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Wattson the Ampharos

Biographical Information
Level 68
  • Watt
  • Watty
Romantic Interests
Physical Description
SpeciesMobian/Ampharos (with some tenrec blood)
  • Fur: Yellow w/ white chest and black stripes on ears, tail and neck
  • Hair: Golden yellow
  • Eyes: Green
  • Red gem on tail tip and forehead
  • Pilot goggles
  • Pale blue scarf
  • Brown short vest
  • Brown boots
  • Brown fingerless gloves
Political Alignment and Abilities
AlignmentLawful Good
  • G.U.N. (Aviator, support pilot)
  • Flight Wings
  • Pistol
  • Pokemon-level Omnikinesis
  • Skilled pilot
  • Basic skill w/ a firearm
Genetic Ability Static
Super Forms
Other Information
American V.A.
Japanese V.A.
Theme Song(s)
Original CreatorRyushusupercat

Wattson the Ampharos is a member of G.U.N. He is a Mobianized Ampharos, and an aviator, as well as a support pilot.

Physical Description

Wattson has yellow fur with a white chest, and black stripes on his pointed ears and long, thin tail, as well as green eyes. He also has a single black stripe around his neck, which is slightly longer than that of the average Mobian. His tail is tipped with a red, translucent sphere, which generates light depending on how much electricity Wattson is generating in his body. He also has a round red gem on his forehead. He has a wiry frame, and is rather lanky. Oddly, he also has rather messy and spiky hair that droops down behind his head; this is because his father was a tenrec.

He wears a pair of pilot's goggles on his forehead, as well as a pale blue scarf, a short brown vest, brown boots and brown fingerless gloves.


Under construction

As a child (or rather, a Mareep), Wattson was always fascinated with birds and other flying creatures; he was an avid bird watcher, and had extensive knowledge on practically every bird Pokemon in the area. His father, Marco, soon noticed the boy's interest in birds and offered to take him on a bird watching trip, where the two would be able to see rarer bird Pokemon.

They wound up near <???>


Being an Ampharos, Wattson has most of the attacks that his species is capable of learning through leveling up, breeding or Technical Machine. His Genetic Ability of Static gives a 30% chance of paralyzing any enemy that attacks him directly.

He is an aviator and a skilled pilot, able to control and fly practically every kind of aviation vehicle, from fighter jet to helicopter. He has basic skills in using a firearm, and also has extensive knowledge of bird Pokemon.

Friends and Foes






Wattson is a happy, go-lucky fellow, who always seems to look on the bright side of life. Although rather eccentric at times, he is modest and friendly.

He also loves oyster crackers, but is always happy to share them.



Biggest Fears