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Varjud the Bear (pronounced "var-HOOD") is the head soldier that serves the Dark Clan of Voidstar. He has a slight Cockney accent, and a long-standing hatred for the Radiant Templars, who were responsible for the destruction of the peaceful Moonthunder Cult, as well as the death of his sister, Gerhana.

Physical Description

A fairly stocky bear who stands a little over three feet, Varjud has a short, somewhat broad snout, small, rounded ears, and a short, rounded tail.

His fur is completely Payne's gray in color, while his hair, which is cut fairly short, is black in color. His eyes are also Japanese carmine in color.


Part 1

Varjud was born to Zlokoban and Jioni, and had a younger sister named Gerhana, who was born four years after him. Their parents were devout followers of Voidstar; unfortunately, this did not sit well with The Radiant Templars, well-known for their abhorrence of any and all things related to darkness and its Element. The family was forced to keep their faith a secret, as they lived directly on the border of Templar-controlled lands. Varjud and Gerhana grew up learning to not fear the night, but to respect it, and to not use Voidstar's gift for evil.

One day, Varjud, who was 12 at the time, came across a small group of Mobians who also worshiped Voidstar, but also focused much of their faith around one of the god's "children"; a Primordial deity called Aglibol. Despite their foreboding appearance, the cult was peaceable, and also greatly disliked the Radiant Templars as well, having clashed many times.

The cult's leader, a Mobian frill-neck lizard by the name of Notharyne, shared information of a large clan, located in a place called the Fearful Caverns, that also worshiped Voidstar, and welcomed people like Varjud and his family with open arms. Elated at the thought of being free from the oppressive influence of the Templars, the young ursine went to tell his parents what he had heard.

Part 2

Although at first upset that Varjud had kept his meeting with The Moonthunder Cult a secret, Zlokoban and Jioni agreed that moving to the Fearful Caverns and joining the Dark Clan was the best choice. Notharyne even agreed to escort the family there, as they were planning on joining the Clan themselves.

Unfortunately, the journey would not go as planned; at that very minute, a group of Radiant Templars were marching towards the small village where The Moonthunder Cult lived; there had been (falsified) reports that the Cult was planning to perform a ritual to summon beasts of darkness upon the land, when in reality, it was the night of a new moon, and the Cult had planned on holding a small ceremony in reverence to Darkrai.

The group had arrived just as Varjud, his family and the cult were preparing to leave for the Fearful Caverns, and immediately attacked them, aiming to kill them all in order to stop the supposed ritual. The small group was forced to flee, with the soldiers in hot pursuit. The Templars fired at the retreating Mobians with specially-modified guns that shot bolts of pure Light nergy, and one of the bullets caught Gerhana in the back of her head.

Her brother and parents stopped to go back for her, but she had already perished from the wound. Believing that the bears were planning to fight back, the Templars opened fire on them without warning. However, the bullets that would've killed them were suddenly stopped by what appeared to be a solid wall of pure Dark energy that manifested itself between the Templars and Varjud's family.

Part 3

The wall of darkness was being generated by Notharyne. He told the bear family to run, while at the same time instructing his followers to attack the Templars from behind the safety of the wall of darkness. The soldiers fought back, all the while accusing The Moonthunder Cult of being "wretched, devil-worshiping scum".

Infuriated with the Templars' false claims, Notharyne broke through his own barrier in a fit of rage, causing it to break into shards of pure Darkness that followed their master as he charged at the soldiers. The bold move ended up costing Notharyne his life, but not without him taking out many of the Templars with the darkness shards before being gunned down. Notharyne's followers came soon after and attacked the remaining soldiers.

Only three members of The Moonthunder Cult were left alive after every last one of the group of Templars had been slain. One of the survivors was a male skunk around Varjud's age; the skunk's mother and an elderly male hedgehog were the other two.


Base Stats
Other Stats

Varjud is quite strong in terms of physical strength, although not as strong as other bears, due to his lack of heavy musculature. However, he is a bit faster thanks to his lighter build. As the head soldier, he helps lead his fellow soldiers in combat, and is almost always at the fronts lines in a fight.

His weapon of choice is a scramasax, a relatively heavy shortsword that lacks a handguard.

Friends and Foes


  • Dark Clan of Voidstar -
    • Cysgodion the Skunk - One of the three surviving members of the Moonthunder Cult, Cysgodion was around Varjud's age when both the bear's family and the Moonthunder Cult fled to the Fearful Caverns.
  • The Moonthunder Cult - The cult is now disbanded, and what surviving members were left after the attack from the Radiant Templars are now a part of the Dark Clan.





Varjud is cocky and brash, but not without a sense of humor. He tends to maintain his usual demeanor while in combat. He has a deep hatred of the Radiant Templars, however, as they attacked him and his family a long time ago, killing his sister and most members of The Moonthunder Cult in the process.

In spite of his rather abrasive exterior, he cares deeply for his people, and takes it upon himself to make sure his fellow soldiers survive.



Biggest Fears


His name is the Estonian word for "shadows".