Voltkal is the romantic relationship between Voltrex the Vulture and Tikal the Echidna.


Voltkal starts 30 years in the future. Voltrex had the Master Emerald connected to multiple wires to Activate the Space-Time Gate. the machince backfires, casuing Voltrex's right hand to be burned, and a female Echidna, the same age as Voltrex, to appear at the gate. Voltrex's hand eventually heals, with Tikal apologizing multiple times, which led to a friendship. Tikal starts to like Voltrex after Voltrex gets into situations, such as when he was setting a banner while on a ladder, the ladder breaks, and Voltrex (being a Vulturian, which cannot fly) uses his jet boots, but they run out of fuel, making him fall in front of Tikal. eventually, when the Gate iss repaired, she decides to stay instead of returning to the past, yet Voltrex tells her to go back 30 years, and befriend that Voltrex, she does, but when she makes it to 30 years before, she is 17 instead of Voltrex's age. this event, causes the future to be changed, since Voltrex learns of where she came from, and Befriends her.

Future Voltkal children

  • an Unamed Albino Echidna( even though it is an Vultidna, it is an Echidna since the only signs of Vulturian is it being Albino) (if anyone could think of a good name, tell me!) 

Fanfics against

Knuxikal (Knuckles X Tikal)

Shadikal (Shadow X Tikal)

Tifkal (Tifu X Tikal)

Fanfics Not Against

Espali (Espio X Hali) (same as this, but this is an Echidna and a Vulturian)


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