Viktor is the mysterious sniper of G.U.N whose skill is unmatched and past is unknown


Viktor the Sniper
81 lbs
HK Psg-1 sniper rifle, soviet ballistic knives, tomahawks, and several stun grenades.
Red trench coat with black shiulder pads, red boots with black soles, and is usually seen carrying his psg-1

Viktor is very quiet and usually outspoken in plans. He is always the sniper role due to his great sniping skills( said to be the best on mobius). While sniping he is very serious and usually bossy because it takes reat concentration. When he isn't sniping he can be comedical at times and sometimes drinks alcohol such as vodka. In other cases he is very detached and can take the lead during times of hardship. In his spare time he researches new innovations for sniping such as camos and new rifles for any type of terrain. He is a leading innovator in the method of sniping and is a valuable asset to G.U.N.


Viktor's sniper of choice is the German oriented Psg-1 by Heckler and Koch. It is calibered in the 7.62x54R and on other cases the .338 Lapua Magnum(yes it is a ral caliber and not made up). His sidearm is the Soviet Russian Ballistic Knife a type of knife that with the push of a button can fire the blade out of the knife and into the target. His lethal grenade is a few tomahawks and his non-lethal grenade is a couple of stun-grenades that can temporarily disable enemies.


" Let me show you how it's done."- when educating other snipers in training at G.U.N

" One shot, One Kill."- Said after successfully killing a target.

" Just shut up and let me do my job. "- When someone bugs him while he's scouting a target.

" Move quiet and after I take the shot, get up and run to the next camping spot. "- giving directions of what to do in a sniping mission.

" Mission Success."- A rank

" Could've been better. "- B rank

" Barely exceptable."- C rank

" We need more practice."- D rank

" Horrible..."- E rank

" I used to be an infantryman like you... but then I took an arrow to the knee."- A joke he says to the soldiers of G.U.N in reference to Elder Scrolls Skyrim.

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