It is a continent of the wind. An Ancient was the founder of this continent. His descendant Josh the Hedgehog was the second ruler of this continent. He is known as "Wind Leader".


An Ancient first discovered this continent, along with the three continents. He named it Ventilus. And the Wind Ancient leads this continent, along with his people. 400 years ago, the Ancient's granddaughter (now she was an adult) brought a baby to existence by birth. She named the baby Josh. Since Josh was now 280 years old, he lead Ventilus as the Wind Ancient's descendant. He was given wind powers by the Wind Ancient. Since the Wind Ancient has become a Great Ancient, he is not the Ventilus Leader anymore, because of his great rank. Then Josh is the one who leads this continent.

Known Settlers

  • Josh the Hedgehog
  • Jess the Hedgehog
  • Alice the Cat


It is cold in this continent, because it is near Cryolus. The temperature in this continent is -50 degrees Celsius. But the coldness in this continent, like Cryolus, is pure.


You could drive with an Ice Horse. When rain comes, you could drive with Ice Truck. To travel through water, drive with an Ice Shark.


  • This continent has a park named Frost Park.
  • This continent has a museum named Ancients' Museum.
  • This continent has ruins named Legend Ruins.
  • This continent has a castle named Thunderous Tornado. This is where Josh lives.


There are 200,000 settlers because this continent is cold. But there are also many people live here even if it's cold.


  • Ventilus Adventure
  • Sonic Riders: Beyond the Sky


In a map, you will see Ventilus with many trees around the castle. And there are some roads, but grassy lands are much more than roads. And then there are few pipelines. There are many water forms in this continent. But they sometimes freeze because of the cold weather. There is much water than land in this continent.

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