The Voltrex-Wave Conflict is the Rivalry (Conflict) between Voltrex the Vulture and Wave the Swallow.


This Conflict can be described with three words: Sibling "Genius" Rivalry. Voltrex and Wave, as you know are both Genius's, but they argue over who is better at inventing Extreme Gear. it was once seen in the Extreme Gear Garage for the EX Grand Prix that they both had a bit of a contest late at night, trying to see who could build a better Extreme Gear, the next day, the both of them are sleeping standing up, and using the new Extreme Gear's as Pillows. Voltrex once even placed on controller on Wave's board, that eventually get onto her, as planned, Voltrex then had her run into the electric Gate, shocking her. another instance was when Wave dyed Voltrex's feathers Pink (you have no idea how long it took him to get that off!) 


Voltrex-Wave Conflict
This is basically, what they say to each other most of the time, see picture

Wave: just give up, we all know I'm better at designing Extreme Gear.

Voltrex: What did you just say?

Wave: Yeah, you heard me!

Voltrex: Haha-No, see thats where your wrong, I could create a Gear better than your Type-W

Wave: Oh really?

Voltrex: Yeah really!

(their foreheads are against each other, Fire is in their eyes, meanwhile in the background watching)

Rampart: You think they'll ever get along?

Storm: Nope!

Other Info

  • Voltrex insults Wave by calling her Wrenchhead
  • Wave insults Voltrex by calling him BoltBrains
  • Both try to do better than the other in Races
  • If one is challenge, when the other is right htere, they will "stick up" for the other, even though they just want to out do the other


  • Look at Voltrex's Extreme Gear, notice how he holds it backwards, he could unleash a stream of fire to turn Wave extra extra crispy.
  • Some fans believe that Voltrex and Wave are somehow related, since the Babylon Rogues ancestors came from a different Planet, although in truth, Voltrex and the Babylonians are different species.
  • The two only fight over who is smarter, who can make the better Gear Etc. other than that, they seem to be friends

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