections and make up ideas for story. --Venom

Maybe have her meet up with Dr. Eggman. --Venom

Okay. --Venom

Sure. Also, try putting comma's into sentences (Sometimes) and only use captials in the first letter, Names, etc. --Venom

That's okay, i guess. I can fix the spelling, if you want. --Venom

Okay. --Venom

So far. --Venom

I think you should add a "Relationships" section (And Weaknesses). Here's an example --



Rivals (Meaning it's neither a friend nor Enemy)


Also, what's Amy's eye color? --Venom

Okay. --Venom

Good. ^-^ I almost forgot to remind you about the quotes section, just put in anything she said, but be sure to click on the "i" button for quotes, an example, using one of my characters

"Hey, man" --Venom when greeting someone.

Also, you could put a gallery if i draw her. --Venom

Maybe start off with her introducing herself. --Venom

That's fine. --Venom

Okay. --Venom

Yeah. --Venom

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