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Velocity Symbol
This is the story of Velocity the Hedgehog and yeah I know alot of you dont like me,but if you want to join or help with this just hit me up on my talkpage...

My Characters(Some will appear in later chapters)

Velocity the Hedgehog-Of course

Fist the Echidna(Mine)

Mako the Fox

Nitro the Hedgehog-Velocity's Rival

Falco the Fox

Blade the Hedgehog-Mine

Hober the Alien Fox

Halo the Hedgehog

Velocity's Brothers

N.O.O.B the Fox

Candice the Wolf Hedgehog

Fanon Characters(Highly Doubted tho)

Talk to me before adding your character

Regular Characters

All of them if I can fit them in..

Creation Part 1

  • Eggman's Base at the White Acropolis

(Dr.Eggman has just gotten done fixing up one of his old badniks.)

Eggman:Blast that cursed Sonic always breaking my bots

(He sits the old robot up against a wall as he wipes sweat from his head)

Eggman:Good thing I got those new ermel models.*Grabs a wrench from his work bench*

(suddenly a loud boom was heard from outside of the work,Eggman turns out slightly frightened of what was outside.)

Eggman:*Gulps* Err who's there?! *he holds up the wrench as if it were a weapon*

(Eggman started to ease towards the door,as he drew close,the door slowly opened and came through it was a blue Ermel.The Doctor then sighed in relief.)

Eggman:Phew Ermel 6 don't ever scare me like that again.

(He touched the Ermel lightly and It suddenly fell apart.The Doctor shreiked and fell back,as the fallen Ermel revealed a Pure white hedgehog,that mysteriously looked like Sonic)

???:Hello Doctor...

(The hedgehog had a kinda dark voice like Shadow's and a mysterious ring above his head.Eggman still kinda frightened by the hedgehog,he backed away slowly.)

Eggman:W-what are you doing h-here Sonic?!

(The hedgehog huffed and closed his eyes)

???:I'm not Sonic, name is...Halo the Angel Hedgehog...

(The Doctor calmed down a bit,but he still frightenly backed away.)


Halo:*chuckles* I've come here for surprisingly you genius,Doctor.

(After hearing the word "Genius" he stood up quickly and let out his signature...)

Eggman:HO HO HO! Finally my genius is heard!

(Halo let out a deep sigh and palmed his face as Eggman celebrated.)

Halo:Why did I even get his hopes up?

End of Part 1

Creation Part 2

  • Eggman's Base-Eggman Workshop,White Acropolis

​(Halo was looking over Eggman's shoulder while he mixed some chemicals)

Eggman:This is gonna be my greatest creation!Other than the 2 experiments that got away...

Halo:*Raises his eyebrow* Others?

Eggman:*flinches* Oh uhh did I say others...So you want me to make a hedgehog?

Halo:*nods* Yes Doctor,I fear something fateful is coming towards this Planet...and it won't be the best...

(Eggman nodded.He stood up and went to a glass cabinet,filled with beakers of blood,with labels on them,even tho one was missing.He opened the cabinet door and grabbed the beaker labeled "Shadow".Halo looked over and smiled.)

Halo:Hmm so how did you get that blood?

(Eggman swirled the blood as he held it in the air and looked at it)

Eggman:when you fight those insolent rodents you get alot of things.HO HO HO!!

Halo:Heh you are very resourceful Doctor.So how do you create artifical hedgehog?

(Eggman had set the beaker down on a table,and he pushes a button on the wall,causing a pod similar to Shadow's come out the wall opposite of him.inside it had an empty casing of a hedgehog,it had no color,dead white eyes and two large quills on the front of his head.Halo looked at the pod in amazement.The Doctor looked back with sly smile)

Eggman:Halo meet Project...Velocity...

Halo:So you did plan to make another one...

Eggman:Yes I did,after the others left me,I wanted one that would actually listen to me...

(The Doctor turned around and bumped the table,along with a shelf above it.On the shelf was a beaker of blood labeled "Amy".The beaker fell over and the blood poured out into the other beaker labeled "Shadow",the two beakers mixed together.Eggman was unaware of it as he walked over to the pod.)

Eggman:...but I bailed on it after that damned Sonic destroyed my lab....*touches the pod glass* This little guy was my ticket to world domination...

Halo:but now he will be used to save the world you hope to dominate...

(Eggman let out a deep sigh and opened the pod.The body fell onto his shoulder as he picked it up and put it on the table.He then grabs a large syringe,he stuck the needle into the beaker of blood,taking in all the blood from it.)

Halo:*in thought* This body will be a great vessel for the 8th...*aloud* so Doctor what brings this thing to life?

Eggman:Well a system of artificial parts that I made.

Halo:So all you really need is the blood,right?


(He stuck the syringe into the body,and the blood immediately took effect,the fur turned black,the belly and abdomine a tan brown,some chest fur sprouted,but on his back quills,pink fur grew on the tips and his eyes also a bright pink,as they slowly closed,Halo watched on,seeing how science had advanced over the years.)

Halo:*mumbles* Its like they're playing the lord...

(Halo examined the body careful,he lifted the head and saw that the back quills had pink on the tips.)

Eggman:What?What's wrong?

Halo:Uhh Doctor who's blood did you use?

Eggman:Shadow's Of course,why?

Halo:You might want to look at this then...

(Eggman leaned in,looking at the back quills,he scratched his chin in question)

Eggman:Well that is peculiar,it must be a defect but no matter it if you would excuse me I have to go to the bathroom.

(As he walked out closing the door behind him,Halo pulled out a a gray emerald,it had no shine or no luster.The feeling of it was chalk like.He set down the project's head,then he went over towards the project's heartside,putting the emerald on it and then putting his hands together in a prayer type way)

Halo:Project Velocity...You are now the verified vessel of the Neutral Emerald...You will fight for Justice,pride and Light...but also..for Evil,hatered,and Darkness...

(With that being said the emeraldsank into the project's heart,incasing it.)

Halo:My work here is done...*vanishes into thin air*

(Eggman walks in smiling)

Eggman:My aplogies Halo I just had to-uhh.

(He looked around and saw no one but the project.So he simply shrugged and went back over to the Project.)

End of Creation...


Over the course of 3 years Project Velocity was trained in the art of war,and with the DNA of Shadow the Hedgehog,his fighting skills were impecable along with his weapon skills.So we will take you inside one of his training sessions....

  • Outside of Eggman's Base,White Acropolis

​(The snow seemed to come down harder than usual,Velocity was sitting inwait of orders from Dr.Eggman.He had a scouter like device covering his left ear and eye.The snow melted on his fur.He didn;t have any shoes or gloves on,as he rubbed his hands together.)

Velocity:*In Mind* Why am i not cold? I know snow makes people why am I so warm...?

(His scouter radio chimed,so he pressed a little button on it,and Eggman's voice came up)

Eggman:*Over Radio* Velocity come to my lab,I have a surprise for you...

Velocity:*nods* Yes Doctor

  • Inside the base,Eggman's workshop

​(Velocity skids to a stop in front of the workshop,he enters to see Eggman hunched over his table,as sparks fly.Velocity tilts his head in confusion.)

Velocity:Uhh Doctor? I'm here...

Eggman:Ahh glad to hear...

(Eggman turns around holds out some black and red,metalic looking running shoes,similar to Shadow's.Velocity's eyes grew wide with excitement as he looked at the shoes then up at The Doctor.)

Velocity:For me?!

Eggman:*Nods* Yes Project Velocity they are.*smiles*

(He hands the shoes to Velocity,and goes back to the table.Velocity just looked at the shoes in amazement until he heard Eggman chuckle.)

Eggman: You know they're not just for looking.Try them on...

(Velocity smiled wide with his little tail wagging,he sat on the floor and quickly put the shoes on,they had a snug,lightweight feel to them.As he stood up,Eggman had turned back to him holding out some black and red gloves.)

Eggman:These are for you too,Velo...

Velocity:*raises eyebrow* Velo?

Eggman:Yes I thought since Velocity is a little long,I thought I'd use the first 4 letters of your name insted.

Velocity:Ok,but isn't Velo french for "bike"?

Eggman:*rubs chin* Hmm I guess it is,but who really cares about the french anyway.

(Velocity shrugged and took the gloves,feeling the leather texture,he slide them on and clenched his fist.Eggman gave him a sly smile.)

Eggman:I see you like how they feel.

Velocity:Yes Doctor I do.

Eggman:Well good,now lets head to the Arena for some training...

Velocity:*nods* Yes Doctor!

  • Training Room B,Inside the Base

(They had arrived at the training room.The room its was pitch black,other than the spotlight that followed the two,they stopped in the middle of the room.Velocity looked around,trying to peer througgh the darkness.)

Velocity:Uhh doctor why is it dark as hell in here?

Eggman:Heh heh heh...

(Eggman pulls a remote from his jacket,and steps back into the darkness,silently.Velocity continued to look around until e heard the click of a button.)


(Suddenly his ear perked,a giant sweeping claw came towards him,narrowly escaping with a back roll,he snarls and looks from left to right.)

Velocity:What the hell is going on?!

(The lights suddenly come on,revealing a giant robot it had long arms with robot claws at the end of them,a wide body,that went well with its height.Velocity looked at it with great amazement as Eggman stood upon it.)

Eggman:Heh heh heh....Velocity,this is E-60...

Velocity:Heh and I'm guessing this is my opponent...No worries I can take him.*smiles*

(With that said Velocity speeded towards the robot as it swong its powerful arm,he jumped onto the arm as it recoiled back to the robot.)

Velocity: You're gonna have to be faster than that,scrap!

(He then jumped into and came down with a spiral kick,striking E-60,tipping it over some as he flipped off landing in his battle ready stance)

Velocity: (chuckles) Well aren't you the tough one,scrap!

(E-60 finally balance itself,it's eye turning red)

E-60:Battle phase 2..

Velocity:(raises a brow) Say what now?

(The giant robot that stood in front of Velocity started to transform,its body getting slimmer,it's sweeping claws turning into sharp spike ones and a tail protruding from it back side.)

Velocity: (Gulps) Uhh h-hey y'know I didn't mean to call you scrap right?

(And in the blink of an eye,Velocity was hit by the tail of E-60 and impacted into the wall,as Velocity felt blood come his mouth)

Velocity: Well that *coughs up blood* could o-

(His sentence was cut off when E-60's body crashed into him)

Dr.Eggman: (smiles) Ease up on him E-60,let's try not to kill the boy.

(E-60 back off,letting Velocity's body fall to the floor with harsh thud.)