What they are

Warhog's are the warriors of time travel. These warriors travel through the time stream fixing the timeline to as it should be. The two people that started the Warhog coorporation was Orya-mana the Ruler of the sun and Luminar the Moon the Ruler of the moon. being the rulers of both the sun and the moon, Orya-mana and Luminar can tell when the time stream has changed as the sun and the moon see all. Luminar then sends messages through telepathy to the members so they can either continue their missions or start another one. The only people who dispise the Warhogs, are Team Asbalm.


There are three people in charge of the Warhogs, the main leader is Urabonese the Hedgehog, and the two people who are in charge of all operations are Luminar the moon and Orya-mana.

Known members

These members are hedgehogs, echidnas, or whatevers all over the timestream.

Jason the Sharkhog

David the Hedgehog

Perl and Diamerl

Cobber the Echidna

Core the Cyborg

Member placement

David the hedgehog: Quickest mission completer. 3rd line of defense.

Jason the Sharkhog: In charge of underwater and wasteland activity. 4th line of defense.

Perl and Diamerl: Special recon and Secret attack group. 1st line of defense.

Urabonese the Hedgehog: Leader of the Warhogs.

Cobber the Echidna: Recon pro 2. 5th line in defense.

Core the Cyborg: Inventor, mission director and team planner. No place in line of defence.

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