Volcanic Shelter

Its a secret volcanic base created by Dr. Eggman. It was seen in Sonic and the Steel of Darkness. The base can only be accessed by lava-proof robots but Tails's volcanic armor can handle the heat while Blaze protects the suit
from overheating. Nova Corona guards the place until they found all the supplies they needed for the doomsday weapon.


Act 1: Inside the Volcano: The player must control the Magma Hurricane to reach the base. The Ice Shield box can cool down the vehicle for few seconds. You must use your Repel Shield to block off all incoming Drill Bots. You must avoid mines and watch for other obstacles.

Act 2: Plummel to the Core: The player can call Blaze to give a Flame Shield to swim across the lava but be fast or you'll be engulf in flames. The enemies are Driller Egg Pawns, Magma Centipedes and Crystal Crabs. The player can use Knockout Gas Combo on eruption currents that can be used as protection while hovering. The traps are mine bombs and lava boulders.

Act 3: Red Hot Flare: Nova Corona knows your coming and starts to battle you. Your mission is to stop Nova Corona before he starts the eruption. The player must chase him down similar to Metal Sonic. He will try to punch or use Nova Strike on you. He will try going to the background of the screen and transforms into a scorched wheel that chases you down until he's stops. After that, a cutscene shows that he will fight you in a normal battle.

Boss: Nova Corona- After the cutscene, the battle starts. He will moves aways from the player and attacks with a Fire Arm. He will also try to punch you with his extendable arms. He will command the robots to attack you. Be very cautious on Blaze's health as she battles. Nova Strike is his overdrive attack that can fire a meteor shower from above. Time Stopper is the best option but Bubble Parade can do moderate damage.

Music Theme

Megaman x8 Gigabolt man-o-war stage bgm02:53

Megaman x8 Gigabolt man-o-war stage bgm

Music theme for Act 1

Sonic Colors - Color Mix (Cubed Asteroid Coaster)03:53

Sonic Colors - Color Mix (Cubed Asteroid Coaster)

Music theme for Act 2 & 3

Digimon World DS Boss Extended15:30

Digimon World DS Boss Extended

Music theme for Boss Battle

Screenshots (Under Constructions)

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