The Whitelight Grimoire is a mgical tome of untold power that was handed down the Whitelight family, who originate from the side of the Clan of the Peaceful Ocean who wanted to fight. After Mr. and Mrs. Whitelight's deaths, the Grimoire was hidden inside their joint grave, and was eventually found by their daughter, Chalice.

Known Pages


A Nexus is a magical

point of mass supernatural
power. It is located
equally distant from the
Five Wiccan Elements:
Fire, Earth, Water,
Metal and Wood, and
it's untold magical power
can only be accessed through
an ancient spell created
thousands of years ago by
Cronus, who wished to
use a Nexus to overthrow
his father.
To Absorb a Nexi
Adai nos decos, natum lanok,
Natum nos decos, adai lanok!


Amon is a Marquis
of the Underworld who
specializes in creating
rivalries and tensions
amongst even the
closest of friends.
He can teleport
from Place to Place
through Flaming, and
can throw balls of
Pure Fire.

The Morrigan

A flaw of the Grand
Design, the Morrigan exists
solely as an external embodiement
of the Unnatural.
The Morrigan lays with Women,
and commands Men. She forever
commits acts of adultery even against
her Woman lovers.
The only way to forever destroy
the Morrigan is to seduce her
and drive a Stake through her icy
Heart as she gains her Pleasure.

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