Vzee is the romantic relationship between Vee and Zee.


Zee is obsessed with Vee and often glomps and squeezes him. Vee sometimes screams or tries to break free from these "assaults" as he calls them but the most prominent reaction is "you crushing my spleen". Zee usually releases soon after. Vee sometimes doesn't mind Zee but she can irritate him. Also Vee doesn't really get along with Zee's father (Tails Doll!) On few occasions Vee hugs Zee but these are very rare. Vee doesn't really despise Zee but sometimes gets annyoed. When asked to draw something Zee usually draws Vee, Vee doesn't really mind this.


Put a song here if you think it would fit this couple! (Bring Me To Life by Evanescence) (Why by Secondhand Serenade) (Song Of Eared Robot by Teto Kasane) (Crime And Punishment by Miku Hatsune) (Boats And Birds by Gregory and the Hawk)


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  • Tails Doll:..........................
  • Kee: I have no comment....
  • Aquilla: -_-


  • Bee: What a pathetic bunch of losers.
  • Lol: ZEE IS MINE!


Zee: [Sitting in a tree, plucking petals off a daisy] He loves me, loves me not, loves me, loves me not, Loves me, loves me not... Loves me!!! ^^

[Vee watches from a bush, unseen]

Zee: [Blinks, stops, then has a mischevous grin on her face]

Vee: Oh crap, I think she heard me! [He said under his breath, he attempted to move but a thron scartched his elbow.] Ow!

Zee: [Turns to the bushes, quietly gets down from the tree] ^^ I know you're there, silly!

Vee: [Poorly immitates Bee] Uh, yes I am very silly. I am just a stupid perverted pig called Bee which is a very stupid name and I like to sting people. Sting, sting, sting, sting, sting!

Zee: T_T You're blue, you're cute, and Bee doesn't sting people. ^^ Silly Vee! [Glomps him]

Vee: Eek!

[In a flash Vee is pinned on the ground by an unfamiliar female green cat]

Zee: ?!

???: Hello darling!


Zee: [Blinks]

Zira: [Looks at Zee] And who's this, your sister?

Vee: N-no....

Zee: [Glares at Zira] And who are YOU? Get away from my boyfriend! T^T

Vee: O_O boyfriend....

Zira: BOYFRIEND! [Lashes out at Zee] He's MY boyfriend!

Vee: Hey get away from her! Oh no, it's happening again! TAKE COVER ZEE! [Goes into Hydroverkill State]

Zira: [Screams as she is carried of by a deluge, water falling on her.]

Zee: 0_0

Vee: [Collapses]

Zee: !!! [Runs over to Vee]

Vee: [Lifts head up] Zee?

Zee: You ok?

Vee: [Nods] I think so....

Zee: [Smiles] Ok.

[Meg walks up to them]

Meg: Hey guys, howya doing- What happend.

Vee: I don't really know....


Vee: I just lost control.

Meg: Ah, I see.

Vee: What?

Meg: [Suddenly holding a magnifying glass to her eye] Things at a much better quality! XD

Zee: [Rolls eyes] Very funny....

Vee: T_T

Meg: [Shrugs]

[A twig snaps behind them]

Zee: ! [Whirls around] Who's there?!

???: No-one.


Meg: T_T

Vee: Who do you think I am Bee? Polymetheus?

Zee: T^T

Meg: Since Bee's here, I'm leaving. Good day. [Walks away]

Bee: [Throws fireball at Meg]

Meg: [Catches it] You are aware I'm Pyrokinetic too? [Extinguishes it]

Kee: But I'm a Cryokinetic!

Vee: O_O

Bee: O_O


Kee: Your counterpart!

Vee: Whose? Mine's or Bee's?

Kee: Both of you!

Meg: 0_e

(Well, since you're doing this I'm gonna do it too! XD)

[Two other foxes appear]

Tee: :P

Jee: XD

Zee: T^T Hi, half sisters.....

(Please don't! Zee is okay but I don't want a whole army, Kee is just the Moebian counterpart! C'mon!)

Vee: Don't spite me T_T. [Makes them all dissappear] They're not even real!

(I was just joking! XD Like I would make them with such stupid names! If they had lasted any longer, they would have blown up. XP)

Meg: I'm leaving.... [Walks away]

Kee: Yeah, another loner REAL ORIGINAL!

[Vee glares at him]

Zee: Don't make me get daddy. T^T

Kee: Oooh, I'm so scared! Probably some idiot called Hee!

Zee: [Eyes flash, and a red portal appears, Tails Doll comes out]

TD: And who is upsetting Zee?!

Bee: That would be Vee.

Zee: No it isn;t. [Points to Kee] He is.

Kee: NOT!

TD: [Floats up to Kee] I cAn TeEl WhEn SoMeBoDy'S lYiNg.....


Vee: [Gasps] I can't belive it, my own brother!

Bee: Oh we've been fighting since we were....[Counts on his paws]

Vee: [Facepalms]

Zee: [Rolls eyes] Only Bee......

Kee: [Freezes Zee in a block of ice] There we go!

Meg: [Comes back] I think I forgot my- [Notices Zee, then melts the ice] [Glares at Kee]

Kee: [Shrugs] How do you know it's me?

Meg: Because nobody else here has Cryokinetic abilities! ..... Except Harold.

Harold: [Suddenly there] SOMEBODY CALL MY NAME?


Meg: Uh..... Zee WAS in a block of ice......

Kee: Vee could have done it! In Lunar State he can control ice!

Meg: I was only gone, for like, 5 minutes.....

Lol: I'm the free flower seller anyone see a miss Zee?

Vee: [Whispers to Zee] Wanna get the heck outta here?

Lol: Oh you can use these flowers for he loves me, he loves me not or you could use them to give to a special someone there multi purpose.

Vee: T_T

Lol: To drop these flowers off I need Zee to get them.

Vee: [Grabs the flowers and rips them up]


Lol: (Irritated) Now why did you do that?! (Gets out another pair of flowers with a label taht reads Vee proof. Ms. Zee this is a limited time offer you must act now.

Zee: [Blinks] ......... [Glances at Harold, who is hanging upside down from a branch]

Lol: Come on Ms. Zee your running out of time!

Zee: ......................................Just who are you?

Lol: I'm the free flower seller. (Shows her his name tag that reads Lol-Asl the Bee)

Zee: Riiiiiiight........ No thanks.

Lol: THAT'S IT! (Rips out his suit and rips out his fake mustache then throws Zee in the troll Supply truck which is imune to nearly anything) YOU HAD YOUR CHANCE VEE BUT ZEE IS MINE! (Drives off at a shocking 120 miles per hour)

Harold: [Falls from the tree]

Lol: (To Zee) Now you'll be with me,zee! Hey that rymes!


Lol: Not on your life babe! (240miles later)

Lol: We are almost there!

Meg: [Running next to the truck] LET HER GO NOW!!!!!! [Throws a fireball]

Lol: Too bad this truck is immune to all of the elements and more!

Meg: [Curses] ....... [Jumps on the top]

Lol: (Makes an exact mimic of Zee's voice to throw meg off) Oh Lol your so handsome I loooooove you.

Meg: ?!!!?!?

Lol: (Still exact mimic) Oh Lol your so bad! Kiss me you fool! (He makes smooching noises)


Meg: !!!

Lol: (Now mimicking meg's voice) I don't give a care!

Vee: HOW DARE YOU! [Goes into Hydroverkill State]

Lol: AHHHHHHHH! (Speeds up)

Vee: [Blows the truck over]

(The truck falls in a river with Lol and Zee in it)

Lol: NOOOOOO I'm weak to water.


Lol: (Cough) Zee...I can help you oughtta' here! (Holds hand out)

Zee: ...................................

Lol: (Thinking: Dang she's just like Dismal, not a big talker) Grab my hand if you want to live!

Zee:..... [Reluctantly grabs his hand]

(They fly out and pass a full moon)

Lol: Will you still not come with me?

Zee: I'm sorry, but I'm with Vee.

Lol: Is Vee dead because if he's not I can't see you being together. (Even though they are thousands of feet from the ground he drops her on purpose)

???: [A white Hedehog with light green streaks flies in and catches Zee. he sets her on the ground gently*

Zee: Thank you.

???: Happy to help. name's Aero Atmos. call me Cyclone.

Zee: Ok.

Meg: [Runs up to them] Glad your ok.

Vee: [Goes into Lunar State] How. Dare. YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????? [The moon comes crashing down onto Lol, the tides rise and consume Lol]

(A green, winged Hedgehog flies down, a bow and arrow in his hand.)

Lunar Vee: Stay away!

Cyclone: [Lifts his hands and calmly backs away from Zee.*

Aquilla: [Notches an arrow and aims at Lunar Vee] Don't take another step.

Cyclone: [A bow made of wind appears with three arrows of wind already notched. Aims at Aquilla]

Aquilla: I'd put that down if I were you, I'm named after the Roman god of the north wind, and an Aerokinetic.

Hyper Metal: I won't even aim at Vee If I were you. Just leave him alone before you get hurt Aquilla.


(Sorry about that, you can edit Metal)

Zee: ....................

Hyper Metal: Zee whats wrong?

Zee: Oh, nothing.

Hyper Metal: [Kicks Aquilla* Leave Vee alone! So Zee whats with you and Vee?

Aquilla: [Grabs Metal and throws him into a wall]

Vee: O_O RUN! [Grabs Zee and zooms off]


Zee: O_O..................

Vee: It's getting WAYYYYYYY to stuffy for me there!

Aquilla: [He starts flying after Zee and Vee]

Cyclone: [Flies after Aquilla* Oh no you dont!

Aquilla: [Turns around and bares his teeth] FLIT AWAY BUTTERFLY! [Aquilla pounces on Cyclone]

Cyclone: [Grabs Aquilla. His bow becomes a sword made of air] How about you! [Stabs Aquilla]

Aquilla: [Transforms into air and blows away]

Vee: O_O

Cyclone: You think you can escape like that? [Transforms into air and follows]

Vee: O_O

Cyclone: [Matterializes in front of Vee and Zee. His eyes are white with light green pupils. They are darting everywhere at incredible speeds]

Vee: Oooooooookaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyy [Runs off in the opposite direction]

Zee: This day just keeps getting more and more complicated!!

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