Wispus-All is a large, golden wisp that is created by the combination of all the wisps: White Boost, Red Burst, Yellow Drill, Cyan Laser, Green Hover, Blue Cube, Pink Spikes, Orange Rocket, Purple Frenzy, and Violet Void. Wispus-All has the ability to do all of these powers, except stronger and it can switch between abilities. Wispus-All's Nega Form is Wispus-None.

White Boost

Wispus-All will go at faster speeds and be stronger. Rings from a wider range will get sucked in. It can also use the ability longer without getting tired.

Red Burst

Wispus-All can spurt flames from its hands, and it can also jump higher when bursting. The large explosion attack will damage more than just enemies on the screen.

Yellow Drill

The yellow drill ability does not change much, it's just stronger, faster, and bigger.

Cyan Laser

Same as yellow drill, not much change, but it can also go through water.

Green Hover

More damage will be done when hovering, and it will also be faster. Like most abilities, the green hover will be bigger and affect a wider range.

Blue Cube

Wispus-All will fall faster when in Blue Cube. The blue rings and platforms will be switched for a longer time.\

Pink Spikes

Not much is changed except for size, speed, and time used.

Orange Rocket

Explosion radius is bigger and flight will be higher. Also, explosion will happen either on command or by button, rather than when you touch an enemy.

Purple Frenzy

The Purple Frenzy is faster and bigger, but unfortunately, it cannot eat from such a wide range.

Violet Void

The Violet Void can suck in enemies from a very wide range, but will be immobile.

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