Wiladdy is the romantic pairing between Will the Echidna and Maddy the Hedgehog.


Will met Maddy soon after she was born, stopping her from crying. They grew up together, and both had adventures together until soon before Will's 15th birthday, when he admitted he loved her and she loved him. Even so, after Maddy's 16th birthday, the two of them fled with Kyle to a cave for two years, their love growing stronger. When Will was poisoned by Metal Sonic, Maddy became almost depressed when they couldn't cure him, and tried her hardest to spend time with him afterward. When she was kidnapped by Anti-Will, Will was driven into an uncontrolled rage until he went with a commando team into Moebius and rescued her, after which he proposed to her.



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If either of them could date anyone else in the entire Sonic Fanon universe, who would it be?

I know of the suggestion for Will and Shima, and am considering it for a multiverse story. Who else in the Sonic Fanon Universe would either Will or Maddy be suited to? Flashfire Master of Flames 07:03, July 17, 2010 (UTC)


Will: Heh, this is great!

Kyle: (walks up to Will) Hey, me and Kairu made this for you and Maddy. (produces a small black box with a large red button shaped like a heart) Hold hands and press it!

(Just so you know, Kyle and Kairu have swapped names. Now, it's Kyle the Bat and Kairu the Hedgehog, okay?)

Will: Sure! (Will smiles at Maddy, then thy hold hands. Will's finger hovered over the button, before he pushed it)

(There is a huge BANG, and a large explosion shaped like a heart explodes out of the ground underneath Will and Maddy, blackening them both.)

Kyle: (claps and points) Ha-HA! I just LOVE that!

(Maddy shakes, and the soot falls of, damp. Will just smiles, making a contrast between his blackened muzzle and white teeth)

Maddy: HOW did I know you were going to do that?

Will: Hey, it's Kyle and Kairu. He's BOUND to blow something up in our face.

Maddy: I know, I know. Still, can I?

Will: Go ahead. (Maddy creates a torrent of water, and blasts the ash off Will) That's better. Now, where to, my love?

(Maddy blushes)

Maddy: How about... Silver Lake?

Will: I like it! Chaos Control! (The two of them vanish in a burst of blue light)

(The two reappear at the peaceful, placid Silver Lake while it was nighttime, where they just lie on the beach together, watching the beach as a couple)

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