Probably one of the hardest of the gate moves to do... but i finally got something ^^. Also, i would like to note that these are indeed overpowered... or should seem like it. I should note three things. First of all, ANYONE can learn these. However, for those without control of the element must use a symbol and emotion that i relate to the element. Secondly, the amount of energy needed... let's just say, if HyperSonic were to use a gate move, he'd instantly revert to normal. As a result, normal forms almost never can use it. Unless they're primordial dieties. They might be able to use it once in a battle. Depends. Thirdly, the cost that harms the user DOES bypass the Super Form and Hyper Forms invulnerability. This is so that the attack is not godmodded. There is a loophole though. Trolls aren't immune to this, however, due to their regenerative properties, can use this without much worry. Though i don't plan to give any to any trolls anytime soon. Also, that Devi character you keep seeing is one of my Fcs, of which i will be using soon.


The Wind Gate: Roc's Hurricane is a unique gate technique. Instead of attacking it summons a giant roc made completely of Hurricanes and Tornados. It completely obeys it's user and the winds only feel like hurricane/tornado force for foes. It will feel like a gentle breeze for friends and allies. The drawback is, however, the users willpower will be weakened upon the end of the summoning.


Methods of Learning

Refer to other gate techniques for this section.


Now with this, i can't really do anything about variants so post them here.

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