Warzone is a very technical Napalm technique, considered a weaker version of Sea of Fire.


This attack involves the user covering the battlfield in "puddles" of Napalm, which consist of varying sizes. This attack is used as an offensive and supplementary attack; if an opponent is caught in one of the "puddles", it can be ignited, harming the person caught; however, the resulting explosions from the "puddles" can be used as cover or a distraction. Like other Napalm techniques, this attack can also be used to trap the opponent by igniting a smaller explosion(s), leading the enemy into being caught in a much larger, more dangerous "puddle" of Napalm. Placement of the Napalm is essential for this attack to be effective.



Due to the high technical ability and intelligence needed for this attack to be used efficiently, and being considered an inferior version of Sea of Fire, this attack is debated as either a B or C-Rank attack.

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