Sonic Underground Mini Show
Season 1, Episode 4
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Welcome to North Mobius is the fourth episode of the Sonic Underground Mini Show and is the first episode where they go to Northern Mobius.


The gang travel to Northern Mobius, whose inhabitants Cyrus knows have a code module that he needs. They are introduced to the ones that live there. They come out to welcome them, a boy named Timmy and a girl named Peggy walk out to them with lemonade. A girl, named Carole, doesn't seem to want to help much, and puts off any interaction with them. It turns out, a robot armadillo has been following them and captures and traps everyone, which some of the inhabitants blame the hedgehogs for. After they break out and destroy the robot, they go out and seek the module, Carole finally speaks to them, and tells them the approach they're taking to get past security is incorrect. She then enters the code and shuts off the lasers.

When they've finally got the module, it is revealed that Carole is standoffish and shy, especially in the presence of the Sonic Underground. Cyrus then thanks them for the code module.


Sonic: Hey, miss. Can you show us how to get to sector B28?
Carole: [sits silently while staring at Sonic and the gang]

Brody: "I didi'nt know that".
Sonic: While I'd love to continue this wonderful conversation, I think you should give us the directions now.

Timmy: Way to go, man.

Carole: Stop! You have no idea what you're doing, you're going to get hurt!
Manic : Well, whaddya know, she talks!




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