'Violenza': Genesis is the first of three online novel series. There are only five chapters. These chapters tell of Violenza's history and how he became a gladiator.

The book

Chapter 1

Brief summary of Violenza place at sparta. Tells of his time with his brother Notte and there struggles with Spartan laws.

Chapter 2

Time passes to the point where Violenza is a captain of a spartan squadron. He leads them against a Roman outpost. Most of the spartan soldiers died except for Violenza, where he is then taken to Rome.

Chapter 3

Violenza wakes up in a prison cell at Rome. Being confused, he meets other people who in turn are revealed to be "gladiators." Violenza is more confused than ever. He meets another soldier who calls himself Nero. Violenza tells his name to Nero and befriends him.

Chapter 4

Violenza is sentenced to the arena. There he fights an ex-soldier who calls himself Hercules. Violenza deals with him violentlyhowever. Violenza is then sent to the owner of the arena and the combatants. The owner happened to be a woman named Selene. She tries to seduce Violenza into being one of her warriors. Violenza accepts without hesitation, not because of Selene's beauty but because of how much power he felt when combating the warrior.

Chapter 5

fourteen months have gone by for Violenza. Both he and Nero have been listed as two of the top three, third place goes to Hercules who actually survived Violenza's comfrontation despite the brutality that was given to him. While resting, Violenza sensed that he will have an interesting future ahead of him. Violenza then woke up to find himself in a spaceship headed to an unknown destination. As it was shown, his time in Rome was just the beginning.

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