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VIPIR, otherwise known as MOBRAD, is a doppler radar used mainly by Prower-Hedgehog Inc. in the weather field.




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Scientists wanted to build a radar that would not only track storms and rain, but also enemy ships, such as Dr. Eggman's. Within a year, scientists created a new kind of radar, VIPIR Radar.


The VIPIR radar has proved efficient, both in rain and enemy attacks. Local TV stations, such as PBC Parkview, also use the VIPIR software. PBC Parkview (and WSTV) brand it as VIPIR ParkviewHD.

The satisfaction rate has been 93.8% since 2007.


  • All the standard abilities of regular doppler radar.
  • Can act as GPS Tracking Software
  • It can also act as a enemy tracker by using infra-red technology.

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