Winter the cat

Winter the Cat

Winter the Cat is Blaze's older sister and the First Princess of Sol,the land beyond this Universe

The Story

Winter met Blaze when Blaze came back to her normal world, after meeting Silver. Winter had been prisoner of the Sol Castle for 20 years, as old as she is. Blaze wasn't surprised to learn she had a sister, because she had heard of the Princess of Sol, and couldn't wait until it was her turn. She used to try childish, joking ways of making time go faster, like moving the hands on the clock or marking days of the calander. Now Blaze and her sister are best friends, and they share space on the position of princess. Winter doesn't have the power of fire like Blaze, but she has the power to control wind and snow.

Abilities,Personality,and Appearance

Winter's abilities:

Snowstorm;Winter creates a blizzard, even if the weather is sunny

Ice Pierce:Ice shoots out of her hands and cuts and slices anything

Wind Time: Winter stops time by using a wind based chaos control style

Winter's outfit:

A teal dress, short silky of the shoulder unnattached sleeves, a gold-and-silver snowflake charm, Navy heels, snowflake charm bracelets serving as cuffs, white gloves

Personality:Nice, kind, gentle, and caring

(Shadowthevampirehog7's fanfic only)

Rivals and friends

Blaze the Cat(sister and best friends)

Silver the Hedgehog(close friend and ally)

Shadow the Hedgehog(rival)

Shade the Echidna(rival in Sonic Riders:the Twilight Secrets)

Cindy the Hawk(Arch Rival)