Willo'Wisps are small hovering glowing microbots that where developed and built by Hammerforge Industries after the fall of the Eggman Empire in Ronan's World as protection against the Eggman Empire Remnants whom have tried to kill Ronan after the war.

Design and Weaponry

The Willo'Wisp is the smallest warbot in history, sizing about 40mm in diameter, making them almost impossible to destroy. They are fitted with one micro laser that has the power to vaporize almost anything, due to advanced refraction technology. The laser is rarely used, however, because their main function is to just fly through the targets body causing any major organ in the area to explode. The Willo'Wisps were never sold to anyone due the immense power they possessed, even though it is the most deadly guardbot in the galaxy.

Drawbacks and Potential Weaknesses

1. The laser can only be used once, then the Willo'Wisp shorts out.

2. They wander off and hide in small places at any given time.

3. They are follow Ronan EVERYWHERE (till told other wise).

4. Most Willo'Wisps have no energy shielding protecting them from pure Chaos Energy, so they can be destroyed by a single Chaos Blast (Unfortunately, most users do not view them as enough of a threat to blast, and therefore are terminated before they get the chance)

5. They change colour to indicate modes they are in.

Colour Legend

Blue Glowing : online

Blue: offline

Red: standard Attack mode

Black: Distress (Owner captured)

Green Glowing: Under going maintenance

Yellow Glowing: Laser locking on

Yellow: laser locked

White: Chargeing/firing laser

Purple: Scanning Potential Threat

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