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This is an article about Vendetta, a character created by E-113:Xi on 08/14/2012. It is currently owned by Skyblade743 as of 6/2/2017.
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Vendeta is a Mobian Hedgehog with psychokentic powers, similar to Silver the Hedgehog. He is the last guardian of the Chronosabre, although he usually adventures outside his post, eliminating threats to the Sabre and the universe in general.


Vendetta was created by E-113:Xi and immediately put up for adoption. Skyblade743 has since adopted the character, 5 years after it's creation.


Vendeta is a white-furred Mobian hedgehog. He is rather slender for his body-type. He has two large spines at the back of his head which extend down to his lower back, and a V-shaped tuff of hair on his brow. His eyes are golden-brown in colour, and his skin is tan. He also has a cross-shaped scar on his chest.


The main focus of Vendeta's attire are his PsychGauntlets, white gloves with large, golden protrusions forming around his hand in a claw-shape. He also wears black boots with golden trim. While in space, he wears a black and white suit of armour that links into his boots and guantlets and covers his body. The eyes of the suit also glow blue.


At the age of 15, Vendeta was chosen as Earth's representative in the Guardians of the Chronosabre, who choose one representative from each planet in the universe to guard the blade. Vendeta was trained to use psychokinesis, becoming extremely proficient in it and called a prodigy by some of his teachers, although he still struggled with moving objects. He also became friends with Grey, a rouge Black Arms agent who has been freed from Black Doom's control and had joined the Guardians

10 years after his entrance to the Guardians, the Guardian Tel-Eth led a rebellion against the Guardian's commanders, stating that the Chronosabre's power should be used for the betterment of the universe. The rebellion led to a civil war that tore apart the Guardians. Vendeta chose to defend the Chronosabre, fighting against Tel-Eth. Naively thinking the war would be easy, Vendeta was unprepared for the horrific scenes of the war. 1 year into the war, he was forced to kill Grey on orders from his superiors, but not before his old friends unleashed a psychic slash that left Vendetta with the distinctive scar on his chest. Truely realising what was happening, Vendeta fought viciously, almost becoming completely emotinless.

After 3 years of seemingly endless fighting, Tel-Eth launched a full-on attack for the Chronosabre. The fight round the sabre's alter was a bloodbath, tearing through both sides, until the only members left were Vendeta and Tel-Eth himself. Alone and nowhere near as strong as Tel-Eth, Vendeta was forced to use the Chronosabre, using the time manipulating powers of the blade to warp Tel-Eth 200 years into the future. Drained from using the insanely powerful sword, Vendeta put the sword back. He'd won the war, but at horrific cost. After burying the dead, Vendeta began his career as the Chronosabre's lone protector.

Skyblade Continuity

Sonic Guardians

Vendeta makes a cameo in the Uber Secret Ending. He sees Tel-Eth flying away from Earth before saying that he knew he'd return before flying after him.



While heading towards Earth, Vendeta was nearly hit by a blast from the Eggskam. After trying to take on the Eggskam alone, he was saved from the robot by Max Irvaron. After being led to Angel Island to find Rouge, Vendeta uses his telekinesis to stop her.

Powers and Abilities

Vendeta's most noteable ability is his psychokinesis. Vendeta has the power to move and manipulate objects with his mind, although he isn't proficient at this discipline as Silver. He can also generate concussive energy blasts, fly, and fire needles of energy called PsychDarts. These energy-manipulation abilities surpass most pyschics of his level of power.


Since the fall of the Guardians, Vendeta has been cold and withdrawn, rarely talking about his personal life and feelings. The weight of what he had to do in the war, particularly killing Grey, still lingers and he usually ignores anyone who tries to talk about it, sometimes leading him to anger. He rarely accepts help, fearing he'll put people in the line of fire again.



Vendeta considers Tel-Eth his arch-rival. He led the Guardians down a path of destruction that led to the death of the entire group except for Vendeta and Tel-Eth himself. Vendeta holds a grudge against him because of this, especially since he forced him to kill Grey.

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