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Wen The Hedgehog
497 × 638px
Shadow the Hedgehog, Sonic the Hedgehog, Mephiles the Dark, Silver the Hedgehog, Liz the Hedgehog, Scourge the Hedgehog, Shadot`e the Hedgehog
usually black pants with a chain on the side, a black AC/DC shirt, and a black leather jacket. (attire not shown in pic)
Romantic Interests
Sarah Rose the Hedgehog
everything that is good in the world, Knuckles (to an extent), Silver to an extent), Amy Rose, some of his relatives, Tails Doll, Zee the Fox
Dr. Eggman, Scourge, Mephiles, Silver (to an extent), Knuckles (to an extent), when people make him mad, anyone who hurts his relatives and friends, when the Tails Doll jokes around with him
Chaos Powers, Hypersonic top speed, Spin Dash, Homing Attack, Super transformation

Wen the Hedgehog is a fan character made by Sonicman667 and is the fursona of Sonicman667. He is Shadow's older brother but unlike Shadow, he was actually born from a hedgehog mother. He can use Chaos Powers like Shadow, but has more Chaos Powers then Shadow. He is as fast as Sonic. His former girlfriend is Sarah Rose the Hedgehog as Sarah died during a fight with Wen's archnemesis Drago the Hedgehog.


He looks like Shadow except he is green with little sections of blue. He also wears black gloves instead of white.


His personality is quite different then Shadow's. Wen has a more positive, upbeat, happy attitude, unlike Shadow. He is also a lot nicer then Shadow. He is also a little more powerful then Shadow, but Shadow is still the Ultimate Life Form despite this.


To prove he is not a Garry-Stu, or whatever you want to call it, I will show his one weakness. Crappy Disney songs. Such as, Hannah Montana, the Jonas Brothers, Miley Cyrus, etc. These crappy songs will make him lose all his powers and strength. Making the perfect time for him to be killed.


  • Unlike most people in the Sonic universe, Wen has many different super transformations such as Super Wen, Hyper Wen, Darkspine Wen, Dark Wen, Dark Super Wen, Dark Ultimate Evil Wen, Ultimate Wen, and Mega Wen.
  • His Dark Ultimate Evil Form is his most dangerous form.
  • He can be made mad, but no easily, if he is made mad, he will turn into his Dark Super form which can be dangerous under certain curcumstances.
  • He may be more of an upbeat, happy person, but there are times where he shows a little bit of a hardcore, metal, punk side of him.
  • He like metal and rock music
  • His best friend is the Tails Doll along with Zee the Fox

Theme Songs

Theme for his normal form and most of his super transformations: Reach for The Stars by Cash Cash

Dark Ultimate Evil Wen and Ultimate Wen: Supersonic by Bad Religion

Dark Wen and Dark Super Wen: Open Your Heart by Crush 40

Romantic Interests

Sonicman667's universe

Sarah Rose the Hedgehog (deceased)

Julia the Cat (Doesn't genuinely like him, only so she can get some from him)

PeaceGrrl's universe

Lady Shina the Dragoness

Side Note About This Page


You can ask for permission at my Talk Page. This is my fan character that I thought up on my own. Any changes made to this page, other then spelling or grammar mistakes, without my permission will be deleted. To gain my permission, you must ask me at my talk page if you can edit it, and tell me what you want to edit and why. If it's a spelling or grammar mistake, you do not have to ask my permission. But I will delete any changes that are not spelling or grammar related. For example, if you made a new theme song for Wen, or changes his relatives, or his super forms, or anything like that, without my permission, they will be deleted without notice. Thank you and I hope you like my fan character. Here's where my User Talk page can be found. User talk:Sonicman667

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