The Video Game Zone is an alternate, yet unique dimension, nearly 500 kilometers away from Mobius. It is created by Johnny D. the Fox (only while he was playing all the games from different generations, though he was unaware of it).

Video Game Zone

Type Alt. dimension/Zone
  • Various (depending on which boundaries they visit)
  • Certain places may be either daytime, sunset, or nighttime (although there are some places that features day-to-night cycle, including weather conditions (sixth-gen and seventh-gen zones only))
Location Alt. dimension
  • Varies, whereas Fifth-Gen Zones have many pixelated environments such as grass, trees, forests, sands, asphalts, and gravel (although there are very few)
  • Seventh-Gen Zones has very detailed environments, unlike Fifth-Gen and Sixth-Gen zones
Fauna Various (except Pokémons)
Mobian Residents
Other Residents Various, depending on which zone they would visit

Unlike many other dimensions, the Video Game Zone is entirely different than all the other dimensions. The zone is divided to three "boundaries" (or "islands") such as: Fifth-Gen Zone, Sixth-Gen Zone, and Seventh-Gen Zone. Most of the zones allows or disallows Mobians to freely wander around, with racing-type zones disallowing them to roam around, with the exception of the Seventh-Gen Zone, as long as they do not end up getting in the way of fast-moving vehicles.

Most of the residents may be completely pixelated (fifth-gen and sixth-gen zones only) and therefore do not interact with Mobians, most likely because they are highly scripted and have extreme limitations, in which the Video Game Zone residents may think that Mobians have never existed, nor do they even know their whereabouts. On free-roaming places, however (sixth-gen and seventh-gen zones only), while they don't interact with Mobians, most likely because they do not notice them at all, they can either be provoked or attacked, since socializing them will not work at all. Each of the three boundaries are connected by long-stretch bridges, which are nearly 5,000 miles on each zones. Despite being very long, there are many stops, such as hotels, diners (including fast-food restaurants), information booths, and gas stations, all of them which are not far, but not close by neither.

Fifth-Gen Zone

Few of the places in this zone are completely pixelated, therefore limiting the use of any means by exploring. However, all other interesting places are well detailed (one of the reasons why they have created borders between 64-bit area and 128-bit and beyond area), with most of the environment fairly good. Nearly all of the environment comes from one popular sport; racing. Although there are also baseball and football, which are popular spectator sports. There are some interiors, despite not being fully detailed, although there isn't anything insteresting inside on certain buildings.

Sixth-Gen Zone

Unlike the Fifth-Gen Zone, the Sixth-Gen Zone are a little more detailed than the Fifth-Gen Zone itself. Most of the places are not reccomended for exploring, such as racetracks, due to fast-moving cars zooming through the track, which also poses a high risk. Racing remains a popular sport in this "boundary", although there is also skateboarding and street racing, another type of racing itself. There are certain places that allows Mobians to fully explore, but they cannot interact with pedestrians (all are interactive humans), since they have limited speech. If they bump into them, however, they would say any types of dialogues that consists of telling them to move out of their way. If provoked, as in getting attacked, however, they would either run away or attempt to fight back. If using any kind of kinetic-type powers, pedestrians would run away out of sheer panic (in one of the places, pedestrians commandeering vehicles would drive away in a fearful manner, whereas some people get out and retaliate with their weapons), although some with firearms may retaliate in order to defend themselves.

Some of the places do have skateparks, in which most Mobians consider skateboarding as a hobby. They can also spray tags on walls, though they are not permanent, unless one stays in an area that has been tagged.

Seventh-Gen Zone

The Seventh-Gen Zone is one of the most populous "boundary" in this alternate dimension. Nearly al of the places have prosperous buildings and skyscrapers, with the exception of certain places that are used as shooting sports (such as capture the flag, team deathmatch (including mercenary team deathmatch0, free-for-all, demolition, etc.) and are considered to be a popular spectator sport, including racing. However, some of the places that involves racing are also known as a "no-holds barred racing", as mentioned by some Mobians, as racers fight for first place despite crashing and wrecking each other (in which the take place on a desert or an isolated island, although they always respawn, even though they became wrecked or thrown off). One of the most notable places is "Panau Island", which is a really huge island (which can only be found via flying over there with an aircraft or with flying abilities) filled with rainforests, snowy mountains, saharan deserts, even towering cities. It was ranked as the most popular place to explore and, possibly, live in. There is also a racetrack that has a big danger factor, mainly because it is stunt-related, such as exocated ploding gas stations, collapsing building, bridges being detonated, even airplanes that crash through runways.

Like the Sixth-Gen Zone, there are few, but interesting places to explore (including "Panau Island"), but cannot interact with people, unless if provoked. There are also places that cannot be visited due to a massive shootout (although they are mostly competition-related, which is one of the reasons). There are also most of the cities involved in street races, which can be participated, though a modified vehicle, without any use of weapons (unless if used by villains), is required to participate. There are also blank landscapes (e.g. grass, sand) that can be used to create their own racetracks and race with it.

"Handheld"-Gen Zone

A small and isolated boundary, known as the "Handheld"-Gen Zone, is a hidden island that is not connected between Fifth, Sixth, and Seventh-Gen zones, including the "Fourth"-Gen Zone, but is rather located center in this dimension. There is nothing interesting, except only one, if not two, places to fully explore and having two racing sports, both consisting on flying aircrafts than actual vehicles. Despite this, it is below average to visit and this can only be done by teleporting there with a portable teleporter device, as using a teleportation ability alone will not function properly. Flying towards the boundary can approximately take 10-15 hours to arrive there.

"Fourth"-Gen Zone

The "Fourth"-Gen Zone is an unofficial territory of the Seventh-Gen Zone. Despite being in the Fifth-Gen Zone category, it is actually a downgraded version of itself, with nearly all the environments and sceneries containing pixels and are "less-than" 128-bit. If visiting certain places, Mobians' voices are replaced with subtitles, which ultimately replaces their abilities to speak, thus rendering actual communication, as well as sign languages, nearly impossible. This zone is located 5,000 miles north of the Seventh-Gen Zone. Mobians are also unable to fully more or flex, since their movements are completely scripted and limited, depending on which places they visit in this zone.

Dangers Within the Dimension

There are many dangers in this dimension, like falling off from the bridge (since the long bridges do not have any ocean) and continuous free-falling can result in being teleported back on Mobius, and adding symptoms such as disorientation, confusion and harsh headaches. Despite being an interesting dimension, villains can do whatever they can to destroy buildings and environments, although this can result in massive crashes and freezes throughout the area, though the villains did not cared and can easily live through problems. After the destruction, the dimension was rebuilt 5 years later after living through massive bugs, hacks, and freezes.

Infinite Loop

On rare occasions, the Infinite Loop appears on certain places while exploring the Fifth-Gen Zone. Falling into the Infinite Loop will cause one to continue falling down through the loop, unless if they have flying abilities or if one grabs the unfourtunate victim that was falling down through the loop. Side effects after falling down through the Infinite Loop for more than 10 minutes includes; disorientation, confusion, amnesia, nausea, headaches, blurry vision, dizziness, and backaches, including muscle spasms.

Invisible Walls

While Invisible Walls do not pose any danger, passing through it by using a certain ability may end up having problems staying inside an area where the Invisible Wall do not allow explores to discover in, as this causes them to become locked inside, thus freezing them from moving around, until they are teleported back from the area where they broke through the invisible wall. Seventh-Gen Zones do allow explores to go through the Invisible Wall without any problems.

Bottomless Cliffs

One of the most common hazards are bottomless chasms that would cause anyone to fall through a virtual cliff and continuously fall down for an idefinite amount of time, thus returning back to surface a lot difficult unless one knows flying abilities, or if they have a portable teleporter.

"Blue Hell"

An infamous danger, known as "Blue Hell", often occurs when Mobians enters a "door" of a building that is not intended to be accessed inside. This can cause them to rapidly fall down from a building whilst the ground is entirely covered in blue, hence the name. After a brief, but long free-fall, they are automatically teleported back onto the ground, inflicting no damage against the victim, though he/she can experience the worst case of vertigo after falling. In an unlikely event, if a victim falls into blue hell and ends up landing on the ground (thus inflicting no damage against the victim), most of the sceneries are completely out of place, although he/she can still explore, unless he/she ends up falling onto "blue hell" again, before being teleported back on the ground, glitch-free.


  • Mobians' physical appearances and attires can greatly change and affect their voices depending on which boundary they visit. For example, if visiting an area that disallows speech voices (mainly the Fifth-Gen Zone), they end up speaking in subtitles, making their voices less notable. They can also have their appearance that are 128-bit and beyond, and their flexibilities are limited, depending on which places they visit.
  • While taking an aircraft to fly from one boundary to another, it may take a little longer than traveling through the bridge itself due to its limited speed.
  • Escaping from a bottomless void after accidentaly falling down from a really long bridge while traveling towards another zone is highly possible, if one has flying abilities. This is also done on the "Handheld"-Gen Zone.
  • Mobians' kinetic-type powers are very limited, and the same goes for villains (unless their abilities are still powerful enough) if visiting Fifth and Sixth-Gen Zones.
  • When Mobians commence battle and use their abilities against villains, some of their kinetic powers releases certain game noises and that the song quickly changes into a battle-type song. Oddly enough, Video Game Zone residents (only on certain places that is an open-world) can only panic and run (even shoot at the others, regardless of the Mobians' alignments, in order to defend themselves) when an attack move is commenced.
  • There is a high chance that Mobians without their portable teleporters will cause them to remain inside as using teleportation ability alone will not work and would be rendered useless.

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